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GAZA WAR DIARY: 27 May 2024

Yes, we are definitely at war. Our soldiers – young, brave men who leave devastated families behind them – their lives as the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our precious homeland, the only refuge Jews have known in thousands of years of exile.

Yesterday, Sadar Sudaei, from Tel Aviv, 20. was killed in action in North Gaza as well as 20-year-old Betzalel Zvi Kovach, from Jerusalem, injured several days ago in Rafah. Killed last week was Gideon Dirowe, 33, a talented lawyer who left everything behind to fight for his country.

A friend eulogized Gideon as follows: “He died leading his men, professional, proud, with faith in the justice of our cause. When he sensed danger, he told his soldiers to hold back, while he himself remained, saving many lives. It was his third round of fighting in Gaza. When the war broke out he was with his pregnant wife visiting Holland. Despite many urging him to stay put, he categorically refused, saying there was no way he was going to remain on vacation when his soldiers – some of whom were about to get married, and others who left children behind – were going in to fight. In his last communication to friends he wrote: ‘The Eternal people is not afraid of a long fight.’”

May his memory, and those of Betzalel, and Sadar and all our wonderful soldiers, be blessed. In our hearts forever.

At the same time as our soldiers were dying, the IDF demolished the headquarters of the Hamas general security apparatus in Jabalia, attacked and destroyed the police station in the center of Rafah , and completely destroyed the launchers used in the recent rocket barrage toward the center of Israel, conveniently located between two mosques. How like Hamas!

The Palestinians are reporting a high number of casualties following an IDF attack in an UNRWA compound in West Rafah, near tents housing refugees.

A prominent Gazan (affiliated with Fatah) wrote this on Facebook about this attack in West Rafah: “The problem is when their seniors [of Hamas] stay in a tent among the tents of displaced people and hardworking residents… you are senior officials… and you know you are wanted. In the name of Allah, take your tent to an isolated area and away from the common people and civilians. Do not use them as a shield for you because that makes you a criminal, not a fighter. I wish you were in the place meant for you – on the front line of defense against the trouble you and your gang brought upon us.”

Fatah sources claim the attack was a result of rockets being fired from between the tents at Israel. Earlier today, Hamas-affiliated channels confirmed this, saying that a group of militants survived an Israeli attack while they were launching rockets.

If you get assailed by those wailing over Israeli’s inhumanity, please note who died in this attack: Yassin Rabia, West Bank leader of Hamas. Rabia, had been sentenced to two life sentences for murdering Jews and was deported to Gaza as part of the Shalit prisoner deal in 2011. In 2018, the Shin Bet revealed that Rabia had transferred funds to terrorist elements in the West Bank to carry out attacks.

Another terrorist killed was Khaled Nagar, a senior official in Hamas’ Judea and Samaria Headquarters, who killed Tzvi Goldstein and Shuli Har Malech, whose widow was also badly injured and is today an MK. Khaled also personally supervised the murder of Esther Galia, 48, of Kochav Hashahar, the mother of seven children, who was shot and mortally wounded by a terrorist who fired nine bullets into her car as she drove home from work in Jerusalem. She was rushed to the hospital but died from her wounds on the operating table.

Also killed in the UNWRWA compound was Khwiled Ramdan, sentenced to two life sentences for the murder of Shlomo Liebman and Harel Ben Nun in the late 1990s. Ramdam was also released in the Shalit deal…

But in the time it took for me to write 35 dead, and 20 injured, Hamas has already inflated the numbers to 45 dead – of which they claim 23 were women, children and the elderly (yeah, right) and 249 people injured. Hope this time they are not exaggerating.

Last week another twenty terrorists bit the dust, although little was reported about it. Probably because Hamas knows Rafah is a sore spot for Joe Biden, self-appointed CEO of the Hamas Rescue Committee, and that he has a magnifying glass on everything Israel does there to save its hostages and destroy Hamas. I have no doubt the Americans will be upset by the fictional numbers, and the burnt tents of the so-called civilians, who knew quite well who was living in their midst. “There is no safe place anywhere,” Gazans complain. Right. Internalize it. That’s what happens when you murder, rape and kidnap your neighbors.

But how can anyone object to the death of these foul murderers?  As for the “innocent civilians”… Did you know the bodies of the dead Israelis were found when a rug was removed in a civilian household which hid a tunnel entrance? Beneath this “civilian” home, they had dragged the bodies of our murdered kidnapped, and the “innocent” family was living over the corpses of our dead. Sorry, not sorry.

Right now, the Palestinians are reporting large fires in the neighborhoods of Yabneh and Shabura in Rafah as a result of IDF attacks and artillery fire. Glad to hear the IDF is serious.

A reader sent me an interesting suggestion about the Raisi helicopter crash, noting that with him out of the way, the coast is now clear for the Supreme Leader’s stupid son, Khamenei, Jr., to take over. Hmmm…  In his twitter account this morning, Khamenei, Jr. wrote the following words of wisdom (thank you Abu Ali Express) “The Divine promise to establish Palestine [I’m sure this is news to God – NR] from the sea to the river will be fulfilled, just as God’s promise to Moses’ mother [I’m not making this up…] was fulfilled.”  What a future for Iran! Hope the next earthquake gets them. It would be a blessing compared to being ruled by Khamenei, Jr.

A Gazan writes on Facebook:

“For 7 months ‘our guys’ and another Arab country, without mentioning names, controlled the Rafah crossing:

  • One egg was sold for 6 NIS.
  • A kilo of sugar for 80 NIS.
  • A bag of Nescafe for 5 NIS.

For two weeks, the criminal Netanyahu controls the Rafah crossing:

  • 10 eggs cost 10 NIS
  • A kilo of sugar costs 6 NIS.
  • And Nescafe – 10 bags for 10 NIS.”

Aren’t the Gazans lucky Biden is looking out for them?

In breaking news, there has been an incident at the Rafah border between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers, in which an Egyptian soldier was reportedly killed. I don’t have any other information as yet, but this isn’t good.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Yisrael Katz had this to say to Spain:

“It is forbidden for the Spanish consulate in Jerusalem to offer any consular services to West Bank Palestinians, in light of Spain’s recognition of a Palestinian state and the hateful, antisemitic sentiments expressed by its leadership.”  

This is just the beginning.

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4 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 27 May 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    There is a video over at the Geller Report showing just what the Israelis are fighting against.

  2. Sara Reply

    Naomi, I was just watching Fox news which is normally pro-Israel and they briefly interviewed a Gazan…probably Hamas? He went on about finding a woman and child in the fire, their bodies chopped up- I got so furious!! They continue, in the most grotesque manner to twist their sick murderous rhetoric on to the IDF. I, like yourself was celebrating this attack. Get them all I say. They are lying, disgusting people. Sorry, I have never in my life been like this…but I have seen what is happening, and honestly, I still can’t for the life of me understand how the world cannot see their vile modus operandi – this terrorist regime!! Grrrr…I just get so angry. I watched Naftali Bennett last night on Youtube and some of the amazing heroic stories he told of the people of Israel who rushed to help on October 7th. I truly believe Israel needs to hire a professional team of speakers and PR representatives to get the truth into the media. The media has become so twisted. Thank you again for keeping us informed. God bless the brave soldiers of the IDF and their families.

    • Karen Reply

      Sara, I feel the same way! And I have been saying the same about the PR, it’s so frustrating. I don’t understand why they haven’t done this!

  3. Elka Hellman Reply

    Dear Naomi,
    In a world of insanity, support for evil, misrepresentation of the facts and outright lies, yours is the voice of reason and rationality. I look forward to your posts every day and reading them brings me great comfort. Thank you.

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