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At this point, my heart feels the way a throat feels after screaming nonstop for days. After all the cruelty, the brutality, the lies, the Nazi demonstrations of hatred, the firing of rockets from Iran, Hezbollah, the Houtis and Hamas, the wild, senseless, despicable attempts of some Israelis to make political hay out of Israel’s suffering, we are finally, finally in Rafah.

In contrast to the fear-mongering and deceptions fed to the world by Hamas, the truth is finally beginning to emerge.

Hamas hasn’t “agreed to a ceasefire proposal.” What they’ve done is create their own, completely despicable and unacceptable “proposal” and agreed to that. Not only haven’t they softened their position and become more flexible – the lie they’ve been feeding the world with the help of terrorist supporters in Qatar, Egypt and even the White House –  but they’ve now transformed the return of 132 kidnapped Israelis: women, children, babies, the old, the ill, men and women soldiers, into the return of “33 hostages dead or alive.” And even that will only happen once Israeli forces surrender and leave Gaza, and restore Hamas rule.

You heard me. They will give us back our hostages after they’ve been murdered! I have a counter proposal to Yahya Sinwar: for every hostage you return to us dead, we will generously give you a thousand newly dead Hamas bodies. Sounds fair to me.

The fact that the Biden administration is now talking about the “cease fire proposal accepted by Hamas” is throwing dust in our eyes, and salt in our wounds. Shifting the blame for the failure of hostage negotiations to Israel is not the act of a friend and an ally. But Israel is no longer listening to these “friends.”

Defense Minister Galant has made Israel’s stand clear, and I couldn’t be prouder. This is what he said as he stood inside the border of Rafah today (this is my own loose translation from the Hebrew):

“I have traveled today the length and breadth of Rafah and met with officers and soldiers busy with military operations. I want to remind everyone and make the following absolutely clear: it was from Rafah that the murderers went out to Sufa and Holit, and tried to harm Yated and Yevul, and other villages. We are killing those who killed our children. We must remember that well. This operation will continue until we destroy Hamas in Rafa, and the whole of Gaza, and until the last hostage returns.

We are ready for compromises to bring home our kidnapped, but if that is not going to be a possibility we will deepen our battle which will then take place in the whole of Gaza, south, central, and north. Hamas understands only force, which we will increase until the Hamas terrorist organization is smashed to smithereens.”


For all their vaunted and multimillion dollar weaponry and training, Hamas behaved as they have this entire war when confronted by armed men: they collapsed. The vaunted Philadephi Corridor, a 14-kilometer (8.69-mile) long strip of land on the border with Egypt, and main smuggling route for weapons and drugs into Gaza ever since it was turned over to Palestinian control in 2005, is now in Israeli hands. The 401st armored brigade also seized control of the Palestinian side of the Rafah border crossing in the southern Gaza Strip. Both fell into Israeli hands with almost no resistance. Twenty Hamas fighters were killed, and three tunnels were exposed. There were no casualties to our soldiers who had entered Rafah after receiving a Biblical prayer for their safe return. Like the Hebrew fighters of the Bible, they go in with G-d’s, and the Jewish people’s, blessing.

I am including in this post a link to the magnificent speech by Israeli Ambassador Gilad Erdan to the UN General Assembly. Please, please, listen to it.

This says absolutely everything that needs to be said to the corrupt, sniveling, evil world that has stood back and watched the atrocities we have faced in Israel without raising a finger to help. He expresses so well our disgust and contempt for all the major players now on the world stage supporting these new Nazis. They can spew their antisemitic filth, but we Jews, and decent people everywhere, see right through them – that includes you college professors, and you Biden officials waffling and threatening to make sure Israel surrenders to Hamas.

Who is behind the considerable funding for the campus antisemitism riots? Shimon Sherman writes in JNS: “A recent report by the New York-based Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy (ISGAP) shed some light on the source of SJP’s (Students for Justice in Palestine) funding. ISGAP found the central donors to be Westchester People’s Action Coalition (WESPAC); Tides Foundation; American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), its parent organization Americans for Justice in Palestine (AJP); and JVP.

