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Gaza War Diary: 26 FEBRUARY 2024

In 1948, Ben Gurion set the precedent for granting a draft exemption for full-time yeshiva students. He also made it the law that the IDF would have kosher kitchens, and no bread on Passover, wanting it to be the army of all Israel’s Jews. At that time, there were only 400 yeshiva students getting exemptions. Now, with the growth of the yeshiva world, the number of draft exemptions and deferments for yeshiva students has grown to more than 40,000, a full 18 percent of the draftee pool.

With the country’s military burden in the last four months at unprecedented levels, and a new law to extend military service for draftees and to double the time reservists must serve each year, the situation is untenable. Everyone in the country, except the haredim themselves, understand that this can’t go on. The drafting of yeshiva students would give the army six new battalions. Who’s to say that if such battalions had been in place on October 7, the border with Gaza would have been secured and hundreds of lives saved?

This morning, petitioners went to the High Court of Justice to demand that the draft be implemented immediately, arguing against the government’s decision to keep the status quo until a new draft law can be enacted on March 31. Given the nature of coalition government, such a law will be hard to arrive at without bringing down the government, which it has done in the past, or will be an exercise in maintaining the status quo by haredi coalition members. No one in Israel, except haredim, wants either.

The Movement for Quality of Government in Israel chairman, Dr. Eliad Shraga, told the judges of the High Court : “In our distorted democracy there are citizens with only responsibilities, like Druze and Circassians, citizens with both rights and responsibilities like the majority of the public drafted into military service, and a group with only rights – who don’t need to pay taxes or have required studies – the yeshiva students who are exempt from all obligations. There were thousands of families with loved ones who fell and were injured in battle,” said Shraga, “but meanwhile, there were “thousands not giving a shoulder to carry the stretcher,” using a military idiom for “sharing a burden.”

State Attorney’s Office representative Avi Milikovsky argued that an injunction for an immediate draft would impact individuals who were under the impression that they would not be immediately enlisted, and they could be in the middle of academic studies, on a flight abroad, or otherwise indisposed.

Yes. Like the rest of the soldiers figting in Gaza, whom no one asked if perhaps they were busy with other things and preferred not to fight a war!

In a way, perhaps, it is a good thing that this issue has reached its current boiling point. Even the most cynical haredi politician must understand that this is now a matter of life or death: if you want to live in this country, you have to have military training, and you have to be able to shoot, if only to protect your own family. It is to be hoped that this terrible injustice driving hatred between Israeli citizens can finally be put to rest.

I’d like to explain something that isn’t clear to many people. The Muslim religion based on the Koran, teaches that once a country is taken over by Muslims, it belongs to them forever, even if they are subsequently defeated. So when Muslim demonstrators talk about the Israeli “occupation,” they are saying that all of Israel, which was briefly (historically speaking) colonized by Muslims, is forever Muslim and Jews are therefore “occupying” “their” land. This is an eternal problem that has no rational solution.

I point this out as a way of warning countries that have never been Muslim but are in the process of being taken over by them, for example, Great Britain. You have government ministers terrorized in Parliament, the streets occupied by belligerent Muslim protestors, and new movements to vote in Muslims so they can have a majority in Parliament.

You are in the snake’s jaws, Great Britain, and in the process of being digested. Too bad you taught your police force not to be Islamophobic, and they are now paralyzed and unable to enforce the law. It is hard to see how this can be reversed. But once this great, Christian democracy is swallowed, it will forever be Muslim, just as Spain is still considered Muslim by the Islamic forces who are planning, believe me, to get rid of the Christian “occupation” there as soon as they can.

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21 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 26 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. golda urmacher Reply

    if you don’t think this is a problem in America as well as Europe, you are greatly mistaken.
    Michigan will become the 1st muslim state in America.
    muslims have taken over schools, banning pork in the lunchrooms, separate classes for boy and girls.
    I have no idea wherewhere you live, but wake up.Israel is the canary in the coal mines!

    • RK Reply

      Golda, I live in New York. It wasn’t until a young age that I realized that I was in my classroom surrounded by Albanian Muslims. They are very proud of their heritage, and always have the double-headed eagle, which always inspires awe. They are Muslim, but as I understand it many of them are not religious, I don’t think I have ever seen an Albanian wear a hijab. I got along well enough with them I suppose but I would not want to make enemies with them. I consider them my ethnic brothers. The ones from the Middle East and the former Soviet Union are a little different though. In Michigan’s case, I don’t think your assertions regarding public schools are true. It is becoming a problem there, however. But anywhere else, I think they do okay.

  2. golda urmacher Reply

    the free world has always been generous taking in refugees ( not Jews of course ) and especially muslims.
    a condition of this privilege should have always been immediate assimilation, even modernizing family names, dressing as the population, religious services kept in homes/institutions in the language of the country, and all children going to school 8 hours a day as well.
    financial support should be limited to one year, and all adults, male and female given forced employment immediately, so that no burden is placed on the citizens of said countries..
    if it works for the supporting citizens ,its requirements on newcomers should be no different.
    if refugees won’t agree to these terms prior to being accepted, they should be turned away it is despicable that 2 and 3rd generations are not accepting
    and grateful for the help they have received.
    some peoples may not be worthy of saving!

