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Last night, IDF chief Herzi Halevi speaking from Gaza is quoted saying: “We’ve killed over 900 terrorists in Rafah, we’re wearing down Hamas.” Halevi says next phase of war will “introduce different methods, new tactics and altered logistical support to suit the stage… The results will speak for themselves in due course. The reason we continue to work here week after week is our current effort to destroy infrastructure, including underground facilities, which takes time. This campaign is prolonged because we do not want to leave Rafah with its infrastructure intact. We have killed individuals underground, and others who attempted to escape.”

This, I might add, is very different from the article in the New York Slimes (oh, sorry, typo. Not.) in which unnamed “sources” say that the IDF is weary, wants a ceasefire, and is out of vital equipment. In response to this blatant lie, well-known reporter Ron Ben Yishai decided to go down to Gaza and actually speak to the forces there. He came back with the following accurate report for Ynet, which is a left-wing, hysterical anti-Bibi news outlet, just to put it in context. The following was published in Ynet today.

“It is clear to me from the talks I had with everyone in the IDF from the Chief of Staff and everyone beneath him, all the generals and commanders, that no one in the IDF wants a ceasefire before the capabilities of Hamas and its infrasture in Gaza are completely destroyed,” writes Yishai.

“However, because of the enormous progress that has been made, the IDF would be willing to consider a ceasefire at this point if it would mean the release of our hostages, living and dead. Senior IDF officials clearly told Netanyahu that they want an end to Hamas’ rule in the Strip and have not given up on the goal of collapsing Hamas militarily and governmentally, but the release of the abductees now comes first and there is no need to strive for the collapse of Hamas and the release of the abductees to be done at precisely the same time. Netanyahu actually accepts this position, which is in line with ‘President Biden’s proposal,’ which is originally Israel’s proposal.”

According to Yishai, there is indeed a rift between Netanyahu and the IDF senior officers and the Minister of Defense. But not because of Netanyahu’s refusal to end the war in order to free hostages, but because of three other issues.

“One is an attempt by Netanyahu and ministers in the government to place the sole responsibility for October 7 on the IDF and the intelligence community.

“The second issue is Netanyahu’s refusal to approve the implementation of an alternative governance plan for Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This plan, which talks about the creation of “humanitarian bubbles” that will be under the control of Gazan elements other than Hamas, is ready in the security establishment to be activated, but Netanyahu, due to fear of opposition from ministers in his government, does not approve of it being activated and is not prepared to bring the Palestinian Authority into partnership in what is known as ‘the day after’. [NR: Sorry, agree with Bibi].

“The third point of contention is that the Prime Minister does not back up the humanitarian measures taken by the security establishment in the cabinet and government meetings to increase American and international legitimacy for the continuation of the fighting. In closed meetings, Netanyahu approves these humanitarian measures, and gives the officers the impression that he fully understands the need to take them. But when the IDF coordinates such operations, such as allowing an electricity line to operate a water desalination and sewage plant in the area sheltering Gazan refugees, Netanyahu does not back the army when the matter is made public and often claims that he was not aware of the matter.

“It is true that IDF officials believe that a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, if there is a hostage deal, may also facilitate the achievement of a diplomatic agreement in the north with Hezbollah and the Lebanese government. In this matter, too, there is no rift between Netanyahu and the Defense Minister, the Chief of Staff and the IDF generals. They all agree on this matter.

“Regarding the claim in the NYT article about the lack of motivation among the fighters, especially among reservists – anyone who meets with fighters in the Gaza Strip or in the north sees for himself that the motivation to fight is very high.”

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3 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 3 JULY 2024”

  1. Sara Reply

    Dear Naomi,
    thank you always for your informative posts. I have to admit, I have been following closely, trying to understand Israeli politics and from what i can see, like everywhere else in the world the left is perpetually gaslighting the right. Funny, once upon a time I saw myself as a liberal but absolutely no more. I feel my logic has brought me over to the left. So I would love your take. I hear that Halevi is a bit of a scum and very much in part responsible for October 7th but has refused to step down. It feels like he has more of a left leaning? Your thoughts? It honestly is becoming confusing for me.
    I agree that Gaza has to be ridden of all tunnels and Ham ass must be gone along with potential for any control over Gaza. It’s sad that politics have come to play such a role in this war. And also from what I’ve read and listened to it seems like Israel’s higher courts do not have to have the OK of the Prime minster? Honestly, I feel Bibi has been an amazing war time leader.

  2. Laurie Reply

    Again, thank you so much Naomi for your articles.
    The way I see it is that Israel…we…are remiss in not manufacturing ALL THE ORDNANCE that we need. Then, we could say unprintable words to all our so-called allies and tell them where to go. We are the most (or one of the most) advanced technological nations on earth…… why are we relying on two faced “allies” for our supplies? We are an advanced sovereign nation…..perhaps our government needs to remove its brain from the shrink-wrap and do its adult job!

  3. Eliezer Reply

    It is clear that whilst Biden has run out of steam and is now trying to prime the boiler he is using Netanyahu by attempting to create divisions inside Israel.
    All those responsible for the failures of 7 October should be removed immediately because they are repeating the same mistakes, passing the buck and causing disunity in the country when there is a war on. In addition, those who decided that we rely on external defence equipment and ammunition should be in this category, as should the “Yihyer Besder” media
    Problem is to identify how far the rot has set in.

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