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Gaza War Diary: 5 MARCH 2024

United Nations, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways (and reasons).

First of all, while a preponderance of evidence and eye-witness testimony made it impossible for the UN fact-finding mission to deny the truth that “Hamas likely carried out sexual violence, including rape, on October 7,” Guterres – that filthy antisemite – has barely mentioned it, and has certainly done nothing to suggest it has tarnished his view of his friends in Hamas. This has enraged Foreign Minister Israel Katz, who has recalled Israel’s UN Ambassador Arden. Katz believes that an appropriate response should include a convening of the Security Council to condemn these atrocities and to declare Hamas a terrorist organization.

Right. Unlikely. Guterres isn’t wearing a kaffiyah or holding a sign, but he is one of them.

But Hamas is still not happy: “We reject and condemn the report of the top UN official accusing the resistance fighters of sexual violence and acts of rape on 10/7. The purpose of this report, besides denigrating the resistance, is to cover up another report according to which sexual crimes were committed against Gazan detainees in Israel,” lies a Hamas spokesman, who goes on to complain that the report “contradicts the testimonies of Israeli women and prisoners [the kidnapped] who were released regarding the good treatment they received at the hands of the Palestinian fighters …”

“Good treatment!!!???” You mean starvation? Physical attacks? Sexual assaults? Detainment in airless, underground tunnels? Medical treatments by veterinarians? That good treatment? Delusional.

And then, I hate them because of this, the February 29 report of Volker Turk, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (what a joke!) in which he describes October 7 in the context of “over 56 years of Israeli occupation,” effectively justifying it. Never mind that Israel completely withdrew from Gaza in 2005. Never uses the word “terrorist.” Describes Palestinians and Israelis as being “equally surprised” by October 7.

And let’s not forget to hate the UN for financing UNWRA, whose employees in the hundreds (450) participated in the actrocities against Israelis. Paid UN employees hired with your tax dollars, Americans.

I truly hate the entire, compromised, hate-filled organization, which is filled with evil people. I see not a single reason for its continued existence. All of the non-American citizens working there need to be deported and the UN building in New York converted into low-cost co-ops for American veterans. When are we going to see a huge, anti UN demonstration, with signs that say: “Shut down the UN! They are terrorists!”? Or in this line from Rosemary’s Baby: “You witches! You’re lying! You’re lying! You’re lying! You’re LYING!”

All of them witches. Let me know when and where and I’m coming.

But what good does it do to get angry? Instead, I watch YouTube videos of destroyed buildings in Khan Yunis, the latest being the “great mosque of Khan Yunis near the Barquq Citadel” which was once the backdrop for a photo of proud operatives of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad. Now the “great mosque” is a great, big pile of rubble and twisted metal, and hopefully the “operatives” are buried beneath it.

Whatever you read, the truth is that Israel has had no response to its ceasefire proposals. The very basic Israeli demand for the names of the hostages and proof of their well-being has gone unanswered. Hamas official Bassem Naim tells AFP that the terror group doesn’t actually know how many of the Israelis it’s holding hostage in Gaza are still alive. I suspected as much all along, especially since ordinary Gazans were also involved in kidnapping young women and children for reasons other than negotiations…

No one knows where Sinwar is. He’s incommunicado, probably terrified his wife and daughters are in for the same treatment he commanded his Nuhkba forces to use on Israeli women. Of course, what he and they will never understand is that we Israeli Jews are nothing like them. Their minds are so sick and twisted, they just can’t imagine any other scenario. So the war continues.

After months of studying the situation, the IDF finally destroyed the largest Hamas terror tunnel discovered in northern Gaza back on December 16, a tunnel with multiple branches dug from northern Gaza toward Israeli territory and used for the invasion. There are also photos of Gazan women from Khan Yunis evacuating the area in expectation of IDF advances, which will come. You can bet on it.

Remember those terrorists I told you about yesterday captured in Madinat Hamad? Well, IDF trucks have taken them to Israel for interrogation.

This morning, a terrorist on Israel’s most wanted list for the last four years, Muhammad Abu D’Ra’a, known by his nom de guerre “A-Zankaluni”, was arrested. A-Zankaluni is considered the founder and commander of the “Balata Battalion,” glorified because he’d evaded capture for so long. They can run, but they just can’t hide.

