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Gaza War Diary: 28 FEBRUARY 2024

Note: If anyone out there wants to use this forum to post anti-Semitic lies taken from NGO’s like Human Rights Watch, please note, you will be struck off my list, and your despicable
posts will be removed.

There are many reasons I hate Hamas and Hamas supporters. In one word, they are Nazis. But even if that is a given, the thing I hate most about them, even within that context, is the fact that they are consummate liars.

Take the recent statement by that billionaire Nazi thief, Ismail Haniyeh, head of Hamas’ political bureau, who told a Jerusalem Conference held in Beirut via video: “Hamas has shown flexibility in negotiations for the good of the Palestinian people. The Occupation’s failed ground war in Gaza, succeeded only in killing women, children and the elderly.”

You see, they take their own failed attempt to destroy Israel by targeting women, children and the elderly, and turn it around. That was Goebbels’ trick. I find it infuriating. I also find it infuriating that he refuses to admit that Israel has killed thousands of armed Hamas terrorists. Talking about his “flexibility” in “saving Palestinians” after building terror tunnels, military command posts and weapons depots under mosques, schools, hospitals and private apartment buildings in order to maximize civilian casualties, as he continues to refuse to surrender and release Israeli hostages, takes my breath away. Liars. Outrageous liars.

But then you have the useful idiots out there who echo these lies. I saw this post on LinkedIn. Forgive me, I can’t remember the person’s name, some Ph.D. who is a climate activist and friend of Greta, who asked how Israel’s destruction of mosques in Gaza is any different from what the Nazis did on Kristallnacht! It, of course, isn’t a real question, as someone quickly answered her. The Jews of Germany, after all, did not hide weapons or build terror tunnels to be used to murder the German people in the basements of their synagogues. And then all the TikTokers who talk about the “occupation” to justify rape, murder, mutilation and kidnapping on October 7. This kind of reasoning is so reminiscent of the German fascist media’s repeated Nazi message that justified not only Kristallnacht but every atrocity they did: The Jews had it coming.

Why am I bringing this up? Because I am finding it more and more difficult to be dragged into these discussions with sane, measured, reasoning, the way the person who answered Greta’s idiot friend did. The pretense of balanced argument and reasonable debate has become so polluted with lies and hatred that it chokes me with rage. It’s a tactic, I suppose. Our enemies bury the truth so deeply beneath the obscene filth of insulting, outrageious lies that no decent person wants to sully themselves by wading into a response, which anyway seems so obvious to us that it doesn’t need to be said. But it does need to be said, and each and every one of these lies needs to be countered, however difficult and infuriating, with the truth.

George Bernard Shaw once said: “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.” There is much truth to that also. But it is also correct that if we get tired, or are afraid of getting dirty, they win. We owe it to our soldiers who are giving their lives on the battlefield to take a deep collective breath and continue to fight for the truth. It’s the very least we can do.

Whenever I open up Facebook, there is another post by Alexey Plutser- Sarno called: Album Memorial, October 7. Alexey has made it his project to honor every, single person murdered in Israel on October 7 by posting their photo. Often, I want to avoid my eyes, but I cannot. So many beautiful young women, adorable children, young soldiers, entire families. Photos taken when they were on holiday, hugging loved ones. Photos of people dressed in holiday outfits, hope shining in their eyes, big smiles on their faces.

These photos are endless, endless, and each one enters my heart like a dagger, but also like a prayer. They are no more, but they were once among us, Israelis, beautiful, strong, positive, happy, full of life. We must never forget them, and what was done to them, and to us. We must fight for some kind of justice, even if the entire world wishes to excuse, explain, deny, lie. Take a deep breath. Keep fighting for them, for us, for Israel. Thank you Alexey, for the constant reminders.

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20 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 28 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. KD

    Hi Naomi,

    I have been thinking about this situation. Apparently there are quite a few people who read your blog who have friends that have succumbed to the evil Satanic lies that we are all hearing. One cannot put up with this, of course.

    However, I know someone who has been a good friend to me over the years, and I know that deep down they have a good heart. And yet . . . I can’t bear to even speak with them right now, because of the things they have been saying about and since the casus belli on October 7th.

    What to do in this situation? Should we write such people off, or should we try to get them to change their thinking? In my experience, it has been very very difficult to do that, but it is not impossible. It can happen – sometimes.

    I put a lot of the blame on the liars in the media, who feed people a diet of endless lies and yes, I’ll use the word, “disinformation” which (intended or otherwise) has the effect of creating a brainwashed herd within our societies, who believe they are being morally “virtuous” by screaming and yelling about their “beliefs” and who expect everyone else to kowtow to them. People who do in fact have a functioning moral compass are not going to do that, and conflict inevitably ensues. Who is ultimately responsible for this internecine conflict? Who benefits from it?

    Not you, and not me, that’s for sure!

    • Daveed

      Sharron and KD,
      Those people were never actually your friends. The way they are expressing themselves to you since the war began shows that deep inside they truly hated you, and us, the whole time you thought they were your friends. True friends would listen to you.

