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Gaza War Diary: 27 MARCH 2024

I was reading Mail Online, which is a British tabloid that is pretty pro- Israel most of the time, an article describing the horrific sexual and physical torture of Hamas hostage Amit Soussana, who gave personal testimony of her 55 days held in Gaza. There is video footage of Amit struggling bravely against terrorists who outnumbered her by four to one, dragging her away without mercy. I always find it instructive to see the talkbacks on such articles. Most comments by readers were sympathetic to her. But there were still over a hundred responses that justify, ignore, and deny Hamas bestiality. The excuses range from “Do we have proof?” as if videos and eyewitness testimony aren’t proof, to “Are Israeli lives are worth more than anybody else on this planet? For 1,200 people (most of which IDF slaughtered) 31,000 have died. Is this woman all that matters?” And then there is this: “This war has been going on for decades. Israel has gone into Gaza and murdered people…”

These are people in the West who have access to British newspapers. They are the ones marching for Hamas, who are refusing to condemn these atrocities. They deny. They lie. They make false moral equivalencies. I think it is not just the people of Gaza who have been brainwashed to a degree where they have sunk to the lowest moral turpitude, a degree which makes it impossible for them to repent and change. Like rabid dogs, there is no cure for people like this. Let loose upon civilization, anywhere they are, they pose a life or death threat to all those around them. Gaza is irredeemable. It is a colony of evil, where even the children are lost because their education was so poisonous from such an early age. Their lives can bring nothing good into the world.

And now the heads of this evil are pictured in Teheran, Ismail Haniyeh and the head of the Iranian butchers in his Muslim ecclesiastical robes, the leader for life of Iran, Ali Khamenei. Two walking dead men, if the world has any future.

Now Haniyeh has decided to push a pan-Islamic solidarity movement to convince the world Hamas in Gaza can still win. His words yesterday: “The situation of the ‘resistance’ is good despite the difficult campaign. This is a historic event. It is true that there is pain and suffering in Gaza, but this makes us dig deeper in the campaign. We urge the members of the [Islamic/Arab] nation to join the campaign so that their blood will mix with the blood of the Palestinian people so that we will be honored and decide this campaign in our favor.”

They are riding on the wings of hope provided by Joe Biden. Now they are convinced that all they need is to convince every Muslim in the world to radicalize and invade Israel and repeat October 7. Or maybe Great Britain. Or may the U.S. Once you feed mad dogs and open their cages, where they go and what they do is anybody’s guess.

Please remember this, when you read the numbers of dead and wounded in Gaza: this number got to where it is because they refuse to surrender. It might actually double or triple if they don’t release our hostages. Remember Japan and Pearl Harbor? The U.S. didn’t have to drop atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. All Hirohito had to do was surrender, and release American soldiers held in death camps. But the Japanese refused. They preferred to die. Did that mean that Americans should have allowed themselves to lose the war, allow their captive soldiers to starve and be beaten to death? In a war of survival, which is what this war in Israel is, it is kill or be killed. You are either on the side of Hamas, or on the side of Israel.

Joe Biden has switched sides. Hamas was delighted to welcome him. Alan Dershowitz, the Harvard trained lawyer, who says he has voted Democratic since 1960, said today that he can’t vote for them because “a vote for the Democrats is a vote against Israel.” You can thank Barack Obama for bringing the antisemitism of Rev. Wright’s church, which he attended for twenty-five years, to dominate the party that brought him to power.

The IDF spokesperson officially announced for the first time: Marwan Issa, the deputy head of the military wing of Hamas, has been eliminated. (He was eliminated a few weeks ago). Hamas refuses to acknowledge this because they are embarrassed. Ghazi Abu Tamaa, the head of Hamas’s combat and administrative assistance headquarters (who stayed in the same compound with Marwan Issa) was also eliminated. Yay!

A worker, not a resident, in Kiryat Shomna, was killed today by the direct hit of a Hezbollah rocket on a residential building. Thirty bombs were hurled at this town by Hezbollah and two other people were injured. Israeli activity in Lebanon has been equally fierce, with three Hezbollah and another seven members of Al-Jama’a al-Islamiya, a Sunni organization identified with the Muslim Brotherhood in Lebanon, killed in a targeted attack.

