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The scenario is familiar. Terrorists drive a jeep filled with ammunition inside the campsite of so-called “innocent civilians.” The IDF targets the terrorists, and the jeep explodes into a fireball, which spreads, burning down tents, and injuring those inside. Voices in Arabic caught on tape ask if missiles are being fired, confirming Hamas had missiles stored on site too.

What followed was predictable: The world erupting in the condemnations it so carefully hoards for use against the Jewish State, claiming the casualties were caused by “indiscriminate Israeli bombing of a safe area, filled with women and children.”

Except the attack wasn’t indiscriminate, and it was a kilometer and a half removed from the refugee “safe zone, “ in an area the IDF warned refugees was an active war zone.

But don’t let the truth interfere with the latest Hamas publicity stunt to stop the war. Macron, that two-faced idiot, is “shocked,” demanding Israel obey the international court’s call for a ceasefire.

German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says: “International humanitarian laws apply to everyone,” but refers her remarks only to Israel (what, no German demand to release Jewish hostages? Ah, Germany. How we thought you’d changed. Apparently not.)

Great Britain’s Angela Rayner says Labour will recognize Palestinian State if it is elected.

Hamas’ famous “Ministry of Health,” distinguished by its well-known reliability and adherence to truth, raises the number of dead and injured by the hour, magically transforming them into women and children. The number is now 46 dead, but they’ve only got 25 names to give Al Jazeerah. Hamas films funerals of children, but someone captures a video of what happens when an air raid siren sounds and those carrying the corpse run off – along with the corpse!

I’m sorry my Prime Minister felt the need to apologize and call it a “tragic accident.”

In the midst of a war, a successful military operation taking out terrorists who had multiple life sentences hanging over their heads for murdering Israelis, including a mother of nine shot numerous times in her car, is not to be deemed in any way “tragic.” And although this military operation may have had unseen consequences, it’s not to be regretted, at least not by us.

When you go into another country and burn and rape and murder and kidnap, you must expect your own citizens to find themselves similarly treated especially if you ignore warnings and decide to pitch your tent in a war zone instead of a safe zone. Israel has in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM RECIPROCATED IN KIND TO 7 October by deliberately seeking out civilians to kill, maim, and torture, which, let me just say, would be the normal and expected behavior of every other country on earth. If these civilian deaths are to be regretted, it must be Hamas that does the regretting, for they are the ones responsible.

I am happy to report that this latest ruse has not worked. As I write this, for the first time in the war, IDF tanks that had been stationed on the periphery of Rafah have moved to its center. I hope the battle is won quickly, and that our soldiers return to their families safe and sound after having rescued our hostages.

So do your best, idiots. Condemn us, boycott us, issue fake court indictments to arrest our brave soldiers and leaders. We are going to destroy Hamas before it destroys Israel And as for those mourning Israel’s growing “isolation,” I say this: Given the immoral, lawless and disgusting state of the world, I am happy as a Jew and an Israeli to be disconnected.

עם לבדו ישכון – A nation that dwells apart. This is our fate, and it is a blessing.

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 28 MAY 2024”

  1. John Norvill Reply

    Another brilliant piece of work. It is so helpful knowing the reality of what happened. Go Israel. Here in New Zealand I display the Israeli flag and have done since October.

  2. Sara Reply

    I knew it had to be some sort of twisted storyline re the fire! I thought Hamas probably set it themselves so they could blame Israel and continue to blacken its reputation. I felt lifted today as I watched Nikki Haley speak in Sderot. Here is the link. I love that she described how the non hamas palestidiots came in to loot the homes of the murdered. The media is so darn biased and antisemitic. I’ve decided to keep my distance from ‘friends’ lately. I’m too tired trying to justify/explain good over evil.
    Thanks always Naomi.

  3. C. Schick Reply

    Thank you every day for your war diary. I share it on FB, etc. for those who care to read the truth.

  4. Marcel Reply

    Keep up these great summaries of the situation as the world bombards israel with ultimateoms for a ceasefire that can only suit Hamas

  5. Eva Lande Reply

    I don’t excuse Macron but he’s got 8-10 million Arabs (Muslims) now in France to handle and he’s not alone as it’s suggested Europe will be Muslim before the end of this century. I’m glad I won’t see it personally.

  6. Helen Rauch-Elnekave Reply

    You are the best, Naomi! Why on earth are there so many wusses?!?!? We are fighting a war, and are not on a playground.

    • Brenda Reply

      Naomi, I, too, hated to see the P.M. apologizing for events that were not yet understood. I was puzzled by how quickly “bodies” were completely wrapped in blankets/ comforters that were not burned, charred or even appeared wet and thrown haphazardly into the back of a van. We saw this same strange behavior around Al Shifa months ago. I always say ” just wait until the truth comes out. If Israel did something in error, it is admitted.’ As it turns out once again, HAMAS is to blame. Who decides to camp around an UNWRA Bldg.? I saw a wide shot today that was empty but for the fire remains. I also saw the Propaganda film showing an arm reaching from beneath the ground, out and grabbing the leg of an IDF soldier. It was as creepy as any scene from a horror film. I back the Jewish State, whether you want me or not. I hope you do, as there are so many of us that may have small outreach, but we are loud and vocal, esp.on Social media. No one I know and many only through web pages where views widely diverge, would wonder what side i stand with. And there are pretty clearly “,sides”, with or against. I cannot fault anyone who would say, ” we’ll go it alone” as it has to feel that the world is against the Jews and people of Israel and the IDF. But many, many (millions and millions) that do not buy into the anti Israel bias. And bias is putting it mildly. It is beyond shameful and stunning. Thank you as always, for sharing facts, but also deep feelings. Brenda.

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