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Gaza War Diary: 26-27 JANUARY 2024

There is a sigh of relief, along with a deep, gut sense of disgust, at the UN International Court of so-called Justice in the Hague. Let’s start with the disgust, that this insulting, libelous case for “genocide” against Israel should have been accepted at all by the ICJ, when it is patently obvious to anyone with only one eye and half a brain that Israel was the recipient of a genocidal attack against its citizens by an antisemitic terror organization whose avowed and openly stated purpose for existence is to annihilate the Jewish people. Having accepted to “judicate” this nonexistent case, the ICJ has besmirched its own name and position. Nevertheless, Israel is relieved that it did not call outright for a ceasefire, which diminishes the calls from others that a ceasefire would be “just” according to international law.

In the meantime, the IDF is working overtime and on a scale unprecedented in previous conflicts, to obtain complete security control of the heavily populated Khan Yunis area. Thousands of Gazans, alarmed by Israeli tanks in their streets, are hurrying to leave via the recently opened evacuation corridor leading to Rafah. Photos show them as they make their miserable progress in the rain towards a new exile imposed on them by Hamas, which still refuses to release Israeli hostages and still refuses to surrender, apparently more than willing to keep this going until the last Gazan under their command drops dead.

Israeli soldiers, who unlike Hamas, have a heart, are seen on video loading an elderly Gazan woman into the barrel of earth moving equipment to carry her gently along the route. Hamas did not do the same for our elderly women, who were massacred at a bus stop in Sderot while waiting for a tour bus for a day’s outing from the old age home.

The surprising announcement that UNWRA has accepted Israel’s conclusive evidence that 12 UNRWA employees have been found to have been active participants in the October 7 massacre, and is actually firing them, raises many questions. Top among them is this: since UNRWA is basically part of Hamas, can any of the statistics supplied by UNRWA concerning the dead and wounded in Gaza be relied upon as anything other than Hamas propaganda? So news networks, stop quoting those statistics!

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers have opened a pizzeria in Gaza where troops can order fresh pies! Also, in response to every Gazan home, and every schoolbook (provided by the Palestinian Authority, by the way) has the symbol of the Al Aqsa Mosque on it, an enterprising IDF soldier has created his own symbol of the Jewish Holy of Holies (on top of which the Muslims built Al Aqsa) to adorn his uniform and possessions. This is catching on.

According to Abu Ali Express, Gazans are increasingly unhappy about their fearless leaders, and expressing it in public demonstrations, as well as online. Here are a few more Facebook posts translated from the Arabic into Hebrew, and by me into English:

1. Gazan: Shalit cost us ten thousand dead and a million candles after the electricity was cut off because of him… This time we lost everything everything everything, without those who caused this stupid action bearing any responsibility.

Even our brothers in the West Bank and the workers were damaged by the catastrophe.

Some fools throw mud at the Palestinian Authority for occasionally handing over drunken settlers who accidentally wander into West Bank cities, but if they were kidnapped, it would cause the destruction of the West Bank by Israel.

Give them their abductees already to protect what is left of the people in Gaza!

Haven’t you had enough of our blood?

2. Gazan: In Israel the people hold to account those responsible in government for their mistakes in making decisions. In elections, they change senior officials like they change socks. With us – there is no contract or agreement between the responsible official and the people. We cannot replace any of the officials under any circumstances and he determines what will be the fate of our homes, our money and our blood. It is a disaster that the one who decides your fate is not subject to your criticism. How will we defeat them [i.e., Israel] when they choose their leaders and we are forced to accept our rulers without being able to replace them?

3. Gazan: I was amazed to hear that there are child abductions from the tents of the displaced. I saw a mother who cried for 3 days for her kidnapped child. A doctor at a hospital in Rafah warned us against sexual assaults against children. Outside the tent there are human dogs.

4. Gazan: Your tofan (the name Hamas gave to the campaign which translates as “flood”) drowned us.

5. Gazan: Thank you Hamas, you arranged an unusual victory for us.

6. Jordanian web surfer: A shawarma restaurant with the name October 7, received unusual publicity one minute and the next day, according to the decision of Jordanian government officials, it was closed. There were some brats who were mad at the government for this.