A terrorist was killed early this morning in Jenin, and the car he was in, apparently filled with explosives, blew up. A drone attack took out a Palestinian customs officer there, and injured nine others. Jenin is a hotbed of Hamas terrorism.

Israel has begun bombing Rafah. Videos show the destruction of houses there. At least five buildings in Rafah were attacked last night. Israel has been very careful to issue evacuation notices before bombing. Many more warnings have been sent to Rafah to evacuate. Their lives are in their own hands.

But Haniyeh won’t surrender. He’s gained a lot of weight in his five-star hotels. He will fight to the last Gazan. Coward.

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13 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 27 MARCH 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    This might be of interest to readers: I put a comment in on a YouTube video in response to a comment which asked “Why is Israel getting away with this?” (Bombing the Gaza territory.)

    Here is the response:

    Google “firebombing Tokyo 1945” and open some of the images. Then read some of the articles. This is what America did to Japan during WW2.

    Then consider this: Pearl Harbor was a casus belli. War followed. October 7th was a casus belli. War followed.

    This comment was censored by YouTube. This makes me think that it is a powerful argument. If the enemies of humanity don’t want us to say that October 7th was not just a terrorist attack, it was a casus belli, then we ought to say that at every opportunity.

  2. KD Reply
    • KD Reply

      (The above video is the award-winning documentary “With The Marines at Tarawa” which has been uploaded to the US National Archives channel.)

  3. KD Reply

    Regarding the American tactics used in the Pacific Theatre against the Japanese during World War 2:

