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Gaza War Diary: 7 FEBRUARY 2024

I was feeling okay all day yesterday when our PM dismissed the ridiculous demands of Hamas as basically a “no” on their part to another hostage deal. Good, I thought. Anything reasonable would have torn the country apart, in the way the Shalit deal did.

And then this morning, I see that Ynet has plastered the terms of this ridiculous agreement all over its front page, and talking heads are saying Israel’s answer will probably be a “yes, but.”

What!!? What??? What!!!

What is there to talk about? They are asking for a complete withdrawal and a permanent ceasefire, thousands of housing units, cessation of Jewish visits to the Temple Mount, immediate return of Gazans to north Gaza, 500 aid trucks a day, and the release of 3-5 thousand Hamas prisoners, including those with life sentences as well as the savages of the Nukhba unit, those animals who burned babies alive, and raped hundreds of women.

In return, they won’t even tell us who is still alive. They say they will release only one hostage a day, over a 45 day period: First adult men and women, then female soldiers (we’ll have to wait a month and a half until they let the first girl soldier leave! What???) then young men and soldiers, and finally, bodies

I am telling you right now, so you can stop reading me if this bothers you, I am adamantly opposed to any kind of deal which means we let Hamas continue to control Gaza and we release a single Hamas murderer so they can murder again.

Anyone with half a brain can draw a direct line leading from the Gilad Shalit deal to October 7. Another such deal is the end of our country, as these terrorists understand how easy it is to defeat us, that we don’t have the stomach or the guts to say to the families: sorry, we will get them freed with our army, not knuckling under to Hamas. We will hang every Nukhba monster, and make sure Hamas murderers are imprisoned until they die of some horrible disease, inside prison walls. Or until we have the guts to make the death penalty retroactive.

Just thinking about this makes me feel like I’m on some inquisitorial torture machine that is stretching my body in two directions. Yes, my heart is with every hostage and their family. I can’t even imagine what they are suffering. But I am also a citizen of a country surrounded by homicidal maniacs. We absolutely cannot risk the lives of millions of our people, who have come to Israel seeking refuge and safety from antisemitism and terrorism, by showing this kind of weakness to our enemies, giving them hope that they need not defeat us on the battlefield, but by psychological torture, leading the way for each and every one of us to become a future target for terrorist kidnapping, more valuable to our enemies than any other weapon.

Saying “absolutely not” doesn’t mean we give up on getting our hostages back. Let’s not forget the simple fact that Israel is winning, closing in on the monsters who invaded our country and brutalized our people. Today, the 98th Brigade uncovered a kilometer long tunnel system where at least twelve hostages were held – three were returned to Israel, the rest remain. The tunnel was then destroyed.

According to those who know, Sinwar is within range of the IDF, scurrying like a rat from hiding place to hiding place. Looking for him, the IDF has found swastikas adorning tunnel walls. The IDF found UN uniforms hanging in the closets of terrorists, and UNWRA bags filled with weapons in mosques. They’ve found a safe containing 20 million shekels for the private use of Sinwar and his buddies. They’ve found documentation for the over 250 million dollars transferred to Hamas and Sinwar by Iran over the last decade.

Where do you think Iran got that money? From Biden and Obama. The monstrousness of it! That U.S. taxpayer money has been given to a terrorist state that uses it to pay people to rape and murder and kidnap Jews. That uses it for arms to attack American soldiers. Repulsive.

There are reports that 32 and as many as 52 of our hostages have already been killed by Hamas. The sheer enormity of this horrifying fact! To kidnap people, children, old people, and treat them so badly they die, or to cruelly murder them outright, while pretending you’re merely holding them hostage and plan to release them.

And now, what torture this is for their families as Hamas insist on these obscene concessions, with Qatar, those sponsors of terror, benignly looking on, pretending to be even-handed as they have the bare-faced gall to present this laundry list of defeat and ignominy to us. And then there is Joe Biden and the Democrats, making sure Congress will not be helping Israel with any aid as a pressure tactic to make sure we stop the fighting lest the “poor Palestinians” experience the defeat they deserve.

For many of us in Israel, this is the very last straw. As our soldiers bear down on the population center where the people responsible for October 7, and their collaborators who rejoiced – i.e., the “poor Palestinians – people who keep guns underneath their little girls’ pink beds, dig terror tunnel entrances under their babies’ cribs, place copies of Mein Kampf on their bookshelves, and send their children to summer camps where they are trained to hate and kill Jews, we in Israel want and deserve to see them pay.

I am thinking about the god these people worship. Hamas says they worship Allah, who is all merciful and compassionate. How does that jell with their behavior and the crimes they’ve committed in this Allah’s name? Do they really believe that an All Merciful God would want them to hurt babies? To rape and mutilate young girls, married women? To slaughter the elderly in wheelchairs?

