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Gaza War Diary: 6 MARCH 2024

Look, when it’s just Joe “freezing,” as he did yesterday, looking out into space during a press conference and forgetting what planet he’s on, that’s one thing. But when he gets it into his head that he is going to destroy Israel’s best chance of getting back her hostages and winning this war against these rapists and murderers, that’s something else entirely.

The shift, is, I admit, subtle, so if you’re not paying attention it might have whizzed right past you. We in Israel, however, can’t afford not to be awake. The Biden administration’s approach to the hostages and a Gaza ceasefire has gone off the rails. As reported Israel Today, “Until now, Washington spoke of the release of Israeli hostages as a condition for a ceasefire. Now, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is talking about a ceasefire to enable the release of hostages.”

Let me repeat that in a language we can all understand: Israel is now going to be pressured to end the war without having achieved either of its main goals: the destruction of Hamas and the return of the captives.

Dear Mr. “this- has -to-end-before-f–ing Ramadan,” we don’t care about Ramadan. Nobody cares about Ramadan. The murderers of October 7 didn’t wait for their holy month to ramp up their violence. In case you haven’t noticed, for jihadis, it’s Ramadan all year ‘round! If our hostages are not released, there isn’t going to be a ceasefire. Read our lips. There is no Israeli government that will survive agreeing to that.  If they’ve, G-d forbid, murdered our kidnapped families in captivity, we are going to level Rafah and its vicious population, the “innocents” who murdered an Egyptian truck driver bringing them aid last week.

What disgusting people!

They’re so hungry, poor things. Right, with manna from heaven falling day and night from all over the place. They started a war and now they are siphoning off the humanitarian aid that by rights belongs to people who are really starving, through no fault of their own.

You want to see real starvation, children with swollen bellies and skeletal faces, not the Pallywood theatrics of the liars in Gaza? Then look at some photos of the poor children in South Sudan who are dying of famine after years of civil war. According to UNICEF, a staggering 14 million children are in desperate need of lifesaving assistance. “Twenty years ago, Darfur was the world’s largest hunger crisis, and the world rallied to respond. But today, the people of Sudan have been forgotten. Millions of lives and the peace and stability of an entire region are at stake,” Cindy McCain, Executive Director of the World Food Program, said.

Today, there are 18 million people across the region who are going hungry and only one in 20 can afford a single meal a day. It’s affecting more than 25 million people in Sudan, South Sudan and Chad. Millions are displaced. But nobody cares about them because there aren’t any Jews involved. Its just Muslims killing Muslims, so no one cares.

Unlike the Gazans, who brought this on themselves, the Sudanese people really are innocent. But heaven isn’t raining down aid packages on this real humanitarian crisis because UN agencies are too busy helping the bellyaching Gazans who, if you believe their sad little before and after photos, lived in paradise before Israel came it and ruined it all. Oh? They came in because you started a war? Oh, let’s not talk about that, now. It’s old news, right?

I try to avoid talking about our northern border because, frankly, it terrifies me. The rocket attack on Kiryat Shmona yesterday, in which Hezbollah sent fifty rockets across the border, destroyed property there, and killed an Indian foreign worker and injured six of his co-workers. Hezbollah has said it will destroy Kiryat Shmona. The reality of the situation – that we can no longer live and travel in all of Israel – is staggering.

I don’t know what our government is waiting for, but I have a feeling it’s tied to the progress we are making in Gaza with getting our hostages released. Israel is very focused on people, not buildings, which is why it evacuated Kiryat Shmona. But I’m not leaving my house, I tell you that right now. Hezbollah doesn’t scare me and soon they will be eating dirt like their dear friends and relatives in the south. That is, if Joe remembers that he is President of the United States, the greatest democracy on the face of the earth, and leader of the free world. Or at least that he’s on planet Earth.

I saw a video by a reserve officer in Gaza uploaded to TikTok from Khan Yunis.

“What did Hamas accomplish? Okay, they were able to murder, rape, pillage, shoot people in their private parts, kidnap innocent people. Yes, they ‘accompllished’ that. But they also wanted to free a lot of terrorist murderers from Israeli prisons, and now there are triple the number of prisoners, so that didn’t work out so well for them. They wanted to stop Israelis from going to the Temple Mount, right, they called it the Al Aksa Flood, Al Aksa is the Temple Mount, now more and more Israelis are wanting to visit and pray there. They wanted to conquer Israeli territory, but what happened,” he points over his shoulder, “is that Gaza got destroyed. They wanted to instill terror, and instead brought us unity and resilience. They thought our army was falling apart, and instead Israelis came flying back from South America to support their country. They thought the axis of evil would come together, that the whole world would stop Israel from fighting back, that Israel would be cut off, but instead all the Palestinian flag waving and protests did was wake up the world and make people look around and say: ‘Who are these people in our country and what do they want?’ I think it kind of backfired.”

The soldier’s name is Chaim Malespin. I thank him for saying all this, for helping to keep us safe, and hope he comes home to his family soon.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 6 MARCH 2024”

  1. KD

    We can only hope that Trump prevails as he fights the forces of darkness that are trying to take over the state in America. We do not need to wonder *if* things would be better under a Trump presidency, because we have an actual Trump presidency to look back on. We can compare that event to the actual Biden presidency.

    So: under Trump we had peace and prosperity. No wars.