  2. Sharron

    I so agree- I find myself feeling like I’m on an alien planet…when I hear ‘Oh the poor Gazans..the babies…and not a single mention of the murders of October 7th. Clearly these are ‘great’ folk with hobbies such as building tunnels, hiding weapons intended for murdering Jews, and of course killing and dancing in the streets, clearly that’s what ‘good’ people do? I have lost a close friend over this, as she stands in the Greta vein of leftist crazy anbd only believes the propaganda of the terrorists. It makes my blood boil…how much proof does one need and clearly..all I can sum it up to is that people believe what they want and for some reason antisemitism has become rampant. I feel like I’ve entered an alternate dark universe…

    • KD


      A lot of people appear to be quite historically ignorant. The British historian Sir Max Hastings has written several books about specific aspects of the second world war. When he wrote a book about the war in its entirety, he used as a title an expression used by many of his interviewees as they tried to describe their experience of war – “All Hell Broke Loose”

      People seem unable to grasp just what happens in wartime, despite hundreds of books having been written on the subject (and I don’t know how many movies have been made about WW2 in particular.) Don’t they realise that when there is a war, “all hell breaks loose”???

      Can’t they draw a distinction between an obvious casus belli – which will start a war – and the response to that casus belli?

      If ever there was a casus belli in the history of humankind, it was the events of October 7th. Now that the war is here, people are crying and wringing their hands about what that means.

      I can’t help but think of the words of Arthur Harris during WW2. As he stood on a rooftop in London and watched a German air raid that left much of the city in flames, he quoted from Hosea, Chapter 8: They have sown the wind. Now they will reap the whirlwind.

      If the elected governing body in Gaza didn’t want “all hell to break loose” in the form of a war, then they should not have planned and carried out such an horrific casus belli.

      But they did.


  3. Gary Davis

    Thanks for another of your thoughts, I hang out 6 days a week for your feeds.
    Though we live in Australia, I am fighting these disgusting anti semitic trolls on Newsweek and Quora, sometimes for many hours per day, as for my wife, she is a lion on a mission, she is such an amazing keyboard warrior, some of her battles with these liar, scum shits go till 2 in the morning. The way we see it, In a way the mission is to counter the lies, disinformation for the enquiring naïve people visiting these sites. Another is to throw back at them their bull crap in the most sarcastic manner. We sort of know who these trolls are, they often work in shifts and come on at particular times. We guess some work out of the Russian troll factory in St. Petersburg. Some days the arguments are all the same, as though Putin has given them their daily subject orders.
    I’m guessing Putin being stuck in this war, needed a diversion and has given his mates in Teran the go-ahead to do the most disgusting thing they can, anything, just get Ukraine off the front pages! And this possibly what set Hamas on it’s deadly attack at this time, though it didn’t help with the political crap happening in Israel at the time.
    I hope some of your readers assist in this battle online, we are so few and need as many as possible on all media platforms.

  4. Gloria Valentine

    Dearest Naomi

    You always bring me to tears with your clarity—
    Your courage and your wisdom
    You say it all for me.
    I appreciate you.

    Through painful personal experiences I’ve learned the hard truth about liars.
    I hate liars.
    You can never again trust anyone who lies.

    Goebbels knew the power behind lying.
    “Repeat the lie often enough and it becomes an accepted truth.”

    My brother, a retired rabbi mentioned
    Thomas Theorem. And Merton’s law to me.

    “Things that are believed as true are true in their consequences. “

    And we who believe in compassion, truth and justice are the victims of liars who would destroy us.

    Stay well Naomi. Be safe. … “The world hath need of thee”

  5. David Bornstein

    I say again, why is Haniyeh still polluting the planet? Political bureau, military bureau, who cares? The entire mob are genocidal murderers either in word or deed and need elimination soonest. That includes their supporters, which means the vast majority of the inhuman scum occupying Gaza and Judea /Samaria. The ONLY innocents there are the newborn and they won’t be innocents for long!!

  6. Sarah

    Your post of today really hit home. Yesterday, out of the blue, a German friend whom I have known for 40 years, messaged me to say the war was “ridiculous” and that the “humanitarian situation in Gaza was unacceptable.” Huh? No preface, just a blanket condemnation. I told her Hamas had to release the hostages and lay down their arms for the war to be over. As for “ridiculous,” what word would she use for the massacre, rapes, and kidnappings? I was stunned. I told her to never contact me again, and then I blocked her. I am shocked and appalled. The hatred has eaten through logic and relationships. We must be vigilant even with our “friends.” Yes, we must respond verbally and otherwise, with force. Thanks for lighting the way.