If this is really what the religion they believe in teaches, then Allah is a pagan god of their own creation, crueler than the ancient cult of Molech, where parents placed their children in the idol’s iron belly and watched them burn.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve heard precious few voices of Muslim religious leaders raised in denunciation of these crimes which were committed, after all, in the name of Allah.

These people, who claim to be the descendants of Abraham, have desecrated his name and the name of his God who forbids murder, kidnapping, torture, rape., even during war, even if you are feeling “oppressed.” If you capture a woman during a war, according to the Torah, you have to leave her alone for a month, and then marry her before you have sex with her. And if you decide after a month you don’t want to marry her, you have to set her free and let her go home. These are the rules of the God of Abraham.

If I’ve gotten this wrong, my ears are open for the bellowing outcry of the “true” followers of Islam, the Imams of the world, who should be cursing Hamas and demanding revenge against them for their merciless barbarities against innocents, which besmirch the name of Islam and Allah.

So far, I hear almost nothing.

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17 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 7 FEBRUARY 2024”

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  2. KD

    You must know there are two sorts of conflict: one
    using the law, the other using force – one appropriate to
    humans, the other to beasts. But the first method is often
    not sufficient, so men have had to rely on the second. A
    prince, therefore, needs to understand how to avail himself
    of the beast and the man ·in himself, because neither of
    these natures can survive for long without the other.
    For the ‘beast’ side of his nature the prince should choose
    the fox and the lion: the lion can’t defend itself against traps
    and the fox can’t defend itself against wolves, so the prince
    needs to be a fox to discover the traps and a lion to scare
    off the wolves.

    Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter 18

    And it must be understood that a prince, especially a new
    one, can’t always act in ways that are regarded as good; in
    order to maintain his state he will often have to act in ways
    that are flatly contrary to mercifulness, trustworthiness,
    friendliness, straightforwardness, and piety. That’s why he
    needs to be prepared to change course according to which
    way the winds blow, which way fortuna pushes him. . . .

    Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince, Chapter 18.

  3. Laurie

    Thank you for your articles, Naomi. You are the voice of sensibility and commonsense to many of us. Living outside haAretz is very painful. I just hope and pray that the Israeli government keeps to its NO. I can only imagine how horrendously hard it is for hostages families, but there CANNOT be a repeat of Gilad Shalit. AM ISRAEL CHAI.

  4. Dr. Maxine Jacobson

    I am writing from the safety of my home in Canada. I can only imagine what the families of the hostages and the soldiers on the battle field are going through. My words do not hold the same weight as those intimately involved with the situation . Still I pray for the welfare of Israel and link the value of my life and the lives of my family with my Jewish brothers and sisters and the State of Israel. Giving into demands of the Gazan terrorists will make them feel that their barbarism was worthwhile; rewards them for what they have done. It halts a battle that they are losing. Released prisoners provides them with new, vigorous recruits. It endangers future lives of Israeli citizens and soldiers; it precludes peace for Israel and a future no difference from the past. It is trading lives today for future lives. The terrorists have not said how many hostages are alive. The manor in which they would release them is totally unacceptable and an example of their guile and untrustworthy ways. So, yes, I agree with Naomi Regan.

  5. Gloria Valentine

    My dear Naomi

    May I share?

    Born in Canada, I reside in Toronto. —my remaining
    Son, who made Aliyah in 1990, his wife and my four grandchildren—live in Israel
    ( two grandsons in army now – at 19 and almost 21 – ) .

    My heart lives in Israel.

    Every day you take me there ——and I thank you.

    I have always believed in kindness, justice, compassion, And truth.
    I agree with your daily assessments and comments.
    I cry all the way through your daily articles.
    Keep writing
    . I’m reading.
    And forwarding.

    And praying.

    • Daveed

      No one can imagine what the families of the hostages and the hostages themselves are going through. One rape counsellor told victims for years that she understood their pain, understood what they were going through, and always recommended filing charges.
      Then one horrible day, she herself was raped.
      She wrote about the horrors, saying that until she was raped, she had had absolutely no concept, no understanding, and no feeling for what the other victims had gone through.
      Israel does appreciate the moral backing of everyone, everywhere in the world, so thank you, Maxine.

  6. Karen

    ” has his heart in the right place. I can’t stand to think that the Jews like myself would vote for a dictator, evil flawed rapist for president. You no longer live here in the USA. Trump will never leave if he’s elected and yet you keep badmouthing Biden .”
    Trump will leave and Biden may have his heart in the right place, but he is a puppet. Please just consider you may have voted for those kind of people. Think back to some of the things Trump did concerning Israel. The capital and the embassy. The way you vote may determine Israel’s ability to keep defending itself. Biden funds Iran and Trump did his best to de-fund Iran. Please just consider.

