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Gaza War Diary: 27 FEBRUARY 2024

“Complete Victory” is the new byword among Israeli troops. But what would that look like?

According to Daniel Ben Namar, CEO and Founder of the Jewish Statesmanship Center, it would be defined by the following characteristics:

  • The complete dismantling of UNWRA.
  • Public trials of Nukhba terrorists and Hamas elites.
  • The relinquishment by Gazans of refugee status as well as the right of return.
  • Recognition that the Hamas ideology and the desire for the annihilation of the independent State of Israel is responsible for the death and destruction of Gaza.
  • Recognition of the State of Israel as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish People.
  • The complete de-Hamas-ification of Gaza and the rewriting and replacement of Gazan educational materials.
  • It is absolutely forbidden for whoever rules Gaza next to have a liberal, Western outlook, but instead needs a clear understanding of the Arab mentality, the willingness to impose law and order, as well as close cooperation with Israel, which must retain overall security control.

What did Herzl say? “If you will it, it is not a dream.”

While Joe Biden is already telling everyone who will listen (Muslim voters in Michigan?) how the war in Gaza will be over in the next few days, Prime Minister Netanyahu has stated bluntly that he has no idea where this optimisim is coming from, as Hamas hasn’t yet even responded to Israel’s proposal, which includes a six week ceasefire and   – worst of all – the release of 400 terrorist murderers to kill again, in exchange for 40 women and elderly hostages.

In the meantime, Israel is dealing with Hezbollah who fired dozens of rockets at the Galilee today, including Meron and Nahariya.

A little history lesson: In the war in Lebanon in 2006, Israel agreed to a ceasefire because the UN Security Council passed resolution 1701 which called for the cessation of all Hezbollah armed attacks, created a UNIFIL force of 15,000 troops with a mandate to take “all necessary action” to prevent hostile activities of any kind in the border between Israel and Lebanon. It calls for there be no armed groups, i.e., Hezbollah militia or Syrian and Iranian military advisors, in Lebanon, and even established a weapons embargo on Lebanese groups like the PLO, forbidding Hezbollah armed elements from returning to southern Lebanon, from the Blue Line to the Litani River.

We can all see how that worked out! This is what a UN resolution is worth. It’s still on the books. UNIFIL forces, I imagine, might still be there. But Israel was naïve to think it would mean anything.

I’ve actually written a rap song in Hebrew that goes like this:

“We wanted peace. We signed every protocol.
When we signed onto Oslo,
We got the Intifada.
When we left Lebanon,
All we got was Nasrallah.
Our agreement for Disengagement
Brought us a Holocaust from Gaza …”

I’ve got much more, but it only rhymes in Hebrew!

Any rapper out there looking for lyrics? Write me!

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 27 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. Sharron

    I could not read that entire diatribe above…I hope you remove it Naomi. My thought…October 7th was heinous. It was barbaric. It was horrific. It was unforgivable. It was horrifying. If anyone feels there is some sort of morbid excuse or justification for this type of barbarism then they are severely mentally ill. In fact, I feel all of hamas is mentally ill, their belief system is that of rabid dogs. Keep writing Naomi. Send me doubles, triples… I don’t care. I’m just grateful for your courage and informative exposes. Am Chai Israel

  2. דוב קרבי dov kravi

    Nathalie, have you pasted this long anti-Israeli indictment — from one of the most rabid (allegedly humanitarian) organizations against Israel — to make us laugh?
    Or does this mean that you share the thoughts of this cart of rubbish?

  3. דוב קרבי dov kravi

    Nathalie, avez-vous collé ce long réquisitoire anti-israélien — de l’une des organisations (prétendument humanitaire) les plus enragée contre Israël — pour nous faire rire ?
    Ou bien cela signifie-t-il que vous partagez ce tombereau d’immondices ?

  4. KD

    In the eighteenth century, the British had executed Admiral John Byng after he had been charged with “failing to do his utmost.”64 Shot to death by a squad of marines aboard the Monarch on 14th March 1757, the scene was replicated by Voltaire in his book Candide: “Talking thus they arrived at Portsmouth. The coast was lined with crowds of people, whose eyes were fixed on a fine man kneeling, with his eyes bandaged, on board on of the men of war in the harbour. Four soldiers stood opposite to this man; each of them fired three balls at his head, with all the calmness in the world; and the whole assembly went away very well satisfied.”65 When Voltaire’s character asks why the Admiral has been killed, he is told, “In this country it is found good, from time to time, to kill one Admiral to encourage the others.”66

    Duthie, Kenneth. The Road to Gomorrah: Britain’s War 1939-1943 (pp. 121-122). Kenneth Duthie. Kindle Edition.


    64. “The Execution of Admiral Byng,” History Today, accessed 27th April 2020:
    65. Voltaire, Candide (Project Gutenberg, 2006) p. 122, accessed 23rd September 2021:

    One thing that will have happened after this war is over is that any other terrorist group in the region will have seen what happened to the perpetrators of the casus belli of October 7th 2023.

    I would argue that by striking Ham-ass such a devastating blow, as a direct and immediate response to the casus belli of October 7th, the IDF are doing something that will have the same kind of effect as the execution of Admiral Byng, which was done pour encourager les autres.

    In short – one thing will have been made clear to Israel’s enemies – just try it, and see what happens. To YOU.

    So the other terrorist entities in the region will have been encouraged not to act. Because they’ll know now what they’re going to get in return: Devastation, death and a one way ticket to the burny place.

    Whatever else happens, or does not happen, that will have been achieved. (So long as the Israelis do not listen to that walking corpse in Washington, & keep going.)

    Just a thought.

  5. Isabel Ringer

    Total victory for Israel. This is a spiritual war over who will rule Israel. HaShem will always win.

  6. Ellen

    That sounds great but we know it is unlikely to happen, certainly not anytime soon.

  7. RK

    Terms sound great to me. Biden is just blowing hot air. UN has been useless since 1956.

    • Brenda Matsumura

      I personally was pleased to have the 2 days of weekend diaries. I did not receive duplicates, just 2 separate days with relevant content and perspective. I am pleased to have discovered Ms Ragen and read and learn from her.

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