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This week Hezbollah rockets ignited fires in the Golan that destroyed ten thousand dunam (about 2,500 acres). It will take many years to repair the damage. According to Abu Ali Express, Arab media are widely distributing this quote from Yossi Cohen, the former head of the Mossad: “We know where Nasrallah is and if we want we can eliminate him at any moment.”

If that’s true, then I don’t understand our government at all.

Yesterday, after I sent our my column, I was reading on Ynet how the speech Biden made was actually based on Netanyahu’s own “cease fire” proposal submitted to Hamas a month ago, one that he hadn’t been brave enough to share with his entire cabinet, and Biden had done it for him.

Netanyahu, meanwhile, is claiming that Biden didn’t quote him accurately. “The outline that Biden presented is partial. The war will be stopped for the purpose of repatriating hostages and then we will proceed with a discussion. There are other details that the US president did not present to the public,” Netanyahu said at a hearing in the Foreign Affairs and Security Committee in the Knesset. According to the Prime Minister, only after 16 days (in the first phase of the deal proposed), Israel and Hamas will enter into negotiations to further discuss the terms of the deal.

I can’t see any possible hope that there are legitimate extenuating factors that would whiten the disgrace of such a proposal. In the meantime, Sinwar, in his tunnel, has all the time in the world and is holding out for more! Yes, concedes Hamas, it sounds “serious.” But they want iron clad guarantees that the war is over and they will remain in power.

Let’s think about this. Their entire country is destroyed, and still they are dictating terms! How the hell did that happen when we are the ones in Gaza with the tanks and guns and fighter planes? Where are our non-negotiable demands? Our ultimatums? Instead, Netanyahu is getting ready to open our prison gates to release murderers in exchange for dead bodies.

Sounds like a weak-kneed surrender and betrayal of our soldiers to me. And if Yossi Cohen is right, all the more so. Our only hope is for Hamas not to agree, and for us to actually find Sinwar and free our hostages before this travesty goes into effect. Pray.

You’ll understand Hamas better if you listen to what the “supreme leader” of Iran said yesterday at a ceremony to mark the 35th anniversary of the death of his predecessor in office, Ruhollah Khomeini:

“The ‘Tufan Al-Aqsa’ war came at the right moment. The area needed the October 7th attack. It was a necessity against the Western American project to change the regional equations. The war, which came at a sensitive time, thwarted attempts at normalization with the Zionist entity and its takeover of the region. The Palestinian issue has now become the number one issue in the entire world.”

Thanks to Joe Biden, this is true. And let’s not forget the desire of university students to see jihadi fanatics take over the world, which has infected them like a zombie virus in a horror movie. And as in all horror movies, we, the still not infected, will have to fight them to the death, or let them usher in the new Dark Ages for our children and grandchildren.

Yesterday, all of us watched with bated breath the horrific photos of a fire on the steps of the Israel Museum, repository of priceless artifacts gathered in archeological digs for decades. The fire, it was thought, had come up from the Valley of the Cross. Miraculously, even a Museum roof caught fire, nothing was damaged, and no one was hurt, and the fire was extinguished.

Today, police reported that the fire was no accident, but arson, started deliberately in three different spots. Could it have been a sick attempt to erase evidence of the Jewish three thousand year presence here? Just thinking about the evildoers ready to burn down such a priceless place in Jewish heritage makes me sick. I hope they find the perpetrators and pour some kerosene on their heads and let me light the match.

The Palestinian terrorist who ran over and killed two Israeli soldiers last Wednesday and then turned himself into the Palestinian “police” has been released by them, and is now on the run. Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are interchangeable. Every peace agreement we ever made with them we have and will live to regret, including the horrific deal now on the table. But what can you expect?

Netanyahu was, after all, the one who agreed to the Shalit deal. And look how that worked out.

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  1. Jerry Kaufman Reply

    Just wanted to thank you for writing The Enemy Beside Me. I’m sure it was a painful experience learning about and writing about the unimaginable cruelty of these creatures!
    !ימח שמם וזכרם

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