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Gaza War Diary: 7 JANUARY 2024

Now let me explain to you what is going on in Gaza. Israel has basically finished off Hamas in northern Gaza. It’s demolished 2 Hamas brigades,12 battalions, 14,000 Hamas terrorists – 8,000 of them dead, and confiscated 30,000 weapons. According to the IDF spokesman: “We are now focusing on dismantling Hamas in the center of Gaza and the South. The center is crowded and full of terrorists, so we had to do it in a different way. Khan Yunis has an underground city of branching tunnels. It takes time.”

The IDF believes that Hamas is gathering intelligence about IDF troop movements by sending children to battle areas knowing that the IDF will not kill them, and thus they can scamper home to their terrorist masters with intelligence. Other intelligence gatherers are women with baby carriages walking in the street. Young girls sitting on roof tops or looking out windows. They have signals that they whistle or speak on phones to each other, transmitting information to terrorists like Sinwar and his brother and Mohamed Def.

How do you fight against such cowards? People who use your humanity to kill you and endanger your families back home?

Gaza is one big terrorist hell hole. There is probably not a single family that hasn’t been complicit because there is no work in Gaza except digging terror tunnels. You go down, you dig, you put in electricity, pipes, etc. and Hamas pays you and that’s how you support your family. That’s the Hamas economy which works for them because the money isn’t earned. It’s donated by all the big morons all over the world who tell themselves they are helping the “poor Palestinians” when in fact they are dooming an entire generation to death and destruction and hatred and terror. How can you pay people to do something which produces nothing, simply furthering the sick hateful agenda of twisted minds whose only interest is in murdering their neighbors? Whose wet dream was October 7, which they have said time and again to all who will listen, “We will do it again, and again, and again?”

How can you pay them? You can’t. You need the Western fools with their deep pockets that will make sure you have enough money to never, ever need a real job, work that produces something, anything, useful in the world.

And now, our wonderful men and boys and girls, who have an education, a profession, families and dreams. have to risk their lives to dismantle this monstrous, catastrophic enterprise. How is that fair? The West is responsible for every death of every Israeli soldier and civilian. The West and Turkey, and Iran, and Iraq, and Qatar, and Saudi Arabia and every other Muslim country or Western country that has given a penny over the years to this monster. May God exact His revenge on them all.

This is how deep it goes: there was a swanky resort hotel in Northern Gaza on the sea called The Blue Beach Hotel. Swimming pools. Palm trees. Hundreds of luxury accommodations. And what does the IDF find? Hamas has built terror tunnels underneath it, underneath the swimming pool with rooms which house terrorists and weapons. A place used to launch terror attacks against our soldiers.

Everything, everything they weaponize and ruin and cause its destruction. Of course, the IDF has blown up the hotel and its terror tunnels.

The militias in Iran have promised that “next time” they will provide Hamas with anti-aircraft batteries. Hear that? Next time. That is why there can’t be a next time.

So when you hear of many deaths in Gaza. Of women pushing baby carriages, and young girls, and little boys getting killed, understand that this is what the IDF is up against. Every death of every civilian in Gaza is on Hamas’ hands. And now every terror attack in the West Bank is on their hands.

This morning a terrorist opened fire on a car north of Jerusalem with Israeli license plates and wound up killing a young Israeli Arab. A deadly IED exploded in Jenin in Samaria overnight damaging a Border Guard patrol car and injuring four Border Guards. One of them, Shai Garmai is now confirmed to have died. A strong, beautiful young Ethiopian woman. I wonder what she and her family went through to get to Israel from Ethiopia? What dangers they escaped? How she grew up in Israel and decided to join the army to protect her fellow Israelis. May God bless her memory.

American media is beginning to spread the narrative that it’s Netanyahu’s ego and political ambitions that are pushing him to expand the war to Lebanon. It couldn’t have anything to do with the fact that 80,000 Israeli residents of the North have been displaced and can’t go home as long as Hezbollah is threatening them with daily rocket attacks and a Hamas-style invasion, now could it? Nor could it be the 60 plus rockets they sent over yesterday? No. It’s got to be Bibi shoring up his reputation! Idiots. Spoken like people who live in safe homes with no enemies on their borders.

