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Gaza War Diary: 3 MARCH 2024

Sometimes, late at night or early in the morning, when it’s quiet and I’m alone with my thoughts, particularly if we have lost any IDF soldier, those brave nineteen and twenty year-olds who are at the forefront of the fight for human freedom today, I feel isolated and afraid.

At times like that, it is so important to remember that we are not alone in this righteous war. That the most admirable people on the planet are in it with us. Take, for example, Bari Weiss, the Jewish journalist famous for sticking it to the NY Times in a goodbye letter when she slammed the door behind her after achieving the success of a job there, the dream of every American journalist.

Bari has continued her remarkable, courageous search for a free press by founding, you guessed it, The Free Press. If you aren’t reading her wonderful blog, or subscribing, then you are missing the greatest comfort in the world when you are feeling lonely. I send you now a link to her remarkable speech, which is almost breathtaking to listen to, given at the 92nd Street Y recently, entitled “What it Means to Choose Freedom.”

What I found so moving was this simple, mostly overlooked idea, that “the state of world Jewry depends on the state of the free world. And right now its condition is in jeopardy.”

If you doubt that, then just take a look at the average Gen Z social media post and cringe at the bigotry and ignorance across the board, where seemingly education and economic status play no part in who is espousing hateful, moronic ideas based on lies.

I left America in 1971 and became an Israeli. But I was always proud to be an American too. As Mark Levin said in a speech at CSPAN, people are coming en masse to America. You don’t see Americans trying to live anywhere else. But that exceptionalism is being eroded from within as Americans forget the sources of their success and their freedoms.

I don’t think it’s too late. But it is certainly a life or death battle for America that we are involved in as Third World countries deliberately flood our nation with those inimical to our core values, and a good part of the population votes for its own demise electing incompetent, anti-American leaders.

What can I say when I read that Social Security and Medicare are trillions of dollars in debt and probably won’t outlast our generation (and that’s if we’re lucky) yet at the same time Joe Biden is forgiving student loans with the money American seniors had taken out of their paychecks for their retirement?

Israeli leadership is also in trouble, as Gantz, who joined the government in order to support the war, decides to make a separate peace by ignoring our Prime Minister and going to America to talk to Kamala Harris. He has just lost my vote.

We had two disasters in Gaza within the last two weeks where our soldiers were killed and wounded when booby-trapped houses were remotely blown up by Hamas terrorists. This is possible only because the IDF is not “cleaning” the entire area making it safe for our troops. Can this be due to American pressure? Shortly after this happened, the IDF attacked fifty terrorists positions, doing just that. So sorry we have to have these bitter experiences to renew and reinvigorate our determination to finish off the genocidal Nazi Hamas regime, despite American interference.

The attempts of Hamas to delay answering Israel’s ceasefire proposals comes from their optimism that they can ignite a fire of criticism against Israel, as they did with the phony hospital bombing that only died down because of videos showing Hamas had bombed the hospital itself. Now it’s the “Flour massacre” of Gazans on the beach, swarming over the food trucks. When the IDF interceded to prevent them from trampling each other to death, they were faced with mobs braying for their death. Soldiers shot in self-defense, aiming for legs. About ten were killed, not a hundred.

Not picking up steam, so far. So Hamas is trying again: their “Ministry of Health” is claiming another fake “massacre” in Kikar Al Kuwaiti in Central Gaza. Blah, blah.

Start a war you can’t win, refuse to surrender and release our hostages, and what do you have left? You have to cry like a baby over made-up lies for someone, anyone to save your sorry ass. Not working.

What I find particularly amusing is the conflicting tales they like to tell about Gaza. Take the before and after genre, where they show how beautiful and wonderful it was before the terrible Israelis destroyed it, completely forgetting their line about how Gaza was an “open air prison,” so they had no choice but to attack. Gee, you can’t have it both ways, folks! If you had it so good, why did you invade, rape and murder?

Don’t expect anyone to take you seriously when you get tangled up in your own lies. Take the newest propaganda announcement from Hamas that 70 of our hostages “were killed by Israeli bombs.” Well, if you want to trade hostages for a cease-fire, why would you tell us that there is hardly anyone left, which I deeply fear and am heartbroken to believe is the case?

So what, you may ask the average Gazan, is better: the parachuted aid packages from America, or from Jordan? According to Abu Ali Express, the Gazans prefer the American meals: chili, chicken noodles, spaghetti with beef. There’s even Skittles… and mini Tabasco. The Jordanians, alas, only offer instant coffee, salt, pepper, orangeade mix, tea, paper dishes, toothpicks, crackers, pickles, beans, pita and honey.

