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Gaza War Diary: 30 JANUARY 2024

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting a little sick and tired of this endless talk about “negotiations” for freeing the hostages, when it is absolutely clear that Hamas has no intention of releasing them until we basically surrender and open our jails to free thousands of blood-thirsty Hamas savages, allowing them to declare themselves victorious.

To wit, Taher Nuno, advisor to the chairman of the Hamas Political Bureau on the discussion regarding a deal between Israel and Hamas: (Abu Ali Express). “First of all a ceasefire and then a deal for the exchange of prisoners and the restoration of the Gaza Strip. The main point is the cessation of aggression on the Gaza Strip and after that is realized it will be possible to talk about the rest of the details. We will first discuss a total ceasefire and not a temporary ceasefire.”

Islamic Jihad also holds Israeli hostages. Here are the words of Ziyad al- Nakhala, the secretary general of the Islamic Jihad: “We emphasize our firm position: we will not join the ‘understandings’ without a comprehensive ceasefire, the withdrawal of the occupying forces from the Strip, the guarantee of the restoration of the Strip and a clear political solution that will guarantee the rights of the Palestinian people.

Reportedly, Washington is also on the bandwagon, saying a new deal is close. According to Israeli media sources, these are the details of the “new deal,” and it’s only stage one for the release of only 35 Israeli hostages:

  • 45-day ceasefire in Gaza
  • a “significant” increase in humanitarian aid
  • 4,000-5,000 jailed terrorists released (100-250 per Israeli hostage)

The jailed Palestinian terrorists to be released include those with “blood on their hands,” meaning they have killed Israelis.

I’m just a stupid Israeli whose grandchildren are on the front lines in this war, but it seems to me that Hamas hasn’t moved an inch, despite the fact that every day Israel is destroying their “army” and their “tunnels” and their weapons. Hundreds of terrorists have been killed or taken prisoner in Khan Yunis today and yesterday alone, an estimated two thirds of Hamas’ “army.”

So forgive me if I’m a little confused. Whoever heard of a winning army “negotiating” with the fallen enemy? Israel, where are your demands? Where are your threats? What is wrong with you that you can’t behave like the winner, even when you are winning? It’s really beginning to feel pathological.

Something else I’m sick and tired of: lies and misinformation. I’m sure you’ve heard the outcries about Israeli commandos entering a hospital in Jenin and killing three “patients.” They weren’t patients, but three wanted terrorists planning an imminent 7/10 like attack in Israel :

  1. Muhammad Jalamana, a commander in the military wing of Hamas in Jenin and its spokesman.
  2. Muhammad Ghazawi, one of the founders of the “Jenin Battalion” in the military arm of the Islamic Jihad.
  3. Bassel Ghazawi, an operative in the Islamic Jihad military wing in Jenin and Muhammad’s brother.

So far, 2,960 wanted persons have been arrested throughout Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley, over 1,350 of whom are associated with Hamas.

And that cemetery the IDF supposedly “desecrated?” I’m sure you’ll be shocked to learn (not) it was on top of a long terror tunnel.

That great idea to flood the tunnels with sea water? Well, turns out, it doesn’t really work. But Israel hasn’t given up, working on technologically advanced solutions to overcome the obstacles that would see Hamas floating in a real flood, (“flood” is what they called the barbaric attack on Israelis) all the way to Kingdom Come. Hope they have their bathing suits, goggles and underwater tanks. But then, it might be a bit cold, don’t you think?

While the talkers talk, our army is bombing, destroying, and taking prisoners, which is the only way we are getting our hostages back without becoming lemmings.

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11 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 30 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Eileen Goldstein

    I’m sick of hearing about it too; and now Paris is close to a deal? Why are we talking about ceasefires when Bibi says we’re fighting to the end. By the way, I’m all for release all of the “Palestinian” prisoners, especially the murderers on one condition – they are exiled to Washington, DC

  2. דוב קרבי dov kravi

    נעמי יקרה, תודה לך על הבלוג שלך שמציג את החדשות האמיתיות מיום ליום.
    אני מעביר את זה לחברים שלי כי העיתונות הצרפתית מעבירה כל הזמן מידע מוטעה, למעט ערוץ אחד
    רוב היהודים הצרפתים לצדך.
    ביחד ננצח

    • דוב קרבי dov kravi

      Chère Naomi, merci pour votre blog montrant les nouvelles réelles au jour le jour.
      Je le transmets à mes amis parce que la presse française désinforme en permanence, à l’exception d’une seule chaîne (CNews).
      La plupart des Juifs français sont à vos côtés.
      ביחד ננצח

  3. Mary Lou sinkey

    I simmer with all this talk of cease fires and negotiations and such. For most politicians, It’s so easy to bark opinions in the comfort of their dust-free expensive suits or while sitting in large plush offices from where they opine. God bless Israel and I pray for their continued strength and the emotional stamina of the IDF. I send warm Italian-American hugs to all the Israelis – and Naomi for this daily diary.