According to Israel Today “Three of the four despicable Palestinian terrorists who paraded the murdered, half-naked body of Shani Louk on Oct. 7 have been eliminated by the IDF. The fourth, and many others like him, are still out there, which is why the war must continue.” We will get him too.

We will get them all. Every … single … one.

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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 5 MARCH 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    From what I can recall about the United Nations – during the second world war, the British government (under Churchill) wanted to bring America into the war. The United States had become “the arsenal of democracy” (what a joke – arming Stalin!) but all that WSC could get out of FDR prior to Pearl Harbor was the Atlantic Charter, which laid out a set of principles that the Allies were now supposed to be fighting for.

    Churchill called the third volume of his history of the war “The Grand Alliance” but apparently it was Roosevelt who came up with the name of “United Nations” – the tricky thing here was the fact that the third party in this alliance was the Soviet Union.

    Eden is on record (I have read the top secret messages sent between Moscow and London) telling Stalin that the Atlantic Charter wasn’t going to apply to the Soviets, and they could take over the Baltic States (this was in December 1941.) So much for principles!

    So it was that on 1st January 1942 . . .

    Declaration by United Nations (1 January 1942)
    On 1 January 1942, Churchill, Roosevelt, Maxim Litvinov of the USSR, and T. V. Soong of China signed a short document. This document later became known as the Declaration by United Nations. The next day, representatives of 22 other nations added their signatures. The governments that signed this declaration pledged to accept the Atlantic Charter.

    History of the United Nations

    So the whole concept of the United Nations was poisoned from the start.

    “I certainly do not want to demand the impossible from you and I fully realise the limitation of your powers,” said Stalin. “But I am addressing myself to the British government and I am genuinely surprised. I thought that the Atlantic Charter was directed against those people who were trying to establish world dominion. It now looks as if the Charter was directed against the U.S.S.R.” “No, that is certainly not so,” replied Eden. “It is merely a question of your putting forward certain views as to your frontiers and of my being unable to give you an immediate reply and asking you to allow me time to get the answer.” “Why does the restoration of our frontiers come into conflict with the Atlantic Charter?” asked Stalin. “I never said it did,” said Eden.45

    45. National Archives, FO 954/25A/3, p. 21.

    Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (p. 86). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.

  2. Geraldine Richmond Reply

    You stand strong ,Naomi Ragen ,and don’t be afraid to scream at the top of your lungs. We hear you loud and clear and wish we could hug you for disseminating the truth.

  3. mb Reply

    Please stop using the word antisemite. It’s too clinical and academic, which indeed was the purpose of its progenitor, Wilhelm Marr, an unabashed Jew hater.(Actually the word antisemitism was invented by a Jew, an Orientalist scholar, who used the the term to describe the elitist Western European approach to Oriental art and culture.
    Anyway, please use the term Jew hater(hatred) instead.

  4. Ellen Calderon Reply

    Naomi so true as usual all those animals don’t deserve to live unless they’re in Israeli jails, also I like the idea of making the un building turned into condos

  5. Wes Hagglov Reply

    Naomi…you nailed it…refreshingly concise and to the point, as usual…

  6. Carol Parkes Reply

    You are 100% right, Naomi. I agree with everything you’ve said. It would be nice if the rest of the world would wake up, see clearly the difference between good and evil, and understand the threat posed by Hamas and its useful idiots.

  7. Sylvia Knoop Reply

    Naomi you nail it every single time !
    And yes, they forget, but we don’t, so you are right, even years later they will be hunted down and with a bit of luck …
    As i mentioned before I am worried about all those taken prisoner …
    Maybe the IDF can get info…
    After that they just take up space and are probably fed three time a day…
    Now thats what I call wastefulness.
    Put them on a boat and drop them off in Iran or a bit earlier…

  8. Ryan K Reply

    That spokesman reminds me of a certain chicken farmer who claimed high survival rates at some certain camps. The UN has been useless since 1956, the only thing it’s good for is preventing nuclear war, and it can’t even do that effectively. Ditto for promoting world peace and preventing wars.

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