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I suppose it was inevitable. Surround a small country with homicidal maniacs who rape, murder, and kidnap her citizens and swear this is part of their religion and it’s just the beginning. Force its tiny citizen army to place their lives on the line, and then find out your so-called friends and allies are totally focused on making sure the enemy doesn’t suffer, no matter how many of your soldiers it will endanger. Have every nation in the world gang up on it and examine with a magnifying glass every move it makes to protect itself. In spite of this scrutiny, make sure they know you don’t approve of their miraculous military progress and will be taking them to court. Hold daily funerals of soldiers, and daily rallies with the parents of the kidnapped, who have been infiltrated by the same fifth column who would rather see the country burn down if they can’t get rid of a Prime Minister they don’t like.

Israelis are facing an inner turmoil which is as explosive and dangerous as anything our enemies have been able to do to us. The small, but determined Kaplan group and Brothers in Arms held a demonstration in which they attempted to invade the Prime Minister’s private residence in Jerusalem. Flaming torches were thrown at police, and policemen and border guards were hospitalized.

This is unprecedented. Their cry that it is Netanyahu who is standing in the way of a hostage agreement with Hamas is totally false. They are advocating for another Shalit deal which will free terrorist murderers. As this current war shows, it is the murderers released in the Shalit deal who are at the heart of the current terrorist attacks that have cost us thousands. Hamas wants its men back in place. It wants to continue to rule and to kill Israelis forever. The protestors either don’t care, or are so selfish they actually mean it when they say they’ll “burn the country down.”

They must be stopped. Enough. Never again. Nine million people cannot be held hostage in exchange for 132, who we have no assurance are even alive. The only solution is to defeat Hamas and rescue our hostages; to go into Rafah and destroy what is left of their evil regime.

Biden isn’t happy with Israel’s invasion plans for Rafah. He doesn’t think we can do it. I wish he and his government would butt out. They are simply holding things up. It’s time we don’t have which is worsening our social unrest.

Israel’s brilliant targeted assassination of Mohammad Reza – among the most senior terrorists connected directly to the regime in Iran ever killed –  has predictably enraged many in the Islamic world. But it has also been greeted by many in that world as a great gift. Abu Ali Express quotes Noir Abdelmalek, a former officer in the Algerian army who is in France and heads the “International Observatory for Documenting the Crimes of the Iranians” and works as a journalist. Yesterday, he wrote the following on his social media account page (over 600,000 followers):

Hamas condemned the attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus and considered the Iranian terrorists as those who died ‘martyrs’ [shahids].


What do you have to say to Hamas, you Syrians, that Iran slaughtered your children, invaded your homes, tortured you, destroyed your cities and expelled and slaughtered your men and boys through the same criminal officers who were killed in the consulate after a meeting where they planned to carry out new crimes against you?

Palestinians, what do you have to say to the Hamasniks who are now giving certificates of honor to the criminals who raped the Palestinian women in the Eliramuk refugee camp in Damascus, starved the Palestinians, abused them to death in the police stations and executed them in the field?

Gazans, what will you say to the Hamasniks who trade in your blood for the interests of Iran?

Jordanians, what will you say to them, when your homeland is now in danger due to Iranian plans and Hamas incitement that has crossed all red lines?

Hamas has become a real danger for the Palestinian issue, for the security of Arab countries, for the identity of the Sunni Muslims. It has become a tool to destroy stability in the region and is no different from Hezbollah, the Houthis, the Iraqi al-Hashd al-Shaabi and other terrorist militias of Khomeini.

Others opposing Iran’s presence and interference in the region include Dr. Jamal Nazal, a member of the Fatah leadership, who said in an interview with the Al-Arabiya network:

Hamas is trying to mobilize the Jordanian street against the Jordanian government. This is the story of the Muslim Brotherhood movement, the extreme Salafi movement to which Hamas belongs. They see that their presence in Gaza is now weakening [as a result of the war] and they are now targeting Jordan. This will play into the hands of Israel, which wants the Palestinians to immigrate to Jordan.

Iran does not want to jeopardize its interests and therefore decided to fight Israel until the last drop of Arab blood. Our blood to them is like water. The same is true in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. There are Iranian holdings in the West Bank, such as in Tulkaram. The Iranian fingerprints in the Palestinian arena are devastating. The Palestinians cannot bear this interference in their affairs.

Iran has vowed revenge against Israel. But when you say you are targeting us for annihilation, what more can you do? So it’s yadayadayada. By tradition, this Friday will be the annual Jerusalem rally and anti-Jewish hate-fest in Teheran. It will also be the funerals of the dead Iranians from the Syrian attack. I say, why not give them a few more “martyrs” while they are at it to mark their special day? In for a dime, in for a dollar.

And as far as the pearl-clutching over the “illegality” of targeting the Embassy of Iran, the Ayatollah regime has had no qualms about invading the US embassy in Iran, the British embassy in Iran and the Saudi embassy in Iran. And let’s not forget the 1992 suicide bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires by the Iranian client Hezbollah terrorist organization that killed 29 civilians, including two Israelis, and injured 242 additional civilians. The embassy building collapsed, as did a nearby Catholic church, a school and an apartment building across the street. Most of the casualties were Argentine civilians, mainly children from the school.

And the Iranian bombing of the AMIA Jewish Center in Buenos Aires two years later, in which 85 people were killed, and the Iranian car bomb that exploded outside the Israeli Embassy in London eight days later.

I’d say the Iranians should shut up now.

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5 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 3 APRIL 2024”

  1. Pat Barylow Reply

    No Muslim nation wants the Palestinians. They don’t know how to live peacefully. They are barbarian renegades that should live on an island ny themselves

  2. Sara Reply

    There is a Jimmy Buffet song. with lyrics..”Trying to make a point of protection of the innocent but none of them can be found.” Truer lyrics have not been written. Israel is learning a hard lesson, one we all have to learn in life and that is we have to love ourselves first and foremost. This war has been going on so long with Israel trying to keep positive relations with its Western allies? People who, as you express so well, seem more concerned with the welfare of the enemy? Let me just say, however, there are many many people very pro-Israel and we are all sending our prayers of strength and victory. And so true what you write about Israel being under a magnifying glass. I say Israel must strengthen its self esteem and do what needs to get done- get Rafah de-Hamasified, whatever it takes…And maybe the existing prisoners can be squeezed like sausages for information on the whereabouts of the Hostages. If these Palestinians were so great why are they all complicit in hiding hostages. The longer this goes on, the more unsettled people become…I feel for you Naomi and agree with everything you write and share. Prayers for the return of the hostages and the elimination of Hamas

  3. Cathy Reply

    Thank you, Naomi – you always speak for me. And Ellen, your prayers are stronger than our enemies. Please keep praying.

  4. Ellen Calderon Reply

    So sorry our American president and government is getting in your country’s way in this terrible war, we jews wish you well.

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