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Gaza War Diary: 29 FEBRUARY 2024

You know, when I see the Gazans clutching bags of donated flour like girlfriends, it doesn’t break my heart. The fact that they are hungry seems to be simply justice, considering what they did in only a few hours on October 7 to sabotage Israel’s food supply.

Gaza Reaps What it Sows

As WSJ reporter Rebecca Sugar wrote on February 26: “Terrorists targeted farmland, livestock, plants and infrastructure as they made their way across the western Negev, which produces roughly 70% of the country’s vegetables, 20% of its fruit and 6% of its milk. “The attack was designed to intentionally destroy agricultural production, but more than that, it was meant to destroy the identity of the region, to break the community.

“Hamas terrorists damaged greenhouses and barns, many beyond repair. They slashed crop nets and flooded orchards. They burned irrigation pipes and shot at fertigation systems. They destroyed the filtration system for the local reservoir. Soil compaction and pollution from Israeli tanks brought in to expel the terrorists has also damaged roughly 10% of the area’s land.

“Foreign nationals from countries such as Thailand, Nepal and Tanzania who worked the farms returned to their native countries after the attacks, leaving many crops unharvested. Israel’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development anticipates this year’s tomato harvest will be about 30% of its normal yield nationwide. Known for producing some of the world’s sweetest tomatoes, Israel is now importing them. Lettuce and onion shortages are expected, and up to 20% of strawberry fields were abandoned. Estimates of income losses and infrastructure damage total more than $500 million.”

Danielle Abraham, executive director of Volcani International Partnerships, a nongovernmental organization that addresses global hunger using Israeli technological innovation, calls it “agricultural terrorism.”

Insurance doesn’t cover damages from acts of war. Moran Freibach is the agricultural manager of Nahal Oz, a kibbutz in the Negev. There, Hamas broke or stole much of his farm equipment for which he has received only about$ 12,400. The new tractors he bought on credit cost nearly $100,000. He took the financial risk, he said, because he wants to save the farm.

Ms. Abraham is trying to complete an inventory of destroyed and stolen farm machinery, but she doesn’t expect the government to finance it all. To that end, she has opened an NGO called “Regrow” whose aim is to help these devastated farming communities, and in so doing, help Israel to regain its food supply, and reestablish farming communities in the Negev.

For more information, click here.

More Palestinian Lies

Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was talking about how much I hate liars? And here I am today with this information: The Hamas “Ministry of Health” announces that Israel has “massacred” Gazans on the beach. The Palestinian Authority says, yes, of course, 70 dead. Then Al Jazeerah writes, no 57. Then later the number goes up to 105 and still climbing. I have no idea how many are dead and injured, but one thing I can tell you for sure: it wasn’t Israel. Videos showing thousands of Gazans attacking aid trucks and massive gunfire against them by Hamas might have a little to do with these deaths, however many there are.

Above: Gazans surrounding and attacking aid trucks

But why not blame Israel? Hey, it will play in Peoria, garnering international support for pressuring Israel into a ceasefire.

Palestinians know very well that Haniyeh has rejected ceasefire after ceasefire proposal from Israel for the return of our hostages. Hamas doesn’t want a deal, where they actually give up something, even if it’s a woman they stole and have raped and imprisoned against her will. They want to keep raping her, and get a ceasefire for nothing. They hope Israelis will just go away and let them go on torturing dozens of her kidnapped citizens.

It’s a cynical plan dependent upon useful idiots like the delusional soldier Aaron Bushnell as well as those who have mistaken his insanity for saintliness. Hamas is focussed on coming up with enough “heartbreaking” phony photos to distribute worldwide to mount American and British pressure.

Listen, I have a great idea for Hamas. Since the Palestinians are now at pains to argue that Mr. Bushnell, who left behind a cat and a refrigerator full of root beers, was sincerely brokehearted over plight of the “poor Palestinians,” I’d like to suggest the following: Why not urge Palestinian leaders responsible for all this to show equal heartbreak by following Bushnell’s saintly example? After all, if a man who grew up believing in Jesus can self-immolate for Muslims, how can Muslims who believe in Mohammed do any less ? Hey Haniyeh, are you listening? Be a hero, and take Sinwar with you. I’ll even donate a flammable liquid and a brand new lighter to the “cause!”

The latest attempt to help the poor Gazans without releasing our kidnapped, includes the ludicrous and laughable attempts of Jordan and Eygpt to drop supplies to the cut-off north by parachuting it out of planes. Such a noble idea, except the winds of God took the boxes out to sea, or to land in areas controlled by the IDF, or into Israel itself, altough a few lucky Gazans did manage to hit the jackpot. Thanks Jordan, Eygpt! I hope the stuff you sent has rabbinical certification. We’ll make good use of it, especially our farmers in the Negev.

And I’ll end with this, which has got to become a regular feature of my column: Biggest liar of the day. And today the award goes to the mayor of Deir al Balah who complained that the IDF has destroyed the city’s wells and sewer system and now the municipality can’t supply services to half a million refugees.