    When it came to the bombing campaign, the Americans had tried to claim the moral high ground by developing a bomber force that, so they believed, would be able to strike legitimate military targets in Germany in daylight raids. However, the attrition rate was not sustainable. In the last week of July, the Americans launched attacks on targets in Germany and Norway in what they were calling “Blitz Week.” A total of eighty-eight of American “Flying Fortresses” were lost and almost nine hundred men were killed or MIA. Nevertheless, the Americans persisted with their daylight bombing tactics in both the European and Pacific theatres of world war two.
    In the Pacific theatre, the first American bombing raid on Tokyo under the command of Brigadier General Haywood Hansell of 21st Bomber Command took place on 24th November 1944. The planes took off from purpose-built airstrips on the Mariana islands, which lay in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, approximately 1500 miles from Tokyo. The target was the Nakajima Aircraft Company factory, which was located in the suburb of Musashino. This business employed over 40,000 people, and was producing around 1,200 aeroplane engines every month.
    The American bombers en route to Tokyo were massive Boeing Superfortress B29s, each of which weighed 137,000 lbs when ready for take-off. These planes had eleven fuel tanks and carried a total of 8,000 gallons of fuel, enough for them to fly all the way to Japan and back, along with 6,000 rounds of ammunition for the ten .50 calibre machine guns fitted to each plane, and 120 rounds for their tail cannon. Each of the B29s carried seven 500 lbs HE bombs and three 500 lb incendiary devices.
    Hansell may have been trying to stick with the program and use the Norden bombsight to hit legitimate military targets, but the military-industrial complex was now up and running, and there was a lot of money to be made. For anyone trying to create ever deadlier weapons back in the States, questions about the consequences of what they were creating were neither here nor there. There is no morality in the battlefield; none in the lab, or in the engineer’s workshop.
    Everyone born in the sixties or seventies has seen videos of American planes dropping napalm on the jungles of Vietnam. It might be assumed that this was the first time it had been used in a time of war. In fact, napalm was created during world war two by a Harvard professor called Louis Fieser who was employed as a defence researcher.
    In February 1942, Fieser discovered that gasoline could be turned into a gel by mixing it with aluminium naphthenate and aluminium palmitate. Fieser decided to call his discovery “napalm” for short. A successful test explosion was carried out on the Harvard soccer field on 4th July of that year. A delivery system was designed by Standard Oil Development Company, so that napalm could be delivered in either 100 or 500 bomb clusters. These would break apart in the air and spread out over the target area. This new incendiary weapon was called the M69.
    The Americans had pumped an incredible 3.7 billion dollars into developing the B29 bombers, and Hap Arnold, the general who had approved the project and pushed it through to completion, understood that for that amount of money, the B29 could not be just another aeroplane. 21st Bomber Command had to show the politicians in Washington that the B29 could bring the Japanese nation to its knees and force an end to the war. If taking the high road was not practicable, then there was another option – abandon high altitude daylight bombing, and use the new napalm cluster bombs to burn the Japanese cities to the ground.
    The first bombers returned from the first Tokyo raid at 7.26 p.m. on the evening of November 24th. Of the 111 bombers that had taken off earlier in the day, 23 had been forced to turn back due to mechanical problems and 88 had carried on with the attack. Only 24 of the Superfortresses had reached Tokyo and tried to drop their payloads on the Nakajima plant. The other 64 planes had been unable to see through the cloud cover over the city, so they had dropped their payloads on secondary targets. The cost of the operation had been immense. The planes themselves were the most expensive weapons ever built, it had taken over 731,000 gallons of fuel to get them to the target and back again, over 172,000 rounds of ammunition had been fired to defend the bombers against the Japanese defences, and yet, only 48 bombs had landed inside the target area. It was estimated that 99 per cent of the factory’s buildings were unharmed, and less than 2.5 per cent (one fortieth) of the machinery had been damaged. “The bombing,” Hansell conceded, “left much to be desired.”
    Hansell ordered a second attack on the same target three days later. However, thick cloud cover lay over the city, so the American bombers were forced to abandon their primary mission and attack secondary targets. The mission was a failure. On 3rd December, a third attack on the Nakajima factory was launched. Only 56 out of 88 of the Superfortresses that left the Marianas reached the target, and photos taken after the raid showed that only 1 per cent of the bombs dropped had landed within 1,000 feet of the aiming point. The combination of cloud cover and strong winds meant that the Norden bombsight was proving to be ineffective. “The results of the bombing,” stated the after-action report, “are considered to be unsatisfactory.”
    Hansell then ordered a series of attacks against the Mitsubishi premises in Nagoya, and on 27th December, the Nakajima factory in Tokyo was attacked again, in what was the final raid of the year. 21st Bomber Command had burned through over 4 million gallons of fuel and had dropped over 16,000 bombs, with negligible results. This state of affairs could not be allowed to continue, and when Brigadier General Lauris Norstad landed on Guam on 7th January, 1945, he informed Hansell that he was going to be replaced by Major General Curtis LeMay.
    LeMay had been in command of 20th Bomber Command, which had been flying missions out of China. On 9th January 1945, two days after Hansell’s employment had formally been terminated, Curtis LeMay arrived on Guam and assumed control.
