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Gaza War Diary: 26 NOVEMBER 2023

The infuriating scenario continues as Hamas leads our children, many of whom they’ve orphaned, gently by the hand for the photo op of their humanitarianism to Red Cross ambulances – that organization suddenly and inexplicably appeared on the scene after doing absolutely nothing for the last fifty days – to act as glorified taxi cabs. Thanks for nothing.

Of course we in Israel are glad to see our countrymen finally rescued from that nightmare. Who wouldn’t be? You’d need a heart of stone not to feel grateful that the Brodutch family are reunited. Residents of Kfar Aza, Avichai Brodutch went to fight the terrorists, putting his wife and three children in the shelter. When he returned, wounded, wife Hagar, Ofri (10) Yuval (9), and little Oriya were gone. What does a man do who has lost his entire family? Thank G-d they have been rescued and reunited. The Hamas penchant for kidnapping whole families and waging war against such “legitimate” targets as unarmed women, children, and the elderly, is sickening.

Yes, we are glad for the Brodutch family, and for fifteen year old Dafna Elyakim and her little sister Ela who came home to their mother, their father and his partner and stepbrother all murdered in front of their eyes. After being tortured in Auschwitz, people were grateful to have survived, but weren’t exactly dancing with joy. Still so much to process, so much to mourn, so much to heal.

It infuriates me that Hamas is handing out our people as if they somehow have some kind of ownership over them, and they can haggle over the price.

Such a contrast with the unfettered joy we experienced when soldier Ori Megidish was freed by the IDF. Then everyone was filled with joy, actually dancing in the streets, praying, and laughing. That’s not happening now.

As this punishment winds to a close, we wonder if we are going to be squeezed once with unending terrorist extortion demands as day five arrives and they dangle still more of our kidnapped in front of us? Or if the IDF is going to be unleashed and allowed to free our hostages in a way that will finally give us all something to dance in the streets about?

As for negotiating with Hamas, have I got a deal for them! What about this: You surrender completely, throw down your weapons, release every last person you kidnapped on October 7 in exchange for us not bombing you and your wives and children into dust so that you won’t need any more flour, or gas, or oil? Sound good to you? It does to me.

Friends, I am leaving for the States tomorrow morning, and will only be back in Israel on December 7. So my Gaza Diary is going to take a week or so off. I will be speaking on November 29 at the Streicker Center.

I have a zoom on November 30 at the JCC of Greater New Jersey, Wilf Family Campus and on December 3 at Temple Beth El of Boca Raton.

May we hear good news.

Let the bombing commence!

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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 26 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. Ruthie Saginur-Zaionz

    Wishing you continuing success on your trip and looking forward to your return to Israel and resuming your daily reports. I am addicted to your writing and respect your opinions greatly. Safe trip.

  2. Barbara Ellen Calderon

    Thanks for letting us know what’s happening in Israel and Gaza. Hoping to see you in boca Raton where I am now living. We met many years ago in NYC.

    • Savta Sheree

      Nisia Tova, Naomi.
      May your wishes be granted. We tribespeople in the USA, feel your pain and are disgusted with this hypocrisy.
      I also wish we could rescue them ourselves but Biden made things worse by making Israel wait and give aid and now fuel. May our enemies in the south, north, east and west be blown away. May someone like the new leader in the Netherlands lead America!

  3. golda

    we / you should all stop using the words; palestine, palestinian, occupied territories!
    Remove it from our / your vocabulary!
    it / they no longer exist!`
    any attack on Israel / or her citizens from a foreign / country( area) becomes part and parcel of Israel.
    non available for discussions, now, or in the future, by anyone, but Israel.
    no foreign country may weigh in on any discussion regarding the above unless they are willing to decapitate their proportionate infants, have their corpses raped proportionate to their population, and any actions on Israel becomes the actions on their own citizens.
    whatever property is owned, by whatever entity, is forfeited until eternity.
    its residents/ desendants banned for eternity.
    know that whatever government you chose, you will be responsible for their actions

  4. Roz Schurr

    Thank you for your updating. Just wish the news were better. I agree with your solution!!!

  5. Ryan Keogh

    Unconditional surrender sounds great to me! It was fair enough for Germany and Japan. I’d love to see the zoom meetings.

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