How sad! Except that the IDF hasn’t yet reached Deir al Balah.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 29 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. KD

    “The Nazis entered this war under the rather childish delusion that they were going to bomb everybody else, and nobody was going to bomb them.

    At Rotterdam, and London, Warsaw, and half a hundred other places, they put that rather naive theory into operation.

    They sowed the wind, and now they are going to reap the whirlwind.”

  2. דוב קרבי dov kravi

    There are not only rumors of war in Israel! There is also good news! is that soon its technologies will be able to be used by all of humanity:
    1. Tel Aviv University is developing a nasal vaccine that will protect people against Alzheimer’s disease and stroke.
    2. The Technion, Institute of Technology (Haifa), has developed a simple blood test that can detect different types of cancer.
    3. The Ichlov Center (Tel Aviv) has isolated a protein that makes colonoscopy useless for detecting colon cancer, with a simple blood test. Colon cancer kills around 500,000 people per year.
    4. Acne doesn’t kill anyone, but it causes anxiety and dissatisfaction in adolescents. The Curlight Laboratory has created a remedy by emitting high-intensity UV rays, which kills the bacteria that cause acne without generating additional complications.
    5. The Given imaging laboratory has developed a tiny camera in the form of swallowed pills and transmits thousands of photos of the digestive tract. These high quality photos (2 per second for 8 hours) can detect polyps, cancers and sources of bleeding. The photos are sent to a chip which stores them and sends them to a computer. At the end of the process, the chamber is eliminated through the rectum.
    6. The Hebrew University (Jerusalem) has developed an electrical neurostimulator (batteries) that is implanted in the chest of patients with Parkinson’s disease, similar to the cardiac pacemaker. The emissions from this device block the nerve signals that cause tremors.
    7. The simple smell of a patient’s breath can detect if a patient has lung cancer. The Russell Berrie Institute for Nanotechnology has created sensors that can detect and record 42 biological markers that indicate the presence of lung cancer without requiring a biopsy.
    8. Catheterization can be waived in many cases. Endopat is a device placed between the indicator fingers, which allows you to measure the condition of the arteries and predict the possibility of a heart attack in the next 7 years.
    9. Bar Ilan University is studying a new drug that fights viruses through the bloodstream. It’s called Vecoy Trap, because it tricks a virus into self-destructing. Very useful to fight against hepatitis, and in the future AIDS and Ebola.
    10. Israeli scientists at Hadassah Medical Center (Jerusalem) may have discovered the first cure for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, known as Lou Gehring’s disease, in an Orthodox rabbi. Stephen Hawking, a famous British scientist, suffered from this disease and used methods invented by Israeli scientists to communicate.
    The world is not just experiencing bad news. Information like this is what is missing and needs to be disclosed and shared!

    • דוב קרבי dov kravi

      Of course, BDS anti-Semites are exempt from using these medical advances.

  3. David Bornstein

    50, 100, 200 dead in Fakestinian aid suicide rush? Really, WHO CARES? At least 80% of them supported Hamas on October 7. No loss.
    Israel is always so good about letting them know about an imminent raid, phone calls, roof tapping etc., why not a mass leaflet drop demanding surrender and release of the hostages? Inform the public that Hamas is killing them all. Maybe a popular uprising will happen which can only be to Israel’s advantage. Use it as an opportunity to slam Iran as the ultimate killer of fakestinians!!
    Some smart hasbara is required immediately! Especially for the foreign media and governments. Israel needs to immediately demand a surrender and release of hostages to prevent more Hamas caused civilian deaths. It is time to copy (May his name be cursed) Goebbels, repeat the same thing over and over until everyone believes it is the truth, which of course in this case it is!
    The mantra that EVERYTHING in the Gaza Strip is Hamas cause/fault!! Every bomb, every bullet every missile, every death.

  4. Ellen S Poor

    After all, if a man who grew up believing in Jesus can self-immolate for Muslims, how can Muslims who believe in Mohammed do any less ? Hey Haniyeh, are you listening? Be a hero, and take Sinwar with you. I’ll even donate a flammable liquid and a brand new lighter to the “cause!”

    Thanks for giving me something to chuckle about today!

    I’m enjoying your daily writings very much.

  5. golda

    yours is the ONLY true reporting of what is going on with these disgusting events.
    I no longer listen to news reports.
    Everyone in the world is being led to.
    since when has goodness, truth and decency been trumped by murderous terrorist
    raping / attacking, not military bases or personnel, but the weakest of our society’s people;
    women, children, babies, the elderly.
    it seems the entire world has gone crazy
    you must be sick to your stomach 24/7
    keep up the good work

  6. Ryan Keogh

    I have a little joke: Haniyeh and Sinwar are standing on top of a mosque in Gaza. Sinwar tells Haniyeh he wants to do something to cheer up the people of Gaza. Haniyeh says, “Why don’t you just jump?” (Taken from a German anti-Hitler joke).

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