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You know, mentally I accept that the Jewish people are a tiny minority. But when you live in your own beautiful country, where everyone speaks the language of the Bible, and mostly everyone is Jewish, you tend to forget.

Yesterday, I got a reminder at just what we are up against when hundreds of network influencers from around the world – along with singers, actors and other celebrities – shared on social networks a photo of hundreds of tents in the desert with the inscription “ALL EYES ON RAFAH” and the photo received more than 42 million (!) shares on Instagram alone in less than 24 hours. The hashtag also became popular on the X network, as part of the pressure campaign on Israel to stop the operation against Hamas, with the ruling of the court in The Hague as the backdrop.

Israeli influencers were quick to respond with a counter campaign, an amazing graphic of a bloodthirsty Hamas soldier threatening a little red-headed baby in a diaper with the words: “WHERE WERE YOUR EYES ON OCTOBER 7?” It was created by Amit Deri’s “Diploact” organization.

But while hundred of thousands of Israel’s friends shared the photo, including Defense Minister Gallant, by the afternoon the pro-Israel post was removed completely when the page of its creator, Benjamin Giarmon, was blocked. “Instagram blocked my page and the story was deleted. I don’t know why, I didn’t do anything,” Giarmon told Ynet.

Forty-two million against a few hundred thousand. It doesn’t matter who’s right.

Luckily, we are here and they are there. The speed with which our amazing IDF has conquered the entire Philadephi Corridor, making any attempt of Hamas to have its weapons replenished through Egypt impossible, is truly astonishing.

According to Yoav Zeyton and Einav Halavi writing in Ynet, 23 days after the start of the operation in Rafah, the IDF has completed full operational control of the axis between Egypt and Gaza – except for a very small part near the coast and the Tel-e-Sultan area which is controlled from afar by our forces. Twenty tunnels were located as well as 82 shafts near the border, which will be explored and destroyed later. All of it is now in Israel’s hands, which the army says will cut the supply of oxygen from Sinai to Hamas.

In addition, our forces located dozens of rockets ready to be launched into Israeli territory in launch pits and in temporary structures that were deliberately placed there – within 10 to 40 meters of the fence – because Hamas knew that the IDF would not attack the border itself. Some of these launchers were activated on 7 October.

The grip on the Philadelphia axis is expected to remain in the hands of the IDF as a land asset, perhaps as political leverage on Hamas to continue negotiations for the hostage deal.

“We operated in the Rafah region according to an orderly plan and with freedom of action,” the IDF says, “and we came to operational control with an advantage over Hamas and this is a significant achievement. Hamas lost an important asset.”

But Israel has paid a heartbreaking price for this important victory. Yesterday three fighters were killed when two explosive devices were set off in a building between a school and a mosque in Dahaniya. We lost Amir Galilov, Ido Appel and Uri Bar Or. May their memories be a blessing. Our children.

Yesterday too, the IDF bombed Hamas terrorist Salama Bracha, who held the rank of Brigadier General and was director of supplies and equipment of the Gaza Police in Khan Yunis, where 70 rockets were launched at Israel before this operation. Led by Division 162, many captured shafts and houses operated by the local Hamas battalions were destroyed. Bracha’s brother was a senior in the Az ad-Din al-Qassam battalions, the military arm of Hamas, and was eliminated in 2018. What a family!

In an operation in the Sabra neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip yesterday, 10 terrorists were eliminated by the forces of Division 99.

Meanwhile, the Palestinians are reporting heavy clashes and exchanges of fire between terrorists and IDF forces in Rafah, in the areas of Tal Zoerov, the Yavne refugee camp and the Al-Tanor neighborhood.

Chief of Staff Major General Herzi Halevi held a situation assessment and tour of the Rafah region this evening. At its conclusion, he said: “We will deepen the achievement and bring Hamas to very low places. You are making progress, there are very high achievements here.”

They have the slogans, the crazies, the violent demonstrators destroying Western cities. We have the boots on the ground in Rafah, the determination, and the moral right.

May God grant us victory over these beasts soon. May He protect our soldiers.

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 29 MAY 2024”

  1. Wes Hagglov Reply

    Naomi…your reporting as usual is phenomenal…what I really like is your take through the eyes of a woman who is a warrior…with just the right amount of compassion but not willing to sugar coat anything…with your reporting, those of us who are not in Israel really depend on your take…thank you for speaking from the heart…a motherbear, don’t mess with my country or my kids…

    PS What is a ‘Pingback’? Is someone piggybacking into your site?

  2. Leonard Heitin Reply

    I read every word Naomi writes daily. I am just curious how she can report such detail daily. Where is her info coming from?

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Oh please do share that picture–if you mean the one that asks…where were your eyes on October 7. I very much want it to share it. Naomi–can you share it tomorrow? Thank you!

  3. Perry Birman Reply

    This what Biden, complicit with the filthy Egyptians in wanting to avoid exposing the tunnels from Gaza, and his imbecilic court Jew, Blinken, wanted to stop Israel from achieving.
    A pox on all of them!
    Am Yisrael Chai!

    • Brenda Matsumura Reply

      You are so right. Egyptians have gone so far as to threaten Israel with tearing up their peace treaty. And spot on with your name for Blinken. I have some of my own, but they’ve been replaced with yours! He and his subpar guitar playing, stood in Ukraine and said “. Israel get out of Gaza”!. He fancies himself as something he clearly is not. Look no further than the entire American Administration to see a thorough clown show, while so many lives are at stake daily. He is, indeed, an imbecilic court Jew. The rest are just imbeciles, playing games where we need honest analysts, negotiators and representatives. Not going to happen with the Biden Bunch. Praying for The Peace of Jerusalem and that victory for Israel comes soon. May the abducted be found alive! And HAMAS Be erased along with their cronies.

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