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Gaza War Diary: 28 MARCH 2024

The problem with social media is that anyone is entitled to publish his or her own stupid opinion. In the fast moving Hamas propaganda war, even when Hamas debunks one of their own lies and retracts it, it takes forever to filter down to their apparatchiks.  I’m speaking about the pregnant-woman-raped-by-the-IDF in Shifa Hospital calumny in which Hamas admitted online that the story was fabricated because it was simply scaring too many Gazans into fleeing. But if you open TikTok, there it is again. And again. And again. When I’m feeling masochistic, I go through them and debunk each one I come across. Of course, I’ve got dozens of responses. Not planning on opening them any time soon, thank you very much.

And while we are on the subject of pathological liars, journalists, and women, Abu Ali Express reports that the organization “Journalists Without Borders” says contact with the Palestinian “journalist”  (Ms.) Bayan Abu Saltan has been cut off since IDF forces entered Shifa Hospital in Gaza City on March 19. They think she might be dead. Her last post on that date stated in English that IDF forces killed her brother in front of her eyes. This tweet has so far received 11.5 million views and has become extremely popular (although the number of her followers is about one hundred thousand). But before we weep for her just yet, let’s recall some other tweets of Ms. Bayan. On October 7 Bayan celebrated the massacre in Israel by tweeting: “Happy October 7 to everyone.” Oh my, Karma… The fighting in Shifa Hospital continues, with many more terrorists about to bite the bullet. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch.

Israel’s strategy in the war against Hezbollah is apparently changing, with forceful IDF strikes in northern Lebanon, far from the southern border. Abu Ali Express points out that this seems to be achieving the psychological goal of getting the Lebanese to think they have more to lose as Israel expands the war, encouraging them to demand Hezbollah turn over their weapons to the Lebanese government. Samir Jaja, who heads the Lebanese Forces (Christian) party: “Now is the best time to demand that Hezbollah disarm and hand it over to the Lebanese army.” An important Lebanese journalist makes the same point in the Saudi newspaper Al Sharq: “If Hezbollah hands over its weapons, peace will return to southern Lebanon.” There is no question that these strikes are upsetting to the Lebanese people who are angry at Hezbollah for dragging them into a war they don’t want and don’t need.

The Gazans are nothing if not adaptable. Given the lack of monetary liquidity, prices for staples have suddenly dropped. Another factor might be that supplies are coming through the Rafah crossing in abundance, and “merchants” – afraid an Israeli invasion is imminent and will destroy their stolen supplies anyway – are willing to part with their anyway free goods for lower amounts. On a price list for sugar, oil, diapers, cigarettes, meat, chicken, flour, and rice show all are much cheaper, while fruits and vegetables are still high. If only the poor children of Sudan, who are actually starving, had so much food pouring in! Unfortunately, no one can blame the Jews for their hunger, only the Muslims. There is, therefore, zero interest anywhere in this story.

The West, in the meantime, continues to dig its own grave with its magical thinking, and lack of pragmatism. Pentagon spokesman Major General Patrick Ryder was asked about the pier being constructed in Gaza to bring in aid ships. Weren’t there potential risks to the American mission, for example Hamas endangering American crew members and launching rockets against them? His answer: “If Hamas truly does care about the Palestinian people, then again, one would hope that this international mission to deliver aid to people who need it would be able to happen unhindered.”

Say what!! Who do you think you are dealing with? Mother Theresa? Hamas is ISIS.

Atar Porat, writing in Ynet news puts it this way: “The US is gradually but consistently drifting toward hope-based and optimism-based policy, rather than being pragmatic, which raises serious concerns regarding their ability to develop realistic plans for the conflict going forward. For the United States, the optics of the situation in Gaza supersedes long-term thinking, which would put in place the conditions for improving the lot of the people in Gaza – in other words, by toppling Hamas’ rule in Gaza.”

That’s so true! If only the the West could screw its head on straight and reject the obvious and cheesy false narrative Hamas is promoting. There is no humanitarian crisis. There is a war, started, conducted, and encouraged by a terrorist organization. All the civilian casualties, food shortages, lack of shelter are the result of this war, and will not end unless Hamas surrenders and releases our hostages. No piers. No diapers. No lowering of prices on flour will do the trick, Joe! The only way to achieve real, viable humanitarian relief for the civilian population of Gaza, is to destroy Hamas and release our hostages.

And a final word about malevolent idiots in the West. The BBC. They really are Hamas’ propaganda arm. They interview a bunch of hateful Hamas supporting medical personnel in the Nassar Hospital in Gaza, which the IDF has invaded because it is harboring Hamas operatives, without bothering to check them out and see all their Jew-hating tweets, and run it as a “news” story condemning Israel on their word. Beyond disgusting.

Last night, Theresa Villiers, Tory MP for Chipping Barnet, said: “It is shocking our national broadcaster is seemingly basing its reports on the accounts of people who have praised terrorist violence against innocent Israeli citizens. The BBC purports to hold itself to high standards for the quality and impartiality of its reporting. It has fallen far short of these standards in this instance, and there needs to be a thorough investigation. Greater care needs to be taken when reporting on such divisive and emotive issues as the Gaza war.” Yah think?

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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 28 MARCH 2024”

  1. David Kaliski Reply

    I was hoping that you would reveal that “journalist” (Ms.) Bayan Abu Saltan, in fact doesn’t (or didn’t) have a brother.

  2. דוב קרבי dov kravi Reply

    “Journalists Without Borders” (in French “Reporters sans frontières”) is the organization that demanded the censorship (!!!) of one of the few television channels that describes the reality of insecurity and all the problems related to Muslim migratory invasion.
    We call them “rapporteurs without borders”, a pun on reporter/rapporteur (tattletale in English)

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  4. Sid Levine Reply

    The London based Financial Times has a new word to describe Hamas – militants.
    This is very strange since they describe the Moscow massacre last week as a terrorist attack.
    The FT has no qualms in using the terrorist description when applicable to the Moscow massacre last week. Thus the murder in cold blood of 137 people in Moscow is terrorism, but those who murdered over 1200 Israelis/Jews on the 7 October 2024 pogrom are just militants.
    Such is the misleading information published and appears to be whitewashing Hamas using the FT biased judgmental standards- of course its editor is a Lebanese UK citizen!

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