    LeMay did his best to make the old system work. Four days after he took command of 21st Bomber Command, he ordered a raid on the Mitsubishi Aircraft Engine Works in Nagoya. Only 28 of the 73 planes that left the Marianas reached the target, which was obscured by an almost total coverage of low clouds. Yet another attack on the Nakajima plant in Tokyo came next, with disappointing results. Once again, the primary target was obscured by clouds, and the Japanese counter-attacks (including suicide attacks by Japanese pilots, who rammed the B29s) cost the Americans 9 out of 76 bombers, with another 32 planes damaged. The bombing philosophy that had been developed in the minds of the so-called “bomber mafia” before America joined the war, in the hope that America could construct the largest bombers ever made and use them to attack an enemy’s homeland, and at the same time remain morally superior to every other army that had ever existed throughout human history, clearly was not practicable. When Norstad recommended that LeMay change tactics and, as a trial, carry out a fire raid on Kobe, a city on the Japanese coast, LeMay did not hesitate. On 4th February, the 73rd wing and the 313th wing launched an attack which damaged or destroyed over a thousand buildings, including a Mitsubishi heavy industrial plant.
    After the raid on Kobe, LeMay went back to the policy of trying to hit specific targets on high altitude daylight raids. However, LeMay understood that if he did not succeed in his primary mission, which was to show that the Superfortresses could be used to degrade the enemy’s ability to fight on until victory was either achieved outright, or at the very least, was in sight (thereby showing that an independent Air Force was viable would be necessary in the post-war era), then he would be removed and a new commander would be brought in. So without receiving direct orders from his superiors, LeMay made the decision – he would send his Superfortresses in at night, at low altitude, to carry out a firebombing raid on Tokyo.
    On March 7th 1945, two days before the raid was scheduled to take place, LeMay issued Field Order no. 43 to his commanders on Saipan, Tinian and Guam. The 316th Bombardment Wing on Guam would take off at 5.35 p.m. on the 9th of March, with each plane carrying 10,000 lbs of incendiaries. The wings on Tinian and Saipan, with each bomber carrying 14,000 lbs of incendiaries, would take off 40 minutes later. The first planes on scene would mark the target with incendiaries that would explode on impact. The following bombers would use M69 incendiaries that were designed to open at between 2,000 and 2,500 feet. Each of these 500 lb clusters would then scatter 38 devices on the ground below. The area being targeted lay east-northeast of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. It was almost entirely residential. LeMay justified his new tactics by saying there were many home factories in the area, and that these carried out important manufacturing work, but in reality, 21st Bomber Command was about to cross the Rubicon, and LeMay knew it.
    The situation LeMay was facing is sometimes called the “dirty hands” problem. The Florentine political philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli once made the observation that any leader who insisted on doing good all the time would come to grief in the face of so many other leaders who had developed the capacity to do what was “not good.” Therefore, whenever it was necessary, and only when it was necessary, a leader had to be able to get their hands dirty. This principle, which politicians have refused to acknowledge ever since Machiavelli put the words down on paper, is most apparent during wartime. In this instance, the Americans had devoted a massive amount of resources to develop the Norden bombsight along with their heavy bombers so they could avoid doing what was “not good” and prevail against their enemies, but the reality of war had made that position untenable. After all those resources had been devoted to the creation of a fleet of heavy bombers, LeMay understood that if those bombers were going to be used in a way that would help bring about the end of the Japanese Empire, then someone would have to make the decision to follow the example of the British and issue the command to use area bombing to devastate the enemy’s homeland. The American commanders, both military and political, were reluctant to have that black mark laid against them, so Curtis LeMay stepped up.
    In the early hours of Saturday 10th March, after completing a seven hour flight across the Pacific, the first American bombers dropped their incendiaries so that the incoming aeroplanes had a visual marker to aim at as they flew over the city, and the firebombing of Tokyo began. The Japanese anti-aircraft defences were not expecting a night attack, and the American bombers faced little resistance as they dropped their payloads on the city at an average of nearly ten tons per minute. The napalm incendiaries ripped through the roofs of the Japanese buildings and set fire to everything in sight. The blazes started by the napalm incendiaries grew in size and joined together, so that the target area was soon, as one American observer put it, like a “swirling ocean of fire.”
    As it had been with Hamburg during the British bombing attack almost two years earlier, so it was now with Tokyo. The heat generated by the fire rose into the sky, creating a vacuum at street level, which sucked air in from beyond the perimeter of the fire at ever higher speeds. A firestorm had been created, with temperatures on the ground so high that fires were seen to burn at white heat. The American Superfortresses dropped over 1,600 imperial tons of bombs on the target area, mostly the new 500 lbs napalm incendiary devices. Over quarter of a million buildings were destroyed, and more than a million people, many of them civilians who were could never be said to be part of the Japanese war machine, were thereby “de-housed.” Approximately 100,000 people lost their lives during the American raid, some of them in an horrific way.
    As people ran along the streets in an attempt to escape the firestorm, the temperature was so high that their clothes and hair caught fire. Some people tried to find shelter inside large concrete buildings, such as the Futaba school. When morning came, people were found inside the school, not burned to death as those outside had been, but baked by the heat, which had been retained inside the walls of the school, as if they had taken shelter inside an oven. The school had a large swimming pool, and the people who had tried to escape from the heat by jumping into the water were found inside the empty pool the next morning. They had been boiled alive before the water eventually evaporated. The Americans had portrayed themselves as the “arsenal of democracy” at the beginning of the war, and they had transformed their industrial potential into an actual war machine that was capable of supplying the Soviets and the British, equipping their own forces, developing the nuclear bomb and building a fleet of heavy bombers that would be able to attack the Japanese homeland. All of that American ingenuity and effort reached its apogee in the early hours of 10th March 1945, when the three wings of 21st Bomber Command, flying through the darkness over Tokyo, dropped their incendiary payloads upon the city below, and re-created hell on earth.