    Under the walking corpse who apparently is not fit to stand trial for his crimes, but somehow is still thought to be fit to run a country, we have an unfathomable level of corruption throughout the entire state apparatus, the destruction of morality, sanity and truth throughout the whole of society, financial prosperity is a distant dream, and we have endless wars – with the possibility of a third world war right around the corner. (Nuclear war – is this what Biden’s apologists want?)

    So we have two actual, real-life events to compare. No matter which yardstick we use to measure the two (moral, financial, geopolitical) it is clear which presidency is the better of the two.

    Let’s hope enough people in the United States manage to ignore the brainwashing and propaganda that the legacy media pumps out every hour of every day, and votes that corrupt, morally compromised kiddie-sniffer, with the utterly appalling son, out of office.

    One thing I will say about Israel’s military action in the Gaza territory, following the casus belli of October 7th last year – it will let anyone else in the region who is thinking about invading Israel know what the consequences will be – a war, with the goal being to eliminate all of the enemy forces – especially the leaders.

    Given the number of possible belligerents in the region, this military action was necessary, pour encourager les autres.

    I can only hope they take the lesson on board.

    • Ryan

      Agree with you Kenneth. I am currently reading your book, and I am impressed with the depth of knowledge of the Second World War, and the vastness of the information you supply in the book. I think I have a great idea for a book for you to write, though you might be apprehensive about it, or might not like at all. But after reading your book, I think you would be the perfect person to write it.

      • KD

        Thanks for taking the time to read my book, it’s much appreciated. Please let me know what you think of it after you have finished. I have tried to put some things in there that I found in the archives, but don’t appear in any other history books that I’ve read. So hopefully you’ll get something new out of it.

        I’ve been doing a little bit of research on the Barbary Corsairs – there really is some interesting material out there – and I’ve taken some notes and jotted down some ideas, so I was thinking that might be a subject for my next book. (In particular, Lord Exmouth’s attack on Algiers in 1816.) That’s all just in the “reading it about it” stage though. So if you have any interesting ideas for a project, do let me know; I’ll certainly take a look at it.

        • Ryan

          Kenneth, I have quite literally just finished the last page of your book, and I am very much impressed. The only thing I think could have added to the book was some more detailed maps and maybe some images, but with the information in the book, they are not so necessary. Anyway, the idea I had for a new book was an alternate history book. I know you might not like how that sounds but let me elaborate. There is a video game called Hearts of Iron IV, which you may have heard of, and it is a World War II strategy game. For this game, a mod was created called The New Order: Last Days of Europe, or TNO for short, and it has quite a large following, with the subreddit TNO Mod currently boasting over 68,000 members.

          The idea behind TNO is that the Axis won the Second World War, and the game focuses on the cold war between America and the Axis, starting in 1962, and really is more of an interactive novel using a video game as the platform. How did the Axis win the war? Well, as I understand it, it is not so well defined by the developers of the game, but here is the outline:

          In the 1920s, a power struggle ensued in the Soviet Union after Lenin’s death, but instead of Stalin taking power, Nikolai Bukharin took the reigns. Bukharin made economic reforms which made the Soviet Union much weaker than what Stalin’s Soviet Union was, with poor industrialization, military, and infighting.

          In the 30s, Germany steamrolled France and Poland, like in reality. (Nazi-Soviet pact never happened, the Soviets were no threat in its current state) In North Africa, things were bad for the British, and Fallschirmjager and Italian marines captured Gibraltar, leaving the Royal Navy stranded in the Mediterranean.

          In 1941, Germany invaded the Soviets, but as you mentioned in your book, Germany was closer to the Soviet cities, and with their weaknesses, the Soviet Union collapsed into civil war after a year. Britain is alone.

          Pearl Harbor still happens, but there is a caveat: the president is rigid Thomas Dewey, who before the war did not prioritize the military, and no lend-lease so there is a significantly weaker and ill-prepared USA. Defeats across the Pacific, with the US pushed back to Australasia.

          Meanwhile, in Britain the Germans sponsored a rebellion in Ireland, which caused Germans to race over the channel using the small celtic nation as a staging ground. Americans came, but it was not enough, and soon resistance collapsed, with Scotland and Wales declaring independence and making peace with the Germans. The war in Europe was lost.

          In the Pacific however, the war was still going on and the Japanese seemed to be losing, and the Manhattan project was still going on. However, on July 4th 1945, the Germans got the atom first. Pearl Harbor was bombed, with a German bomber launched from a Japanese aircraft carrier. Peace was signed soon after.

          The idea for your book would be to work out all the fine details of this alternate world war, and I could help a bit. There are many fans of TNO who would be very interested in such a book.

    • Karen Asbeck

      Very well said, KD! I don’t understand people who don’t watch/read media or do research from sources that they may not agree with in order to get to the truth, but simply take what is said at face value. People who continue to believe that our very leftist media in America is telling the truth are the ones who later will claim ignorance. It will not be a valid excuse! Wake up America!! Learn from history, learn to recognize the lies and question everything. Yearn for the truth even when it may lead to an answer that you don’t like. The next war we face will be on our own shores if we continue to simply believe what we’re told or refuse to see the truth just because we don’t like the person who’s speaking it.

  2. Ellen Calderon

    So sorry we have an ass for our president and trump will be no better our government is failing as well.

  3. Eileen Goldstein

    We are we not protesting everyday in front of the U.S. Embassy. My sign would be “Biden/Blinken/Obama Administration supports terrorists!

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