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Tonight, Saturday night, thousands have gathered in Tel Aviv to demand the end of the Israel government which is standing in the way of a ceasefire that will hand Hamas its victory. Just yesterday, Nasrallah, head of the terrorist organization Hezbollah, celebrated the withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon in 2000, also brought about by Israeli public protests led by the “Four Mothers.” We are our own worst enemies.

The government’s renewed expression of desire for a hostage release deal have been met by Hamas with the clear answer that Israel must first surrender.

I ask my fellow Israelis shouting in the streets tonight: Should we surrender? Should we offer our enemies who want to wipe us off the map that victory too? Should we trade the lives of many future victims, for the lives of our hostages, the way we did for Gilad Shalit? What is your answer?

Our soldiers, our 18-21 year olds, have been in Gaza for months. This is the longest war of Israel’s existence, comparable only to the War of Independence. Ten thousand soldiers have been injured, physically and mentally. Hundreds have been killed, each one an irreplaceable loss to their families and to all of us in Israel. The present service of regular army troops is comparable to the service of U.S. soldiers who fought in Mosul and Afghanistan. But U.S. servicemen were much older than our young recruits, who are doing a miraculous job, cleaning up Rafah, advancing neighborhood by neighborhood, destroying the last battalions of Hamas, its weapons, its commanders.

The world seems united to join with Hamas and prevent us from achieving this victory over terror, a terror which is coming for them next. I cannot understand why this is so. The Labor Party in Britain, which is poised to take over the government in the next elections, has thrown its support behind Iran and Hamas by backing the ICC indictment of Israel. In passing this indictment, the ICC headed by British lawyer Karim Khan apparently leaned on a panel of “advisors.” According to Melanie Phillips’ recent article, one of them was “lawyer Baroness Helena Kennedy, a longtime left-wing campaigner and honorary patron of the London-based charity, Medical Aid for Palestinians, who told told the House of Lords: ‘The current conflict between Hamas and Israel follows decades of terrible conduct, by both the IDF and Hamas, before, during and after 7 October.’”

Phillips: “So in the view of this doyenne of ‘human rights,’ Israeli soldiers who desperately tried to fight off the Hamas stormtroopers, even while they were continuing to perpetrate depraved atrocities against Israeli women, children and men, were guilty of ‘terrible conduct’ in doing so. It is hard to fathom the obscenity of such a condemnation.”

Hard indeed.

I agree with Melanie and others who have pointed out that Hamas’ genocidal attack has “actually galvanised the global attempt to destroy Israel altogether.”

All one has to do is look at the timing of Spain, Ireland, and Norway in recognizing the non-existent Palestinian State, whose only goal is to destroy the Jewish State, to steal our land, our rights, and our history and murder our people.

Spain especially has a long history of such attempts. The Spanish Expulsion and the Inquisition (which lasted hundreds of years) was equivalent to the Holocaust in terms of its cruelty. Yet, every town in Spain has managed to monetize a judenrein “juderia” for tourist dollars. I would think, in the light of this history, Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Yolanda Díaz would have been ashamed to be filmed chanting “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” But shame is not a commodity that is widespread in the modern woke world.

I wonder at the wisdom of renewing negotiations with Hamas next week, with the pressure of the International Court of Justice in The Hague breathing down our neck and Hamas now in the last stages of fighting for its survival as the IDF closes in on them. The psychological pressure of the hostages is working on all of us, as Hamas in its cruetly knew it would when the kidnappings took place. They are the only card Hamas has left. If we are foolish enough, and weak enough, and short-sighted enough, to allow them to do this, then we are truly lost.

I pray it doesn’t happen. That we show the resilience of our soldiers in surviving this war and protecting our future. As MK Smotrich put it: “The State of Israel is at war for its existence. In sad times in history we could not stand on our own. Today, the Jewish people have independence and the ability to defend their lives.

Those who demand that the State of Israel stop the war, demand that it decree itself to cease to exist. We will not agree to that. If we lay down our weapons, the enemy will reach the beds of our children and women throughout the country. We continue to fight for ourselves and for the entire free world. History will judge who today stood by the Nazis of Hamas.”

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13 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 25 MAY 2024”

  1. George Austin Reply

    It boggles my mind that there is even a discussion of a ceasefire or any kind of surrender to Hamas demands!
    Ask anyone, any sane or moral human being, this question…if your family members were kidnapped, raped, and tortured would you be so quick to just call it quits?
    No, you wouldn’t. You’d tear the world apart seeking to rescue them!
    So, how can anyone blame Israel for anything?
    And, for a point of reference, I am not Jewish.
    The horror in the Middle East is not Israel. It’s all those dedicated to her destruction.
    Well, I have a lighter note. I read the Tanakh (Bible). It tells me that much of the land that is now claimed to belong to others, will one day be all Israel!
    I pray that day comes soon.