  4. Eliezer Kaufman

    Too true.
    We are sick of the lies of the Politicians, the media and the silence of the Rabbonim!

    We are sick of learning of our soldiers being killed, leaving behind orphans and widows – why has no one compiler these statistics whilst at the same time those families of the kidnapped hostages fail to see by attracting attention they play in to Hamas and PIJ hands.
    We are sick of the failed IDF top brass still running this war when they were responsible for failing to recognise Hamas/PIJ intentions prior to 7 October.

    We are sick that the world sits in condemnation of us when the PA President has been elected to office for four years since 2005 and is illegally there for 15 years and the world is silent.

    We are sick of the constant shifting policies of a non observant person as head of the government

    • Ryan Keogh

      The Rabbonim are keeping silent I imagine because they do not want to draw attention to the large elephant in the room, that is that Haredi are exempt from the draft, and commenting on the war might draw the ire of the secular Israelis who are not exempt.

  5. David Bornstein

    How about the following solution.
    All hostages and their bodies including those taken in 2014 released by *date* *time*, complete surrender by all combatants in Gaza, followed immediate cessation of hostilities by Israel, and the entry of aid , fully vetted and distributed by Israel, or else EVERY member of HAMAS anywhere in the world will be assasinated, and the jails will be emptied by execution of the terrorists jailed there beginning with those with blood on their hands.
    I fully agree with Ben Gvir that the penalty for terrorism should be death. It is already on the statute books and was used on Eichmann. These life forms in Israeli jails, especially those who took part in 7/10 committed crimes worse than Eichmann.
    Emptying the jails in this way after due process, of course.
    Any world objection? 1)allows immediate end of hostilities. 2) assists Palestinians by removing a malevolent government. 3) allows the Wests bleeding hearts to waste even more taxpayers money by sending aid into Gaza. 4) ends a devastating humanitarian crisis which the world fails to properly acknowledge- the hostages 5)deals a much needed bloody nose to Iran. 6) starts a major paradigm change in the Middle East regarding Iran which then also benefits the Ukraine/Russia war by eliminating Iran and its influence. 7) allows normalisation with Saudi Arabia. 8) Goes a massive way to ending the Arab /Israeli problem which has festered for 76 years. The latter because Israel FINALLY is allowed to claim total victory over the forces of darkness.

    • Ryan Keogh

      David, I agree with what you say about the death penalty, BUT if the death penalty was applied to terrorists, it could discourage Hamas fighters from surrendering, since they know there might be a chance they are executed, leading to a number of bittereinders that would continue fighting even after a surrender. Same thing happened on a small scale with some German troops, and was probably part of the reason why so many Germans fought hard to defend Berlin.

    • golda racher

      David, if I may I would like to add one more stipulation
      All rapists to be castrated by their victims, and their removed body
      parts fed to pigs.

  6. Rob

    Hamas & their cheerleaders – such phonies. If there really was “genocide”, they should immediately agree to any ceasefire demands by Israel to stop the genocide.

  7. Ryan Keogh

    “Whoever heard of a winning army “negotiating” with the fallen enemy?” It happened in the Third Silesian War. Russia had almost beaten Prussia, but Russian Empress Elizabeth died right before the army took Berlin. Her successor, Peter III, was a Germanophile and ordered an immediate ceasefire with Prussia, with the return of Prussia’s prewar borders. This is considered to be a miracle in German historiography, and during the Second World War Hitler had hoped that a similar miracle would occur when FDR died on 12 April 1945, when the Soviet army was encroaching upon Berlin. As for Peter III, who by the way considered himself German and not Russian, angered many people by reversing gains that had caused much Russian blood to be spilled, and was soon deposed by his wife Catherine the Great, a Russian nationalist. He was subsequently portrayed in history as one of the worst Russian Emperors, which given what he did is probably not too much of an exaggeration. That said, it would take an idiot to release thousands of prisoners for tens of hostages, that is how the crisis started in the first place.

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