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The Doctors Without Borders organization has a lot to answer for. After promoting the blood libel that Dr. Fadi al-Wadiya, one of their members, was wantonly killed in a heartless attack by the IDF, photos of “poor, innocent” Docter Wadi were released showing him dressed in the uniform of a military operative of the Islamic Jihad. Meanwhile, two million people read these lies online.

Following their familiar cat and mouse game of returning to areas already cleared by the IDF, hundreds of terrorists are now holed up among civilians in Shejaiya and other eastern neighborhoods of Gaza City. The IDF, used to these tricks, is not bamboozled, and has given Gazans sheltering there a warning to evacuate, as the full force of the IDF comes down against the area. It will be rubble.

The Gazans aren’t happy about that and many other things, to put it mildly. It seems that even some of the brainwashed Hamas supporters there are beginning to question their “fearless leaders.” Yesterday, in reaction to a Tik Tok video filmed on October 7 and recently rereleased showing a Gazan in civilian clothes excitedly entering Israel along with many other Gazans, many Palestinians were less than euphoric with nostalgia. Thank you Abu Ali express.

Some of their comments:

1. “This action [the October 7 attacks – AA] cost us dearly in lives. We lost our loved ones, and no one can say otherwise. I lost loved ones, my sister’s husband, my cousin and his family, my uncle and his children, and my friends. I wish this [October 7] had never happened.”

2. “I wish that day had never occurred. Foolish planning and catastrophic results for us as a Palestinian people.”

3. “That black day… they (Israel – AA) took Gaza back and expelled our people and killed our children. May Allah avenge those who planned that day. It’s the Nakba and Naksa combined.”

4. “I wish we could praise Allah from Al-Aqsa. Victory to Gaza.”

5. “If it weren’t for American intervention and the Arab rulers, we would have regained our land.”

6. “Gaza has become occupied.”

7. “Since that day, we have been enduring torture.”

8. “A day of pain, and the people of Gaza bear its consequences. Everyone who entered the 1948 territories [Israel – AA] with a mobile phone had their number recorded, and Israel eliminated them and their surrounding family and destroyed Gaza. A very, very, very difficult day.”

9. “May Allah have mercy on his soul [referring to the person in the video who likely did not survive long – AA].”

10. “The worst day ever. You have ruined the people.”

Also from Abu Ali Express:

“Yesterday, I reported that members of the Abu Amro clan in the a-Zawayda area of central Gaza killed two members of Hamas’ military wing after Hamas operatives killed two members of the Abu Amro clan in a feud… Channels affiliated with Fatah have released a nine minute video nearly showing dozens of armed men shooting and throwing stones at Hamas operatives – it’s chaos. There is a noticeable decline in Hamas’ ability to maintain control over the central strip, at least in the a-Zawayda area. Beginning of the end?

No, Gazans are not happy campers. Take note Sinwar in your tunnel, soon to be your grave.

Israel is not kidding. It has been testing ballistic missiles with the range to hit Iran.

In Lebanon, the number of Hezbollah attacks is down 50 percent over the last few days. According the Financial Times of London, and based on satellite images, Israel has succeeded in creating a de facto buffer zone by destroying everything within 5 kilometers of the border.

The IDF describes it differently. An IDF official, when asked about the report, told the newspaper that “It is not a buffer zone. We just want to push Hezbollah back. We have no problem with UNIFIL or with Lebanese civilians living there. But we need to clear Hezbollah’s presence in the area – their militants pose a direct threat to Israeli homes through sniper fire, anti-tank missiles, border infiltrations, and other means. This is a tactical necessity to provide security for Israeli residents.”

The anti-Israel press is weeping that Israel’s strikes have rendered the area “uninhabitable.” What’s wrong with that? On the Israeli side of the border Hezbollah has rendered the towns of the north uninhabitable to thousands of Israelis now living out of hotels all over the country?

But I expect this is just a short-term solution. The long-term solution can be deduced from tonight’s graduation ceremony for new fighters. The ceremony, attended by Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Herzi Halevi and Air Force Commander Major General Tomer Bar, with the presence of Fernando Marman, who was kidnapped to the Gaza Strip and released by the IDF, graduated 36 trainees – fighter pilots, fighter navigators, helicopter pilots, transport pilots, transport navigators, and mechanics.

According to an article in Ynet, Air Force Commander Bar said during the ceremony: “We are in the midst of the longest war since the War of Independence. We have been fighting for almost nine months without pause, without rest. This is the most justified war. We went into it against our will, but we are determined and motivated. Hamas in Gaza will soon be defeated. We are prepared against Hezbollah in the north. We have the means, we have the capabilities, and we certainly have the perseverance and fighting spirit.”

Regarding the difficulty in intercepting drones in the north, he said: “The continuous defense of all our borders is demanding and challenging. We are investing in the implementation of technologies and systems from Israeli industries and in new combat methods. Day by day, we see progress in the overall response. Remember that strong defense is a condition. Attacking the enemy on his territory is the complete solution.”

But in the Samaria, another war is brewing. Despite Israel tearing up the streets of Jenin with bulldozers, the equipment failed to detect a powerful bomb which exploded under a Panther armored personnel carrier (APC) used by a medical force. While the blast only slightly hurt the soldiers inside the APC, a secondary blast targeting forces that came to rescue the wounded took the life of Cpt. Alon Sacgiu, 22, a sniper team commander in the Kfir Brigade’s Haruv reconnaissance unit, from Hadera, and wounded 14 other soldiers, one seriously.

Jenin is filled with the same murderers as Gaza. We have the Peace-Nowers and Oslo Accords to thank for that.

Palestinians are eager to push a new “famine in the Gaza Strip” narrative, but are finding it hard to come up with photos. The reason is simple: There is no famine in the Gaza Strip. On the contrary, the place is awash with aid packages. So they are using AI illustrations. You can prove anything about anyone.

Some vile, enterprising Gazans are making the most of it. I saw a fundraising video where a correctly dressed Muslim woman benevolently hands a food package to a “starving” Gazan child, only to take the food back once the TikTok cameras were turned off! Such a businesswoman…

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1 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 27 JUNE 2024”

  1. Karen Reply

    Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of one of the founders of Hamas now peace activist, who escaped from Gaza many years ago now, said in an interview recently that the only thing holding Gaza together was the collective hatred of Israel and Jews. That the population was made up of many tribes, and without that common hatred to hold them together, they would all start killing each other. And, here it is…
    The talk about having Palestinians as part of a ‘day after’ governance of Gaza without Hamas has incited Hamas to start targeting other potential leaders, obviously, but that tribal mentality and violence based way of solving ‘problems’ is a much bigger issue for their society, such as it is. If they can’t live together peacefully, how can they live alongside anyone else?

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