In truth we should thank the government and not criticize it for this action.

Imagine that someone decided to trade the blood of 30 thousand dead and 2 million displaced people, hungry for bread and freezing cold to make money from shawarma.

We should thank the government for saving our good name. Imagine going in to eat a hamburger in a restaurant that trades in the blood of the Palestinians, think how sick it is.

As much progress as the IDF is making on the Gazan front, it is clear to all of us, that our partners, children and grandchildren will be called up again in the near future. The most dangerous war of all is still ahead of us with Iran and its proxy Hezbollah. Every day, Iran attempts to supply this terrorist entity in Lebanon with weapons that could potentially turn our country into a mirror image of the destruction in Gaza. This includes increasingly accurate ballistic missiles, and although I would prefer not to go there, an atomic weapon.

According to the United States Institute of Peace’s Iran Primer, published on September 11, 2023: “In early 2023, U.S. and Israeli officials, Iran had not yet made the political decision to produce the world’s deadliest weapon. In January, [former IDF Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Aviv] Kohavi claimed that Iran already had enough that, if enriched further, could fuel four nuclear weapons — three with 20 enriched uranium and one with 60 percent enriched uranium. (The usual level of uranium enrichment for a bomb is 90 percent.) Even if Tehran did opt to weaponize its technological advances, it would need up to a year, and possibly two, to complete the multiple steps required produce to a bomb and then marry the warhead to a missile delivery system.

In June 2023, Israeli outlet Ynet News that the IDF had formed a new intelligence unit to prepare for potential hostilities with Iran. The 30-soldier unit, called Branch 54, was responsible for intelligence collection on the IRGC and “providing the military with the knowledge infrastructure regarding Iranian military capabilities and strategic systems under their control,” an intelligence official said. It was “engaged in researching the elements of control in Iran from the senior level down to the operators at the frontlines.” Another official said that the branch had already “doubled the target bank in Iran, regardless of nuclear facilities.”

How do we Israelis deal with these existential threats to our existence? I’ll tell you about the conversation around the Shabbat table with friends last night. We were talking about the children of Israel crossing the sea as it split in two, and I suddenly realized how terrifying that must have been. With the Egyptians bearing down on them, and the sea before them, they had two choices: allow themselves to surrender and return to slavery, or walk forward into the unknown. As they stepped into the sea, huge towering masses of water stood upright on either side of them, probably wiggling like jello about to collapse. But the people looked ahead, putting their faith in God, as they put one foot in front of the other walking towards dry land.

There is only one way for us Jews, that is to look forward and bravely, with faith and determination, go towards our future.

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5 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 26-27 JANUARY 2024”

  1. bernice schreier

    Israel must work hard to get the truth out to counteract the propaganca of hamas Inc. it is mind boggling when the terrorists pose as the victims and Israel is labelled the aggressor. The truth must be repeated endlessly. And all Jews must realize that anti semitism is polluting the world including the United States and that the real leader here is Obama who loves Iran and hates his own country.The Jews must count on for the most part other Jews…and not all Jews love us. AND the UN must not be funded as it has its own agenda and that is third world.

    • Linda Biderman


      I agree with everything you have said in your statement. I do believe that Obama is running our USA and this is his third term. He does hate the USA and loves Iran. The UN also hates Israel. Many of the member countries of the UN are antisemitic without a doubt.

      Jews and Christians must continue to support Israel.

      • Wes Hagglov

        Linda…this couldn’t be said any better…Thanks…And I know a lot of Christians who support Israel…Wes…

  2. Henry Whiteguilt

    Two points about the UN International Court of so-called Justice:
    (1) The court is still waiting for Russia to comply with the decision that ordered it to end its war with Ukraine and withdraw.
    (2) The case was brought by South Africa, whose government repeatedly calls for the confiscation of the property of of all its white citizens and for their expulsion.

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