All Israel News quoted a Politico report outing the very wealthy Democratic donors to these organizations which include George Soros, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, David Rockefeller Jr., a member of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and Susan and Nick Pritzker, who own the Hyatt Hotel Corporation, who have donated to the Tides Foundation, which funds many left-wing, progressive causes.

The report specifically named two organizations that have given material aid to the protesters at Columbia University: Jewish Voice for Peace and If Not Now. Both of these organizations reportedly receive funding from the Tides Foundation, a non-profit organization with a history of funding progressive groups, including Black Lives Matter. The organization Jewish Voice for Peace, despite its name, was exposed recently after one of its executives, Dr. Hatem Bazian – a professor of Islamic studies and activist for Palestinian causes – accidentally posted a message from his personal 𝕏 account instead of the organization’s official account.

I will not be reserving a hotel room at any Hyatt Hotel in the near future.

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10 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 7 MAY 2024”

  1. David Kaliski Reply

    Unfortunately, they are not ignorant. If they were ignorant, then informing them would change them.
    Their blatant antisemitism is worse because they do know the truth and yet still try to justify Hamas’ evil deeds and intentions.

  2. Gig Berkowitz Reply

    Ambassador Erden told the UNGA exactly what they needed to hear. They’re causing the problem, not the solution to the anti-semites causing the chaos on college campuses. He makes me proud to be Jewish in this hateful world. Stand up and be heard!

  3. KD Reply

    I have been thinking of something that I saw a few years ago. It is a clip of a dancer called Oksana Pavlova, at a festival in Argentina. It’s a short clip, but it’s very moving. I saw this after I visited the Holocaust Exhibition in the Imperial War Museum in London. So having seen that, I then saw this:

  4. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    As the IDF entered Rafah last night, Tel Aviv put on an Egyptian member of their rulers who said ” Israel needs to get past HAMAS, Hezbollah, Iran etc. It is the past. There needs to be diplomacy by Nettanyahu.” And other preposterous statements. Easy for Egypt to say since they’ve not been attacked by any of the psychopaths that continue to attack and kill Israelis. I watched the entire ceremony of the March to Auschwitz and was moved to tears, to being uplifted, with emotions all over the place. To say it was moving, would be insufficient. I continue to pray for Israel, it’s success and that some of the hostages are found alive. I, too, will never stay again at a Hyatt when traveling. I remain an outspoken supporter of Israel.

  5. ARLENE Reply

    Dear Naomi
    Thank you once again for your incredible posts. I so appreciate your clarity and ability to communicate so well. Reading your posts make me feel somewhat better. It is hard to feel good until Israel is victorious.

  6. Sara Reply

    What saddens me, perhaps even sickens me, is that our politicians seem more concerned about votes than being on the right side of truth. This whole war has been a nightmare… so much international corruption-who knew. …and the media, more concerned with inciting people than telling the truth..can they really be this ignorant? Clearly yes. Am CHAI ISRAEL. I believe we have God with us. Thank you Naomi, this diary has been therapy for me.

    • David Kaliski Reply

      Unfortunately, they are not ignorant. If they were ignorant, then informing them would change them.
      Their blatant antisemitism is worse because they do know the truth and yet still try to justify Hamas’ evil deeds and intentions.

  7. Laurie Reply

    Baruch haShem. Today’s news is so good. May Zahal go from strength to strength and knock the horrible creatures off the face of the earth. They have done the hostage numbers downward before now and also the fact that they don’t know where they are…. nasty lying pieces of xxxx.
    May haShem guard our soldiers and ensure the government doesn’t stop until the job is finished….regardless of foreign threats.

    • Sara Reply

      Amen Laurie. May God be with all the brave IDF soldiers. Finish the job.

  8. Audrey Travis Reply

    Dear Naomi
    Thank you!! Exposing the supporters and financiers of those horrific Nazi rioters on US and Canadian campuses is vital for everyone to know. Add in the Rockefeller Foundation too, and one more salient point: all these Nazi supporting foundations are also MAJOR DONORS to BIDEN’S REELECTION CAMPAIGN!! Now we know why B has been so lukewarm supporting Israel and likely why he cancelled the arms deal for the IDF.

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