  2. Dalya Horowitz Reply

    You are totally correct – if Israel stops the war, hamas will definitely do Oct 7 again. They cannot leave hamas in any shape to govern again.
    Why is it that every nation is allowed to defend itself except Israel?
    One of the biggest things we can do now is get rid of the awful Biden. It is the only chance of the US becoming believable and getting back on track and getting someone in the White House who actually is on Israel’s side.
    Thanks for your diary – it is very important for all of us.

  3. Sheldon Rose Reply

    I have now asked to be UNSUBSCRIBED many times. Does anyone there speak English?? Just asking. As well, there is NO place in or around your articles to do so.
    It’s a no-win situation for those of us who, for our own reasons, wish no longer to receive this blog. Many of us—me too–receive small mountains of like info daily. I just can’t handle or assimilate more info on this subject.
    I have read several Naomi blogs—they are good. But I have enough thanks.
    So, kindly unsubscribe me. I’ve tried every other method I know. Don’t trap me here; I could “block”, but I choose not to. Help me here

    • Karen Reply

      Sheldon, on each email that is sent there is a link to “manage your emails or unsubscribe” just click on that and unsubscribe. If that doesn’t work then just send it to spam if you don’t want it anymore.

    • Joy GORDON-FIALKOV Reply

      I feel so fortunate to receive Naomi daily blogs -unbiased and informative for the folk living in the diaspera.

  4. Liz Rome Reply

    Interesting that Trump told –The Snake — story this week in the Bronx. It’s apropos to the liberals screaming for giving in to Hamas for the return of the hostages. There was a cease fire on October 6…then October 7 happened. Giving in now means that Hamas (and other terrorists) will attack again. WHY? Because that’s what snakes do!

  5. Sara Reply

    Karen, agree, all politicians horrifying- Canada’s prime minister, such an idiot “Netanyahu blocking two state solution”. More like the final solution! If Hamas and ‘Palestine’ exist beside Israel. I dunno, in my head I wish Israel had just bombed all of Gaza from the get go and I’m sure they might have had it not been for the hostages. I get angry with all the finger pointing at Netanyahu…And honestly…I am dumbstruck at the broken moral compass of the world.
    I feel overjoyed every time I hear of Hamas militants being ‘neutralized’.
    My big prayer is that the IDF find the hostages…

    • Karen Reply

      I’m with you 100%, Sara! And I’m so sorry for everything that is going on in your country. I so hope that things get turned around soon. We’re not far behind you and I worry that in typical American fashion what happens here will be on a much grander scale, ugh.

  6. Karen Reply

    I would hope that the Israelis who feel there should be no ceasefire would march in the streets showing an even stronger, larger amount of support for the existing leaders so they don’t cave in. That said, if I was the IRGC and I had American hostages and IDF soldiers available to me, I would’ve had Hamas smuggle them out through the tunnels, through Egypt, and to Tehran where I could use them to control the US in multiple ways once I saw who wins in the elections in November. My point is, Iran won’t give up what they have, if they have it, to save some “militants” or a couple million people that nobody wants. They already have Israel right where they want them. The world turning against them. Jew hatred gone nuts. What is the in it for them to end the war at all? They can just let Israel “win” slowly, looking worse and worse in the eyes of the world because to them they’ve already won. It’s horrific and disgusting and I’ve lost all respect for just about every politician left on this planet. At some point the people who still have morals, still see sense, still love Israel, still have western values, need to be the ones making the noise so our governments hear us and stop listening to and reacting only to the overwhelming wave of Islamists taking over the world.

    • Wes Hagglov Reply

      Well said, Karen…especially ‘some people who still have morals, still see sense, still love Israel, still love Israel, still have western values’…by using the key word ‘still’, you imply our leaders don’t…DING…right on…why all this waffling…get a spine and get the job done…

  7. Audrey Reply

    I’m with you 10,000 percent. Every time Israel starts talks with H, I cringe and feel the weight of defeat. Right now we must be hard and tough in order to survive. Israel- no negotiations with barbaric murderers and rapists! Keep fighting hard in Rafah and elsewhere to save all Israeli lives and the lives of those who believe in democracy all over the globe 🌎.

    • Liz Rome Reply

      Yes–Hamas is good at propaganda—just like Goebbels. Their lies bring them support from unthinking, lazy, prejudiced people.

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