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Gaza War Diary: 27 DECEMBER 2023

News that needs to be spread all over the world.

Today, in a taped conversation between an IDF officer and a resident of Gaza published by the IDF spokesperson, the distribution of food, drink, medical supplies, gas and oil being brought into Gaza by UNWRA trucks, was discussed.

“Everything is being handed over to Hamas,” the resident complains.

 “Have you tried to speak to UNRWA employees?” the officer asks.

“Sir, the employees of UNWRA are all Hamas,” the resident tells him.

This is no surprise, given what we have seen on the ground in Gaza. However, the fact that the UN is using its funds to pay salaries to Hamas terrorists to steal UN aid meant for Gaza residents unconnected to terrorism must be publicized. It’s outrageous!!! A total disgrace!!!

Today, the IDF announced it had attacked over 200 military targets in Sejarah in Gaza. A group of armed terrorists was seen running between buildings, firing at our soldiers, attempting to lure them into the area. In response, a coordinated strike took place which included aerial bombing and ground fire, killing the terrorists. A secondary explosion confirmed that the area had indeed been booby-trapped with explosives.

Two terrorists were seen in a car that entered an area known as a terrorist outpost. Directing air power from the ground, the terrorists were taken out, and the arms cache destroyed.

A member of IDF’s fighting force 401 spotted a terrorist with an anti-tank weapon prepared to fire. Directing the tank corps to his location, the terrorist was taken out and the threat removed before it caused any harm to our soldiers.

Last evening, the IDF’s naval forces spotted terrorist activity in buildings along the coast line and directed naval fire to destroy the threat to ground troops.

These are just a few examples of hundreds of events that are taking place every hour of every day between the IDF and Hamas terrorists, where coordinated activity between ground, air and naval forces are destroying terrorists and saving the lives of our troops. The IDF is brave and clever and determined and disciplined. Nevertheless, every day these constant battles take a toll on the lives of our courageous soldiers, and the lives of all the people and friends of Israel, who mourn every, single one, which is never a statistic, but a deeply felt loss of a treasured member of our family, the family of Israel. The more we win, the more our losses will grow but we have no choice.

Yesterday, the IDF announced that IDF Division 36 is now targeting the center of Gaza, the areas from which the savage, inhuman attacks went forth on October 7 to Kibbutz Beeri and other Southern Israeli communities. As Daveed Shachar wrote: “apparently, the Palestinians in their now ISIS role also thought their descent into even greater barbarity, rarely witnessed in even the most savage parts of the world, would shock Israelis into assuming some sort of collective fetal position, with hands over their ears screaming, ‘make all these demons just go away’.

“If so, Hamas sorely miscalculated. The sheer horror of their methods, and the cowardice shown by focusing on teenaged girls and children rather than the IDF, will have the exact opposite effect, both in Israel and worldwide. Israel now knows there is no living with a precivilizational Hamas. It must destroy it, permanently block off Gaza from itself…”

So true. This means that the military maneuvers described above will be taking place hour after hour between brave Israelis and the rabid animals of the Hamas forces. The head of this brutal Hamas force was killed weeks ago. Now it is time to take out the rest.

Every single enemy who falls – terrorist, terrorist supporter, or resident who took part or supported or rejoiced over the massacres – deserves to die a horrible death. May God watch over our righteous soldiers and give them the tools and the opportunities to execute the justice that no one in the world is interested in seeing done except the Jewish people. They go forth in our name, with our prayers.

As for the Houthis, they won’t be happy to hear that what they are doing instead of hurting Israel has actually given her a new business opportunity. A land corridor for the delivery of cargo between the Gulf States and Israel through Saudi Arabia and Jordan is being extended to Egypt, as alternate sea routes have come under attack during the war with Hamas in Gaza, Israeli officials said Sunday. Eilat-based Trucknet has been joined by Egyptian company WWCS to deliver goods via the overland route.

So a big thank you to these Yemenite terrorist morons!

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5 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 27 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. Karen

    Why is the IDF not making sure that the media in the USA has information like that interview with the Gaza resident? We really need to keep that information on the forefront here or the attitudes of Americans are going to continue to change for the worse. It’s already not great! It worries me that there isn’t a much stronger fight in the court of public opinion by the IDF even though it shouldn’t be necessary!

  2. Art Yevin

    From Aqaba in Jodan to Eilat in Israel then finally along the shore in the Sinai Desert to Sharm el Sheik in Egypt.

    The road is already there. I travelled on it in the 70s before the Sinai was returned
    to Egypt.

    • Eliezer Kaufman

      Did nobody tell you nobody lives in Sinai – how do you get across the Sewage (Suez) Canal – tunnel built by Hamas or a bridge!

  3. Eliezer Kaufman

    How is land route going to get from Jordan to Egypt – are they going to build a bridge?
    This is a pie in the sky project just like land bridge to Israel – has anybody worked out how many years, resources, cost etc it will take?

    • Daveed

      The maps show that the proposed route will go from Jordan straight into northern Israel. The idea was to use the new railway Israel built between Haifa and its eastern town of Beit She’an, extend it to the Jordanian border and connect to an overhauled Hejaz. From there it would cross into Saudi Arabia and end up in Dubai connecting the Mediterranean with the Persian Gulf. The regional railway network would transport cargo and tourists, providing a regional network that would include Jordan, the Palestinian Authority, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the other member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Annual trade flow through the land bridge, it was estimated, could reach $250 billion by 2030.

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