No contest. I’m sure Hamas is selling the American “free meals” for a higher price in Gaza.

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 3 MARCH 2024”

  1. Ellen Calderon

    So sorry about Biden I don’t want to vote for him but then I don’t want Trump either, unfortunately Israel is on its own.

  2. Daniela Cohen Sasson

    Dear Naomi, reading you is seeing my thoughts and feelings expressed by someone (you) that feel the same frustration, pain and anger as we read or listen to the news and cannot understand the world we are living. From the ignorance of so many around the world that think that the “poor pa-lies-tinians” were suffering so much in Gaza, to the liberal world that accuse Israel of all the wrongdoings yet we have seen how they have reacted in the past to things not as terrorific as Octobre 7th. I thank you for being a voice to my thoughts, frustrations and fears. Keep writing!

  3. David Bornstein

    It is absolutely insane that not a single world leader is calling for surrender and release of hostages. Absolutely immoral. Who in their right minds provides aid to the enemy in the middle of a war?
    May the whole lot of the Gazans starve to death, or get cholera or typhoid or the whole lot at the same time.
    I fear most of the hostages are dead or wish that they were.

  4. דוב קרבי dov kravi

    Dear Naomi, it’s not just Obiden who betrayed his ally. French Foreign Minister Stéphane Séjourné castigated the Israeli authorities, whom he considers responsible for blocking humanitarian aid in Gaza and “accounting for” “unjustifiable” situations, in an interview with the French daily Le Monde (the woke equivalent of NYT or Haaretz) published on Saturday.
    What would you have thought if, with full knowledge of the crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis, the Allies had decided to pay millions to Hitler and his supporters?
    You would say to yourself that these people are either imbeciles or traitors and that in both cases their people are off to a bad start. Well the European Union has released 50 million euros for UNRWA, despite the controversy over the involvement of its personnel in the October 7 attack. They will be able to afford new motorcycles and new Kalashnikovs for the next massacres thanks to Europe.

  5. Brenda Matsumura

    Dear Naomi, I too, am outraged at so-called News Outlets putting out stats from “The Ministry of Health” in Gaxa.and Americans believing before the truths from Israeli sources. Nothing good can come from Gantz’s visit with Kamala Harris. It is an attempt by Biden to get those Dearborn votes. She has done absolutely nothing and fell flat on everything that was assigned. Why is he doing this in time of war?? I hope and pray for Israel, hostages, political division at this time and all the people who must deal with the sorrows of loss and the anxiety that you are all living with constantly. Meanwhile this Anti American “leader’ continues to enable Iran as it gets precariously close to having nuclear weapons. I could cite his failures for hours and while refusing to protect this country, wants to meddle in all ways in Israel. Thank you for giving us accurate information. I share what I believe and KNOW to be true, and do not see anti-Israel sentiment, but too much silence. With Aloha, Brenda M.

    • KD

      Hi Brenda,
      I fear there may be sinister forces afoot, with regards the Kamala Harris situation. If Harris can actually do something (anything at all) that would show that she could be trusted to take over from the walking corpse that currently holds the No. 1 job. At least – in the minds of some people in the United States – and you can be sure the American media would make a lot of it.

      I don’t know if you ever watched the program “Veep” but a similar scenario arose when the main character (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) managed to “free Tibet”. Suddenly, from being an also-ran and a has-been, she became a legitimate candidate for the top job.

      This may be the thinking behind the powers that be in the United States. After all, you wouldn’t send Kamala Harris to do anything meaningful or important under normal circumstances. So I can’t help thinking there is something sinister afoot.

      Biden out. Harris in. Could this be part of that play ???

  6. Ryan K

    Agree with what you say about America. I am glad my ancestors came here, there is no way I would be having a good life in Ireland or Sicily, at least not the one I have now. But now, I fear I might have to leave if it gets bad. Maybe I’ll go to Britain, Ireland, Australia, or even Israel.

    On another note, I think that maybe the American food aid packages are a CIA Psy Op. Think about it, they get Gazans addicted to American food, then they cut-off aid when Hamas starts up. It would be like a coercive version of the Berlin Airlift. But for some reason I doubt the CIA would do that.

  7. Audrey Travis

    Dear Naomi
    You are definitely not alone. I am with you. There are millions just like me who support Israel and you- our lifeline in Eretz Yisrael. Am Yisrael Chai.

    • Brenda Matsumura

      I guarantee Biden is merely after votes. Just like the long range plans to turn illegal aliens into votes for Democrats.

  8. Ellen Calderon

    So sorry what Bidon is doing not helping at all with the air packages of food I wish we could do something to help Israelis instead

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