    • Adele

      Sarah I feel your pain. I have a childhood friend, of some 65 years now, who identifies as “Progressive”; believes Israel is apartheid; is against the “occupation” – by Israel, of course; and etc etc etc. So far, the only action I’ve taken is to restrict her status on my FB page, wherein she can only view what I deem ‘public’. However, I can still see all her posts. I guess I keep praying she’ll read/watch my shares and see the light. But soon, I feel, I will just give her up as a lost cause and block her forever ~ and not just online. 🙁

    • Karen

      I feel your pain, Sarah, and Adele too. Early on in the war, I got a message from an old friend out of the blue – we’d not been in touch for some time – no salutation, no nothing, just a bald assumption that I’d be supporting Israel killing babies… It was such a shock. I didn’t answer that message. Or the one that came months later, again out of the blue, saying, ‘so how are you, anyway?’ I mean, what the hell?!
      And then there are the ones on social media, who appear to have swallowed the Hamas propaganda hook, line and sinker. Mostly, I just mute them, but the other day, I felt compelled to write a comment on one post, only to be told to not get caught up in all the history, because it was what was happening now that mattered, and killing thousands of ‘innocents’ was unacceptable. Honestly? The history matters, actually…from recent, to the origins of the conflict in 1948, and the centuries of persecution before that.
      It’s all so exhausting.

    • KD

      I have experienced this as well. An friend of mine, who I have known for more than three decades, when confronted with the horrors of the casus belli on October 7th, immediately tried to formulate a tu quoque move, and said that the Israelis not supplying utilities (water) to their enemy in a time of war, and calling the enemy “animals” was evidence of a lack of moral sanity.

      I sent them a link to an essay by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in which she lays out how Jewish people are viewed in the enemy’s holy book. Remember the enemy’s false religion has been around since the first half of the seventh century. So that has been the enemy’s opinion of the Jewish people since that time. And they have acted accordingly.

      That didn’t even make a dent. This friend of mine is one of those people who believe that all white people live privileged lives (what a joke that is!) because of slavery (no mention of the Barbary States, or the fact that over a million white Europeans were captured and enslaved by Muslims, or that this went on for hundreds of years).

      They seem trapped in their thinking, and can only look at the world through the lens of white / oppressors and dark-skinned / oppressed. Everything goes through that lens. It’s incredibly frustrating and disappointing to find that people you have known for so long, and who have been good friends with you, have become infected with this mind poison.

      I have not seen them since. I have sent maybe four text messages, very bland, just to keep the lines of communication open. I am hoping that they can be convinced that they are wrong.

      However – the amount of effort that would go into sitting down with them and going through the whole maze of lies they have based their “thinking” on is off-putting. They have asked to meet up, but so far I have ignored that.

      One thing – if I do meet up with them, ever, then the discussion that needs to happen WILL happen, whether they want it to or not. And they will hear a few things that they have never heard before.

      Their reaction to hearing some FACTS about their beloved Gaza-ites is out of my hands. If the situation turns bad, then that really will be it. Over. The end.

      I don’t have room in my life for people who (whatever their intentions may be) perpetuate the lies of the enemy, in any way, shape or form.

      One thing I have decided – if anyone starts lying to me, about anything, ever, then they better not expect me to sit quietly and listen to their lies. They’re going to hear the truth, no matter what the consequences of that may be.

      Cancer alters your outlook on the world. I’ll tell you that for nothing. I have no time any more for people lying to my face, or trying to treat me as if I am less than them, in any way, shape or form. I have no use for such people. If they can’t handle hearing the truth and get all emotional and shocked whenever anyone disagrees with them, that’s not my problem. If they aren’t going to show a little bit of humility and mend their ways, then I’ll cut them out of my life without hesitation.

      “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” – Winston Churchill.

    • Faine Beckerman

      You go girl. I’m sure you were hurt disappointed but you were powerful in your response.

  7. Mary Lou Sinkey

    Hi Naomi. What a gift you are to me and many others. You express my exact sentiments. I’m so glad you write your diary. It helps me expose the despicable Hamas to some of my naive (and yes, stupid) friends who have no knowledge of history. I am embarrassed by them. I remind them how dangerous their opinions are. Of course they are Biden supporters. I’m from Delaware and I recognized his snarky and dishonest behavior years ago. I really despise him, a man who only serves evil. Fortunately not all my liberal friends are idiots. I love Jews!!!! They inspire me. I’m a Christian American and will defend them always. Your books also have exposed me to much. Truly wonderful reads. In fact, I’m really into female Jewish writers. Take care.

    • KD

      Hi Mary Lou,

      I know people who I would consider well-read, accomplished and well-travelled. And yet – they cannot see what is happening with “Sleepy Joe” in charge of the United States – I know one person who went off on a rant against Donald Trump, and when I pressed him on why he thought the way he did, do you know what he said to me? What his entire worldview was based on? I kid you not – he said that someone down the golf club told him that Trump had cheated on his golf scores once. From that, he swore that Trump was a fascist and was in league with Vladimir Putin, and refused to even discuss the content of Hunter Biden’s laptop. It was crazy! That’s what we’re dealing with though. The whole world’s gone crazy!

  8. Sandra

    I’m not answering these lies any more. Israel is here. They need to shut up and accept it. And Hamas and its hangers on need wiping from our earth!

  9. Sylvia Knoop

    Naomi again you are spot on !
    Hamas are such cowards ! Give the hostages back and stop using children and civililians as human shields.

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