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Gaza War Diary: 28 DECEMBER 2023

I will save the best for last.

Today, a special committee set up by the IDF to investigate the tragic accidental shooting of three hostages presented their findings. What they found was predictable. It was a tragic accident. The troops had been barraged for days by terrorists. Fighting was fierce. Visuals were poor, and so the white flag wasn’t visible by the shooters. The voices speaking Hebrew were considered by soldiers as a Hamas ruse to draw soldiers inside the building to their deaths. After two hostages were already shot, and only one remained, the IDF commander asked for the shooting to stop, but because of the noise of nearby tanks, not everyone heard the order. And so the third hostage – mistakenly considered a Hamas terrorist and a threat – was also killed.

It is heartbreaking. But as Irit Haim, the mother of one of those tragically killed, told the devastated soldiers involved: “You must do everything to protect yourselves. Don’t hesitate. Hamas is the one responsible for these deaths.”

I put the following post up as a Facebook story. I’m going to repeat it here because I feel so strongly about it:

I don’t want to be in any relationship with Hamas. Even killing them is too much of a relationship. Having to listen to them lying and moaning and taking no responsibility. They are so vile and disgusting. It’s like stepping on roaches. I just wish we had less despicable enemies.

You don’t get to choose your foes, I suppose. But Jews always seem to attract the vilest of the vile. People who really hate God and every moral code. It’s no wonder. We are on this earth to remind people that there is a moral code, and a God. For a certain type of human being, that’s extremely annoying and inconvenient.

Matti Freidman’s very accurate and provocatively titled article “The Wisdom of Hamas” published on Dec. 28 in Bari Weiss’ The Free Press, makes several astonishingly good points. First, that far from miscalculating the reaction to their vile barbarism against Jews on October 7, Hamas was entirely accurate in its assessment, and it was the rest of us that couldn’t fathom what was going on. Hamas understood the West perfectly: the Western press would be co-opted or coerced into supporting their agenda and would predictably focus on civilian casualties among Palestinians “obscuring the cause of the war, portraying Israel’s military operations as atrocities, and thus pressuring Israel to stop fighting [claiming] that this war is one of the worst in history and that responsibility lies with Israel.”

“Hamas also knew that when faced with heartbreaking images of civilian deaths, some Western leaders would eventually buckle and blame the Israelis … It took about five weeks before this happened to Emmanuel Macron of France (‘These babies, these ladies, these old people are bombed and killed. So there is no reason for that and no legitimacy’) and Canada’s Justin Trudeau (‘The world is witnessing this killing of women, of children, of babies. This has to stop.’)”

The article goes on to pinpoint the real war that is going on, the war against the Jews. And this war is taking place all over the world, not just in Gaza, as our old enemies are joined by second generation Muslim immigrants to Western countries, who have the luck to be able to parade their parents’ hatred as free speech in order to destroy the Western democracies that swallowed their “refugee” sob stories and took them in.

As the war in Gaza rages on, the war in the North with Hezbollah is just hitting its stride. Not far from me, in Haifa, alarms went off and rockets were diverted. I have no doubt the war is coming closer to me every day. I’m not afraid. I’m grateful. Israel needs to deal with all our enemies in order for our people to live in peace.

I began this article by saying I was going to save the best for last. And this is what I meant. My grandson and others in his unit have been released. They are back home. God be blessed!! We are so grateful, and hope others will soon be going home as well. Inevitably, if the West butts out, Hamas monsters will realize that there is no way out of their tunnels. It’s surrender or die.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 28 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. PAM H. Stuart-Cooley

    Hamas, are diablos grande, or big devils. It gives me great comfort to know that there is a special place in hell for these beyond evil people. All prayers go to precious Israelis, especially the IDF. Pamela Kay Cooley.

  2. Joy Margulies

    I’m so happy for you that your grandson is released! One of ours, studying in a yeshiva in Israel, wants to join!
    Shabbat shalom

  3. Jodi kaufman

    I love u unexcusable relentless truth in ur writing.i am impressed and saddened by your truths
    .. stay save and keep writing ✍️ ✨️ 🙏 ❤️

  4. Robin L Vargas


    Thank you for having vision and truth. For the last couple of decades, I have followed you. You are a light and security in knowledge without all the gibberish public media sources with. Keep up the good works! You are loved and appreciated greatly.

    In His hands

  5. David Bornstein

    It is heartbreaking that every day we hear of more fallen soldiers. Fallen to wipe inhuman organisms from the planet. You insult cockroaches comparing Hamas and their supporters to them..
    Those tunnels. I see that flooding some of them may have started. Now we are talking! Now how about adding tear gas and choking smoke down there?
    The Philadelphi corridor is going to be a major issue. Obviously most of the huge arsenal that hamas accumulated came through there. With or without the collaboration of the Egyptians? It seems incredible that that amount of weaponry could have come in without their knowledge. (Or for that matter, without the Israeli security establishment’s knowledge.)
    However, one has to ask, how could such an extensive and sophisticated tunnel network be built without it becoming obvious? So much concrete, so much precast. How were the precast sections transported without airborne/satellite revealing the activities. Where did all the excavated material go? There has to have been huge quantities of it to be disposed of. All without detection? Over 16 years? All the communications and electrical equipment? There are not that many suppliers in the world that intel on this could not be had.
    Currently, what about air to breathe down there? Power for generators? Where are those generators and why are they not being knocked out? Heat from their exhausts must be detectable, surely? Knock them out and life unground becomes immediately intolerable, even for inhuman life forms.
    Perhaps your grandson as an engineer can answer some of these immediate questions?
    Am Yisrael chai!!

  6. Ryan Keogh

    It seems Hamas was pretty smart in the regard. I’m glad your grandson is back home. Not to change the subject to less important things, but what do you think of Kanye West’s (or Ye’s) recent apology to the Jewish community?

    • Daveed

      I’ll try to reply to all your queries in the order you posed them.
      Israel has known about the tunnels for years, but not about their extent.
      The concrete was mostly imported via Israel, who believed that it was going to be used for buildings. In fact, the lower quality concrete they had was used for civilians buildings (just look at the damage!) and the higher quality concrete was saved for the tunnels.
      Much of the excavated material went into the concrete that the civilian buildings were made of. A lot of it was spread out thinly over unpopulated parts of Gaza.
      The power for the generators that pumps the air that Hamas unfortunately breaths comes from the oil that Hamas kept back from the civilians, hence only four hours of electricity a day for most of Gaza, going back years. The new oil is being sent in from Egypt, at Biden’s insistence.
      Donald Rich on Quora wrote recently: The tunnels are not 5 meters wide and 3 meters tall. They are about 1.5 meters wide and 2 meters tall. The pictures are widely available. This reduces the waste to about 1.5 million cubic meters. Much of the waste could be used to make concrete for buildings or used as fill for bomb craters. Even if all of it was spread around the Gaza Strip it would have added only 4mm in elevation.
      I don’t know about heat from the exhaust. I will point out, however, that the mid-level command that didn’t believe that soldiers watching Hamas activity clearly failed in intelligence gathering.

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