American reporters are so TikTok stupid, so blind to the realities that most of the world live with every, single day. Bibi and our Chief of Staff and Ministers of Defense and Shabak are doing a wonderful job of cleaning out the rats’ nests that grew to these proportions during our years-long nap of false assumptions.

Actually, our mistake was thinking there were human beings across the border, people who wanted to live and let live. How stupid can you be? As though normal people would assume they are all brainwashed little Nazi wannabees and ISIS-clones who hate everyone except themselves. They hate the wrong kind of Muslims – Shia or Sunni – take your pick. They hate Christians. They hate Jews. They hate women. They hate children.

But most of all, they hate Jewish children and women, if what they did to them on October 7 is any indication. Whatever we do in Gaza is to uproot that hate. To demolish opportunity for further atrocities. To dismantle a monstrous educational and social system based on terrorism, and laziness, and stupidity and drunken blood lust.

We shouldn’t have to be careful and risk our soldiers’ lives doing that. We should be able to bomb them to smithereens the way the Allies bombed Dresden and Hamburg and Berlin and Hiroshima; bomb them until they cry: “Here are your hostages! We surrender! We’re sorry! We’ll never, ever do it again.”

If only…..

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9 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 7 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Suzanne Landau

    Dear Naomi
    Once again my favourite novelist has come up trumps. Suh an excellent article, newsworthy, thoughtful and analytical. If only this was just a novel.

  2. Linda Biderman

    Thank you Naomi for sharing what is really going on in Israel and Gaza. Yes, Israel must start using the media to show the world how Israel is forced to defend itself from such hatred.


    “How do you fight against such cowards? People who use your humanity to kill you and endanger your families back home?”

    You stop them from breathing the same air that you do–unless you have a desire to bury more innocent Yiddin!

  4. Karen A

    I share so many of your posts to my friend’s and family here in America and every single time they say “why are we not hearing this information?” When will the IDF/Israeli govt start putting this information out there to our media in a very strong way? It needs to be done. People are seeing only the “humanitarian” stories about Gaza because that is constantly being talked about. I realize it shouldn’t have to be done, but people’s opinions matter, especially in an election year. When the IDF spokespeople or Netanyahu’s aids do do an interview these days, which is rarely, it’s very mild and they say the same things as always. Videos need to be shown, a constant barrage of proof of what they’re up against, exactly what you laid out here, they need to show some outrage! I’m having to search the news channels to get a 30 second update at all and it’s usually just more numbers of Palestinians dead. I watch the news from all sides to see what everyone is saying/spinning. It’s time for Israel to use the Media to educate and enrage. Not wait until after the war and prove then that what we know is happening, but now, when it matters!

  5. George Austin

    I just read the ” BRILLIANT PRESENTATION By Miriam Novak in front of the U.N.
    General Assembly in 2021″

    Wonderful! Best presentation I’ve ever heard!

    I’m going to send this to a number of people who badly need to consider what this says.

    Sadly, one of them has to be my own son – who is not a friend of Israel or the Jewish people. As a result, he hasn’t spoken to me in years. I am hopeful this will reach into his heart and cause him to reconsider.

  6. Ryan Keogh

    I’m not so sure Israel could do a WW2 style bombing against Gaza even if it wanted to. The Israeli Air Force does not have any strategic bombers, only strike aircraft.

  7. Paul Blumstein

    What will Israel do with 6,000 Hamas prisoners? They can’t be executed and they’d be expensive to maintain indefinitely. If they are traded for hostages they will just be free to attack again.

  8. Liz Rome

    Every entry in your Gaza diary has been informative and heart wrenching at the same time. This one is the most powerful and I am sharing it with as many as I can possibly think of. Thank you Naomi for explaining how things really are in Israel.

  9. Randi Blumenthal Guigui

    Wow- this is so well put. I will pass it on hoping you can wake up others. Thank you

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