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Gaza War Diary: 29-30 DECEMBER 2023

Things the average person doesn’t understand about the war against Hamas in Gaza:

Hamas terrorists don’t wear identifying uniforms. They flow in and out of hospitals, schools, apartment buildings in civilian clothes. Attack. Retreat to hide behind civilians. So when you hear, as we did the other day, about the IDF entering a school in Gaza and forcing all the men present to take off their clothes and be interrogated, that is the reason.  One hundred and eighty-eight Hamas terrorists were found among them. Our alternative is to bomb the school and kill everyone. Which would the bleeding hearts in the West prefer?

There are no innocents in Gaza. Mia Schem, who was held hostage by Hamas for over fifty days, gave an interview yesterday on Arutz 12. I didn’t see the interview, which was broadcast on Friday night, but I have subsequently seen published portions. In it Mia describes being held in a family apartment with a wife and children. The wife starved her. The children came in often to taunt her with food then disappear. The husband often abused her verbally. She thinks she wasn’t raped only because the wife was too close by. The woman, Mia says, watched her husband like a hawk, and looked at Mia with eyes filled with pure evil. Mia’s arm, injured during her escape from the Nova massacre by a short range shooting by a Hamas terrorist who set the car she was in on fire, was only treated after three days tied to a hospital bed in Gaza. Then she was operated on without anesthesia by a VETERINARIAN WHO TOLD HER SHE WAS GOING TO DIE. “There are no innocents in Gaza. They are all part of Hamas,” she told the interviewers. I believe her.

Israel has captured truckloads of weapons from Gaza, worth multi-millions. What is going to happen to this stuff? An army spokesman explained that it has all been taken back to Israel and is being studied to see if they are workable weapons, or boobytrapped bombs. Also, they are being swabbed for DNA. Israel is garnering a great deal of intelligence on the quality, type, and use of Hamas weaponry. In addition, Israel has captured 12 million shekels in CASH stored in suitcases around Gaza. Add to this truckloads and truckloads of intelligence taken from Hamas headquarters, computers, safe houses. All this is also being analyzed. I have another grandson who is involved in that and he is working full-time.

Cash is a vital subject. Who is responsible for the creation of the worst, most murderous terrorist state in the world? Who gave Hamas billions to build the tunnels? Where did they get the concrete? Where did the weapons come from?

Well, the answer to the first question is everyone. Anyone who every donated a dime to “the poor Palestinians” in Gaza is responsible. That includes the EU, the US, France, England, Qatar (who is now portraying itself as a vital “negotiator” who wants to come to a “peaceful ceasefire” for the “poor Palestinians.” Dozens of NGO’s, many of them German. And of course the United Nations through that Hamas-supporting proxy UNWRA whose facilities in Gaza have been found to be covers for terror tunnels and weapons depots. Not to mention an UNWRA teacher who was guarding an Israeli hostage! Israel has now said it is not granting visas automatically to UN employees. Wonder why…

The concrete came from Israel. Turns out, Hamas used the good concrete to build the tunnels, and the cheaper concrete for civilian housing, which collapsed like a stack of cards if an Israeli bomb even passed by. Yes. Israel. I know. Heartbreaking. We gave them water, electricity, concrete, and operated on Sinwar to remove a brain tumor. We all need to have our heads examined. Everything you do for the Palestinians is simply aiding terror and hatred. Is that an extreme statement? No, it’s reality. If you have a strong argument with proof against that, I’d like to hear it. Otherwise, shut up. And stop helping them—with money, goods, services, propaganda, humanitarian programs Everything you did armed them and gave them the ability to commit atrocities.

When you hear the battle between Israel and Hamas is not even, because look how many Gazan civilians were killed in the war, versus how many Israelis, we say this: 11,000 Hamas rockets rained down on Israel during this war. 11,000!!!!! That there weren’t major casualties among Israeli civilians is because Israel invested billions to provide for the Iron Dome and made sure there are shelters everywhere. Hamas, on the other hand, said quite clearly when asked why it didn’t build shelters for its civilians considering it planned to start a war with Israel, instead investing everything in terror tunnels to protect Hamas terrorists, that: “it was the UN’s responsibility to take care of Gazan civilians.” You see?

That’s what the UN has achieved. That and promoting terrorist educational facilities that have left Gaza with no innocents. Whose fault is it Mia Schem didn’t even come across a little kid not filled with hatred? Please note, a book I wrote about a Hamas terrorist kidnapping called “The Covenant” even has a scene in which a kidnapped Israeli is held by a family and the children torture him. This was years ago, but it was clear to me even then who these people are.

No wonder not a single Arab country will take them in! But I still think the plan for them to emigrate to countries that support Hamas is the best one. Let them go to Iran, and Turkey, and Qatar. They are not staying in Gaza. Let them get that through their heads. Not happening. The plan to turn Gaza over to the PLO, sorry Palestinian Authority, another terrorist organization that Israel is now dismantling village by village in Tul Karem, Jenin, Hebron, etc. etc. etc. is not going to be imported into Gaza after we sacrificed so many of our precious sons to root out Palestinian murderers from our borders. Let Iran use them. They are good at all the things Iran needs: sexual assaults and mutilations of women and girls.

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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 29-30 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. C. Schick

    I agree with every word. My heart is in Israel. Please know that you are strongly supported by many (I hope a vast majority) Americans. I share your posts on FB almost every day.

  2. George Austin

    It sounds so trite to simply say thank you for enlightening me on what’s happening in Israel.

    I read what you say and feel disturbed by the trauma that Israel has had to endure for so long. Even as a long-time supporter of Israel’s right to exist (and I firmly believe in her major role in the future glorious plan of Hashem) I recognize that it’s easy to sit here in America in the safety of our homes while your people suffer…not only physically but emotionally.

    All I can say is, “be encouraged”. I know many individuals and organizations here – gentiles like myself – who fully support Israel every chance we get.


    George Austin

  3. David Bornstein

    Would be nice if some really vicious pandemic broke out amongst the displaced mobs down there. Winter, rainy and a pandemic. How biblical, how apt!
    Would make Tsahal’s job a lot easier also.

  4. Ryan Keogh

    I agree with what you say. Today I finished reading a book by Elan Journo called what Justice Demands: America and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. It’s sad how this war came to be.

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