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Earlier this week, Egyptian soldiers opened fire on IDF troops. Our soldiers returned fire, and two Egyptian soldiers were killed. I couldn’t understand this incident, as well as the relative silence from Egyptian leaders, until our troops reached the border from the side of Rafah.

There, for all to see, lined up along the Egyptian border, in full view of our “friends” and “peace partners” in Egypt, and now “mediators” in the release of our hostages, were one after another of rocket batteries aimed at our schools, and apartment houses, and playgrounds. Piles of rockets are everywhere.

See for yourself here.

No wonder everyone was so determined to malign Israel into staying out of Rafah!

This outrageous, disgusting, unbelievable situation cannot go unremarked and unpunished. I would think that given the behavior of Saudi Arabia at condemning us at the drop of a hat, “normalization” with that country, which would mean enormous benefits for them in terms of intelligence, high-tech cooperation, tourism, etc. should not be rushed. Unfortunately, except for Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, we have not seen behavior worthy of partnership in the Arab world, tainted as they are by their ugly, antisemitic, genocidal religious beliefs. Let’s not rush into hugging them just yet.

I recently heard an amazing podcast by Yasmine Mohammed, Canadian human rights campaigner and founder of Free Hearts, Free Minds, and a brave Muslim woman who is risking her life to expose the Islamic bamboozling of the West. Child of a Gazan father and Egyptian mother, Yasmine was six when her parents – who had moved to Canada – divorced. Yasmine’s mother found solace in the local mosque, as well as in the arms of a radical fundamentalist who took her as his second wife. Yasmine’s horrific abuse at the hands of her monstrous stepfather was heartbreaking. She’d had a normal childhood that suddenly turned into hell, with beatings, and almost everything forbidden.

When she was nineteen, her mother forced her to marry a vicious Al Qaida member, who turned her black and blue days after the wedding. Her pleas to her mother fell on deaf ears, as she was quoted the Quran which encourages husbands to beat their “disobedient” wives, except not in the face. You don’t want them to become ugly, right?

She took the opportunity of the birth of a child to find a way to escape the marriage and file for divorce. Today, she is an advocate for Western values, friendship with the Jewish people, and for other women victims of Islam.

What I found extremely interesting was her explanation of how the West’s adoption of the term “Islamophobia” is the tool of Islamic radicals to pressure the West into silence and compliance with their abuses. In their own countries, they can kill you if you don’t comply, but in the West, they have learned to use the tools of tolerance and inclusion to prevent anyone from pointing out the necessary changes that need to be made to the culture and behavior of Muslims who wish to live in Western countries. She tells the story of her teachers calling child services and the police to investigate her many bruises. The Canadian police, when confronted by a radical Islamic maniac stepfather, said they couldn’t get involved because her family’s child-rearing “practices” were part of their religion! Yasmine recalls bitterly. “It made me feel like a second class citizen compared to Canadian children.”

We need to befriend and support brave Muslims like Yasmine, and buy her book: Unveiled: How the West Empowers Islam.

Please visit her website.

And this very disturbing development: terrorists shooting at an Israeli town, Bat Hefer (not over the Green Line, in Israel proper). This is what those animals issued later as a statement. “Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in Tulkarm proclaim: Our operatives infiltrated a house in the settlement of Bat Hefer with the aim of eliminating an officer. The officer was not at home and only his children were present. In accordance with Islamic morality and contrary to the nature of the occupation’s activities, the operatives spared the children and only took an M4 type weapon and a Glock pistol from the scene.”

 Should we laugh or cry? The IDF will find them.

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4 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 30 MAY 2024”

  1. Phillip Erickson Reply

    Yesterday I attended an Australian wedding for the daughter of my good friend, a man of Spanish heritage. I met my friend’s brother, a man in his mid forties, and was surprised that when we talked he was as pro-Israeli as me. Next to me was a 77 year old lady who looked 60 and she also was very Conservative in her views. Both gave me their email addresses and mobile phone numbers and I promised them that I would include them in on my emails in support of Israel.

    I have just sent them both a link to your blog. I am building a small network of Australians who support Israel and will continue to refer your blog so that they can know the truth of Israel’s justified war with the adjacent Arabs.


    Phillip Erickson, Sydney,, Australia

  2. Vera Reply

    My only complaint about your article is labeling them as animals.
    Please do not insult the animals. They only kill for self preservation/survival.
    These are sub human savages, barbarians.

  3. Chaya Reply

    In the current situation I don’t think we can trust any of them, not that we ever could.
    The world will never shed a tear for us, ever. The masks are off and the truth is there for all to see. Visceral anti-semitism. This war is about our existence and our survival.

    • KD Reply

      Apparently even people like Eric Clapton have gone over to the dark side. Mind you, he’s always been a bit suspect. Some of us are old enough to remember his famous “speech” on stage in Birmingham in 1976. He’s taken a lot of drugs over the years, that’s bound to have had an effect. I suppose.

      I’ve actually seen him play three times – once in London in 1998, and twice at the MEN Arena in Manchester in the early 2000s. I won’t be lining his pockets in any way, shape or form from today forward though, that’s for sure.

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