  7. Gail Saks

    You are so spot on in this entry, except for one point. It’s the Republicans in Congress that have stopped the release of money and arms to both Israel and Ukraine, not the democrats or Biden. The Republicans were given everything they wanted in the bill however because the insane ex-president wants chaos here over the border he has made sure his followers deny this bill. You are correct in your other connections with Biden. I think the US has no business interfering in what Israel does to end. this war and wipe out Hamas

    • Karen

      The republicans were not given what they wanted in that bill. That border bill was the worst thing that could’ve ever been written. It’s totally unacceptable and ties the hands of any future president from making any changes to it. It’s completely unconstitutional. Read it! Furthermore, Biden doesn’t need a border bill to close the border, he never did. He caused the problem by undoing what was already in place. It’s disgusting that aid for Israel is being tied to a border bill that isn’t even needed if Biden just did his job in the first place. If you believe that Trump stopped that bill from passing, read the bill in its entirety and you’ll thank him for it. Unless of course you like the idea of making it legal to allow 2 million illegal immigrants a year through the border with no chance of ever changing that because its written into the bill that any future changes would be up to a court in DC which is the most liberal court in the US. Not up to Congress, the Senate or the President. That’s sick.

  8. Roberta Seitzman

    My heart goes out to you and every single Israeli. I was at the rally in Washington in solidarity with the land I love. I have and will continue to support Israel and intend to go on a mission within a few months.
    Please stop bad mouthing Biden who even if you disagree with him, has his heart in the right place. I can’t stand to think that the Jews like myself would vote for a dictator, evil flawed rapist for president. You no longer live here in the USA. Trump will never leave if he’s elected and yet you keep badmouthing Biden .

    • Ellen Poor

      Unfortunately, politics being what they are, Biden will bend over backward to try and appease the Muslims and leftist antisemites in the US. Obama was no friend to Israel and although Biden has tried, the political reality is that the PR of the “poor Palestinians” is stronger than moral clarity. I do not trust Trump, he turns my stomach. This presidential election will be for me, as usual, “none of the above.

    • NickM

      People can’t bad mouth Biden enough, so far as I’m concerned. He is a hopelessly corrupt, lying, two-faced, utterly incompetent career politician with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. He may turn out to have a heart, but I have seen no evidence of that.

      Please don’t fall for all that nonsense about Trump being a dictator and never leaving if he’s elected. He’s been the president, remember. Was he a dictator? No. Did he leave? Yes. There you go then.

      Did he start a proxy war with Russia? No.

      Did he put the whole world at risk of world war 3 starting? No.

      Did he support Israel and move the American Embassy to Jerusalem?


      The whole world would have been a far better place if Trump was still President, instead of that doddering old zombie, who belongs in a nursing home. He’s a disgrace – a laughing stock all around the world. Do not put our faith in *him* – he’ll stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

    • NickM

      Hi Roberta,
      I do not know if you will have seen the latest appearance on TV by “Sleepy Joe.” There has been much said about his performance, but one thing that appears to have slipped under the radar was that he said that Israel’s response to the casus belli on 7th October was “over the top.”

      As I said, that man will stab you in the back as soon as look at you.

      I think it would be a good idea to keep referring to the events of 7th October not just as a terrorist attack but as a casus belli. People need to remember what’s happening here. This is not just “a response to a terrorist attack” – it’s a war. And in a war, the objective is not to reach a compromise, or teach the other side a lesson, or any other touchy-feely nonsense. It is to defeat the enemy.

      Utterly and completely, so that they cannot rise again.

  9. Penny

    You are absolutely right about everything. Anything less than the return of all hostages, both alive and deceased, and the full surrender of Hamas, should be rejected. Otherwise, their bloodthirsty, barbaric goal of destroying Israel “from the river to the sea” will continue forever.

  10. Ryan Keogh

    TOI ran an article calling IDF “hamstrung”. Are they getting paid by Hamas? When it comes to the religious leaders, it reminds me of the arguments the communists use. Stalin was not really a communist, he was actually a capitalist lying about his politics, the National Socialists were not really socialists etc. Personally, I think religious leaders should not be able to hold any political office. Look what happened in Iran. Khomeini started the war with Iraq because he had a big mouth and called for the Shiites to revolt against Saddam. The clergy their took a respected Middle Eastern monarchy and turned it into a hellhole.

  11. Audrey Travis

    Naomi, I am 1,000% with you. I am an Israeli citizen lifting Canada, but I agree that we have a country surrounded by butchers and savages in human form. This is why Abraham (via Sarah, who truly understood Amalek) sent Hagar’s son away. Please Gd Bibi remains strong and finished the job, even under pressure from the skunk Biden.

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