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Gaza War Diary: 4 JANUARY 2024

Well, well, well. As I told you yesterday, Israel had nothing to do with the terror attack in Iran. About a half day after it happened ISIS proudly declared responsibility. Reportedly, the attacks involved suicide bombers , ISIS even posted their photos. As I said yesterday, not our style. Also, reportedly, the decision was made in Teheran to blame Israel no matter the truth, which is well known to them. Apparently, Solemani had been an enemy of ISIS in Iraq for years.

Aside from accepting responsibility, ISIS, not to be upstaged by Hamas, called upon all Muslims to multiply terror attacks against Jews all over the world, and not to differentiate between soldiers and civilians. According to ISIS, there is no difference between the “Jews of Palestine” and Jews anywhere else. “You have to fight them all. This is a religious war not a war about land or birthplace. The Muslim has to fight the Jew because he is a Jew, because Jews killed our prophet.”

Wait, what?!! Isn’t that cultural appropriation? What will the Pope say?

Seriously, I hope the pathetically misguided people who have been telling us all these years that if we only give back this piece of land, or that piece of land, we can make peace with our “neighbors”, will finally, finally wake up.

They want us dead.

There is no compromise possible, unless we too embrace the “happiness” they seem to feel at being killed and watching their families die. No, dear, thank you very much. We’d rather stay among the living and bring you the “happiness” of becoming a shahid.

In this vein, some Hamas operative attending the funeral of the arch terrorist al-Arouri, was hit by an uncontrollable wave of jealousy, declaring that he too was worthy of an IDF missile! In fact, to facilitate this, he has decided that he and his men are going to be wearing matching, distinctive hats so that Israel will have no trouble distinguishing them from your run-of-the-mill un-missile worthy Hamas murderer, who only gets a bullet in the head.

I’m not making this up.

In a tour of the border battlefield in Gaza today, Defense Minister Galant met with the commander of the 36th Division, Brigadier General Bar Khalifa, and General Etai Virov, and other officers to discuss strategy, troop movements, and intelligence reports. He summed up the meeting this way: “In the South, we are finishing up and will be moving troops in order to facilitate aerial bombardments. In Central Gaza, we are intensifying our battles, above and below ground, destroying the central infrastructure of Hamas, including the places where they manufacture missiles and distribute them throughout Gaza. In the South, our efforts are intensive, and will only get stronger.

“Those terrorists who had begun the countdown to when we would be leaving, will have to start another countdown – of the number of days they have left on earth. It will happen soon. To everyone who thinks we are going to stop, I’m telling you, the battle is only going to escalate.”

Our forces have just announced the discovery of a major underground terror tunnel in central Gaza, with many entrances, a huge weapons depot and a manufacturing plant for increasing the range of missiles The underground bunkers had electricity, refrigeration equipment and supplies for a long stay. Division 99 and Yahalom (my grandson’s unit) blew it up. There goes your “humanitarian aid” to Gaza, NGO’s from all over Europe and the US. That’s what they used the money for! Ask for a refund.

Army Spokesman Admiral Hagari announced just now that three missing Israelis have been identified as having been kidnapped, bringing the number of Israeli kidnap victims still in Gaza to 136. He also said that in the last 40 hours the IDF has been fighting in the West Bank, and has found numerous weapons, and made many arrests of terrorists.

It was also discovered that al-Arouri ordered West Bank terror tunnels to be dug. One was recently discovered near Hebron near a Jewish neighborhood. The work on it was interrupted by the war. We expect there are many more…

The Hamas terrorists who destroyed the Israeli town of Nir Oz came from nearby Khirbat Ahzaa in Gaza, (the same place Israel fought a fierce battle over terror tunnels in July, 2014 during Operation Protective Edge, by the way). In the midst of the destroyed houses, and plowed streets full of rubble, the fighters of the IDF Fifth Division called on Hamas terrorists still alive to surrender: “They’ve abandoned you. Your commanders have fled.”

Inside the homes, soldiers found toys stolen from the murdered children of Nir Oz. Entrances to terror tunnels were found inside the Municipality Building and even the graveyard. The whole place is one, big, terrorist camp and all the ”innocents” who lived there, had homes full of loot stolen from Nir Oz. Now they are gone, and won’t be coming back in this lifetime. There will be no future battles for our boys in this place.

The soldiers raised the flag of Nir Oz over the destroyed enclave. May all our brave soldiers, who are doing holy work, saving lives, return in peace to Israel and their families.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 4 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Marc Bailey

    After many years of reading about suicide bombers I still cannot understand how otherwise normal people can be brainwashed into believing that being a suicide bomber will get them a place in heaven.
    I can understand a soldier in combat charging an enemy position in an effort to capture that position knowing that his action will probably be fatal for him but will save the lives of his fellow soldiers.
    I cannot equate that a suicidal action in the name of a God whose very existence has never been proven to him or to anyone else. .

    In other words,

    • Ryan Keogh

      Indoctrination can be a powerful tool. Look at the Japanese in World War 2, with their Banzai charges, and their Kamikaze air attacks on American ships. The soldiers were taught that it was better to die with honor then surrender, and many acted accordingly.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    Obviously, the terrorists mentioned are nothing more than a bunch of schmucks, but I do find it a bit amusing that world’s biggest exporter of terrorism has now become a victim of it. It just goes to show, be careful what you wish for.

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