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The enthusiasm with which people support a movement of confirmed racist, antisemitic, rapist, child-killers is just astounding to me. By recognizing a Palestinian State in the wake of the October 7 atrocities, the world has convinced the jihadis that their behavior was a great idea. What are the protestors writing on their signs? “By any means necessary?” And so, by showing the efficacy of barbarism, now every country in the world that has been invaded by Islamists (oh, sorry, “given shelter” to poor, deserving refugees) has just put themselves and their citizens at risk, because in the “any means possible” scenario, the aristocrats in Mayfair, and ordinary people in Madrid, and Irish in their Dublin pubs, and the Norweigians in their saunas are also fair game for rape and beheadings and incineration if their new inhabitants decide this is the way to impose Sharia law and their preferred lifestyle. Good luck!

Given that Islamic law doesn’t recognize that any land once conquered by Islam can ever be ruled by anyone else, I would have thought Spain especially would have been more circumspect in joining the jihadi cheerleading squad. Spain, or Al Andalus, is really high on the jihadi list of priorities, having been reconquered by the Christians five centuries ago.

Writer Salman Rushdie – who has been under an Islamic death threat for decades for daring to suggest Mohammed wasn’t exactly a saint in his book The Satanic Verses – said some interesting things in a recent German interview. Having been on the Left most of his life, Rushdie suprisingly condemned student protests in solidarity with Palestine as “slid[ing] into an antisemitic discourse… in many cases.” He continued that while “any normal person can only be shocked by what is happening in Gaza right now, by the extent of innocent deaths, I think the demonstrators could also mention Hamas. Because it all started with them. And Hamas is a terrorist organisation. And it’s funny that a young progressive student policy supports a fascist terrorist group, because that’s what they do in a way. They demand ‘free Palestine’, liberate Palestine. I have been in favour of a Palestinian state for most of my life,” he continued. “But if there were a Palestinian state now, it would be run by Hamas and we would have a Taliban-like state. A satellite state of Iran. Is this what the progressive movements of the western left want to create?”

Appararently, the answer to that is a resounding yes. It is senseless, the way Kristalnacht was senseless, yet still these pro-Hamas protests are supported among the populace, the same as Kristallnacht, by the same kind of people, who have given up their consciences and their morality for the joy of solidarity with the braying mob. I can already see the young scholars working on history books a decade hence, trying to explain why this happened, why so many Jews had to die in 2024. How they will write about the roots of the problem, the political and social reasons… People will give these books excellent reviews, and sober consideration, just as today, just today we read The War Against the Jews, and The Destruction of European Jewry.

Both theses books are so enlightening. Yet this enlightenment won’t bring a single Jew back to life, or punish a single perpetrator or bystander. So, I would prefer to make those young scholars find the reasons why this time – in contrast to the Holocaust – the Jewish people and the State of Israel saved themselves by ignoring all criticism and despite universal condemnation, destroyed Gaza, and took over full control. How thousands and thousands of Hamas terrorists and their stooges died when the weapons in their babies’ cribs exploded. That’s what I want the history books to say years from now.

Tell me, does it make any sense that the photos I am seeing today show the markets in Rafah bustling with shoppers and fresh food, at the same time Hamas has sent 7-10 rockets into Tel Aviv, many of them landing and causing destruction, although not serious bodily harm? How is that even possible?? And the answer is: Joe Biden, who has thumb screws on Bibi Netanyahu, forcing him into pampering the terrorists.

From Abu Ali Express: “Gazan sources report the assassination of Mahmoud Shaqoura, a Hamas terrorist, who took part in the battle at the Erez crossing on October 7. During the attack, Shaqoura documented everything with a camera attached to his helmet. IDF soldiers can be seen in the video being shot at… According to these sources, Shaqoura was killed in the recent fighting in Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip.The blood of IDF soldiers was on his hands. Good riddance.”

Hamas, tired of losing, created a fictious narrative in which they lured IDF soldiers into a trap and kidnapped and killed them. They showed photos of the weapons (not weapons of the IDF). Gazans were celebrating in the streets. Except it’s entirely bogus. Morons.

According to the US army, 1,005 tons of aid have entered the Gaza Strip through their floating sea dock over the past week. In contrast, today alone, Israel brought in 3,000-4,000 tons of goods on 200 aid trucks through Israel’s Kerem Shalom crossing, triple or quadruple the amount of the American dock. Considering the dock cost American taxpayers one billion shekel (including the part which detached and went sailing off to Ashdod today) it’s a sad joke at the US taxpayers expense.

But perhaps Joe was hoping the jihadis will stop insulting him by calling him Genocide Joe. If that happens, I’m sure he’ll consider it worth every penny.

In any case, I know Hamas appreciates it, as they are stealing it all, unlike the aid coming through Keren Shalom.

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3 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 26 MAY 2024”

  1. CW Joiner Reply

    Naomi, please take care of yourself. You are the only source we gentiles have in the U. S. that gives us the truth. Again, please note there are millions of us over here who love Israel and support the Israelis.

  2. Gail Saks Reply

    While I agree wholeheartedly with Karen, I fear that this sick world we are living in will declare that the video is something Israel choreographed and is just now sharing. This should have be shown as soon as it was available and shown to the media.
    Naomi, once again, thanks for being the voice of reason in this crazy world

  3. Karen Reply

    Thank you once again, Naomi. I said this so many times in the beginning of this war, but sadly this is still true, the world opinion will only be swayed by what people see in the news, social media etc. Until Israel releases the footage of oct 7 and people see the horrors of that day with their own eyes Israel can’t begin to compete with the overwhelming amount of images of “humanitarian horror” that have been fed to the masses over the past 7 months. That film must be released to the public and soon! It is the only way for Israel to have any hope of getting people to fight for Israel. The only way for the leadership in the western world to be forced to do what’s right. I understand that it’s sensitive, that the families may not want that out there, that there are sick people who will revel in it. But those people have already seen the footage on the Internet. It’s time to show the people that matter. And don’t we owe it to the people who went through that absolute horrific day to witness it? To never forget it?

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