    (Excerpt from unpublished book . . . )

  4. Brenda Matsumura Reply

    Jamal Bowman, a true idiot IMO, bolding stated this week that “there is no evidence of any criminal acts by HAMAS.”. He is a Democratic Congressman. I wish I could talk to his face. He would get an intellectual beat down. You know he believes the KKK and slavery evidence exists. How anyone could say such an ignorant thing is beyond me. It is infuriating. I’m so sick of Islam and the hatred and violence of the radical elements. Thank you for your daily commentary and truthful information. I find myself in agreement and have only been learning Middle Eastern issues for a few years. I pray for Israel every single day.

  5. KD Reply
  6. Sylvia Knoop Reply

    You know, it might be a good thing what sleepy Joe did. Actually he gave a free hand…. no more listening to nonsence, just get the job done in Rafah. NOW!
    One by one the Hamas Cowards will be killed ! Just so very worried about how many will be caught and get clothing and food, such a waste. I pray for none.
    The children, I don’t know ? After gaining knowledge some will become humans but mostly they will stay monsters.
    Unless Arab countries start saying very loudly that their thinking is wrong. Hoping but not holding my breath….
    Ofcourse when Arab countries start feeling the breath of Islamic Jihadi groups, they will turn and start calling Jews their long lost cousins, asking to be saved ! They know nothing will be left for them to continue the wonderful lifestyle in luxury as they have now.
    Would that be why they will not let Gazans go freely over the border to safety, as it will become their danger. So many borders and nobody will let them in…

  7. Ryan Reply

    Hey, I don’t agree what you say about the kids. There was the Hitler Youth, and I think many of the people in the Hitler Youth at one point turned out OK. The only thing is something like that can only be achieved under an Israeli-run Gazan government. When it comes to Hirohito, it is very weird. Before and during WW2, the Emperor of Japan was treated as if he was a God, and in theory held supreme power, but as I read it, he acted on the advice of his underlings and let them handle the running of things. Tojo convinced Hirohito that the wars were a good idea, he seemed to get pushed around by the military a lot. By 1944, the emperor did not want to speak to Tojo. When Hirohito did make the surrender announcement, the military tried to steal the tape and overthrow him, and the keep the war going. It could be the same thing in Gaza right now. People in favor of peace, and people who want to keep the war going.

    • Audrey Travis Reply

      The kids do not live in a vacuum- their parents and teachers and peers still guide them. It is fantasy thinking to imagine that these kids won’t continue to grow up with hatred of Jews in their heads. This is going to take at least two generations of re education of peace to change that society. And don’t forget that at the end of WW 2, the free world forced reeducation on Germany.

      • Ryan Reply

        That’s what I’m saying, there needs to be a reeducation in Gaza. I don’t know how that would happen, if the kids should see themselves as Israelis or Palestinians, but it needs to happen, no matter how long it takes, if it takes a hundred years. They can no longer see Israel as an enemy, but as a friend, or even as a part of it. Or they don’t have to; they don’t have to love Israel, they just have to not attack it.

      • Yihya Sinwar Reply

        All the polls show that even today, Gazans support Hamas and expect to win this war.

  8. Gig Berkowitz Reply

    Hello Naomi, I also see no sense in walking softly in Rafah. Israel’s efforts to minimize civilian casualties are we’ll known. Hamas’ efforts to use their civilian population as cover has been discussed by everyone except Biden. Let’s not stop!
    As you noted, the hate replies to your posts out number your backers. Remember, just because they’re louder, that doesn’t make them right. We have this issue in the US. And the weakness in our leaders allows their crusade to continue. I’m glad your PM pulled the visit. Blinked, et al, don’t listen anyway.

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