  3. דוב קרבי dov kravi Reply

    Absolutely agree with your views on conscription for all.
    You mention the invasion of Great Britain and I specify that the same phenomenon is occurring in France, with the complicity of the current leaders, subject to the woke doxa of the European Commission and terrified at the idea of being denounced as Islamophobes .

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      Why does this seem to me to only be a problem in European countries? We don’t have as many issues here in America assimilating people, no matter where they are from.

      • דוב קרבי dov kravi Reply

        The problem in France is that this second or third generation of Muslims does not want to assimilate. What’s more, they now represent more than a 10th of the population.
        The first generation (in the 1960s) came to work and posed no problem. But very often their children and grandchildren are manipulated by Islamists, refuse to work and are delinquents.

      • Daveed Reply

        Until very recently, almost all illegal immigrants entering the U.S. were Christians. Spanish-speaking Catholics, but still Christians. They held on to their religion and in many cases their language, but most of them were interested in eventually assimilating, with many becoming seriiously bilingual.
        The Moslems in Europe do not want to assimilate. They want to Europeans to Islamize.
        The new policy of letting in people not originally from Latin America has the potential to allow in enough Moslems to destroy the U.S., either through demographics or terror.

  4. Leonard Heitin Reply

    Naomi wrote: “The Muslim religion based on the Koran, teaches that once a country is taken over by Muslims, it belongs to them forever, even if they are subsequently defeated”. I would appreciate it if she or any one else can provide the specific source for this allegation. I agree that the behavior of the Muslims seems to confirm such an ideology.

    • Daveed Reply

      The concept of Dar al-Islam and Dar al-Harb seems to be something cooked up by Islamic scholars two hundred years after the Quran was written. It is not important where the concept first came from, but rather the fact that Muslims all over the world believe in it.
      From Brown University:
      For Muslims, the concepts Dar al-Islam (Abode of Islam) and Dar al-Harb (Abode of War) serve most generally to differentiate Muslim spaces from non-Muslim spaces. Dar al-Islam designates a territory where Muslims are free to practice their religion, though this often implies the implementation of Islamic law, whereas Dar al-Harb represents those lands ruled by non-believers. Since the latter are not subject to Islamic governance, it was deemed incumbent upon Muslim rulers – specifically the Rashidun and Umayyad Caliphs who often continued the expansion begun by the Prophet Mohammad – to extend the Dar al-Islam vis-à-vis jihad. It is important to note that the objective of this jihad was not to forcibly convert non-believers to Islam, but to extend the jurisdiction of Islamic government, i.e. Dar al-Islam (Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World, entry: Dar al-Harb).

  5. Harry Reply

    Ben Gurion made serious mistakes. Exempting Yeshivah students, no Constitution and too many political parties. He was a student of past civilizations yet he set up a poor structure for running a country.

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      I would put down Ben-Gurion’s exemptions to his possible ignorance of religious matters. He was famously atheist, and never walked into a synagogue. He maybe didn’t fully understand the haredi, but I’m not sure. He made mistakes for sure, but I remember his as a founding father of Israel, along with Weizmann and Jabotinsky.

  6. Elka Reply

    This obsession with reclaiming land seems so outlandish (no pun intended) that even reasonable people not as connected to this problem can’t fathom it, it’s so ridiculous. And unreasonable people, of which we now see there are way, way too many, have convinced themselves of a fairy tale narrative in which left is right, black is white, and wrong is right.

  7. goda urmacher Reply

    how to get around this ‘allowed lying’ is not to believe ANYTHING a muslim say, or does

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      I wouldn’t go that far, I’ve known many Muslims in America, Albanians in particular, whom I consider brothers. I’m also descended from Muslims, and I don’t think they were all liars.

  8. golda urmacher Reply

    The rational solution is to EXPELL every muslim within Israel, and have a non muslim buffer zone 50 miles around Israel!

    • Ryan Keogh Reply

      But wouldn’t that be unfair to the Muslim Israelis who fought for Israel, especially the Druze?

      • Daveed Reply

        The Druze are in no way Muslims. Their religion descended from Islam the same way Christianity descended from Judaism. They are, of course, Arabs.

    • דליה מבורך Reply

      As a mother and mother in law of combat soldiers who were also Yeshiva students (zionist ones of course), I coudn’t agree with you more that the exemption is outrageous. The question is, how can this historical.problem be solved. Definitely not by force, that will make them all the more stubborn. You can’t start throwing that many people into prison. Some smart people have to come up with a reasonable solution.

  9. Audrey Travis Reply

    Thank you for beginning to explain Islam’s long game. Dar al Islam and Dar al Harb – countries already Islamic and countries still to be conquered. As you say, from an Islamic point of view, countries once under Moslem rule, and even a small area where a Moslem has once laid his prayer rug is forever Islamic and cannot be relinquished. They are allowed to agree to a temporary truce, but only until they are strong enough to go to war again to reclaim “their” land. This is their Long Game. The democraWest doesn’t understand this. As well, in Islam there is a well accepted concept called Taqiyah which means they can freely lie about their intentions. I can’t fathom how to get around this, but everyone who values their freedom needs to know this.

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