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Gaza War Diary: 25 MARCH 2024

NOTE: This is a corrected version of an earlier post for this date.

There is no way around it. America, under Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, have betrayed Israel, allowing the disgraceful, one-sided Security Council resolution to pass, a resolution demanding a ceasefire without making it dependent on the release of Israeli hostages.

More than it has hurt us in Israel – because we will continue to fight our enemies no matter what that despicable world organization decrees – America has hurt itself, continuing the long, sorry process of draining its position as leader of the free world of meaning and substance. What will be left behind is a hollow shell that mocks what it once represented: the America of World War Two, who declared war on enemies and sent its people to fight against Hitler with full intention and resolve. That America will be no more. Its people, as much as the Israeli people, will have been betrayed; its borders breached; its populace under siege by lawlessness from within and without; its moral integrity ground into dust by new moral arbiters who see good in promoting racism and calling it equality, overseeing the decay of its educational institutions and calling it progress, perverting its legal system to advance political goals and justifying it as a means to an end.

As someone who was born in America, with a mother who was born in America, and a grandmother who got off the boat in Ellis Island trying to escape European Jew-hatred and poverty, this pains me. The love I have for my birthplace remains, as the love of something once precious remains even after it is no more.

It is my hope that the flickering candle of American exceptionalism ushered in by the Constitution can still rally before it is snuffed out completely by those who have seized power, who hate it and wish to see it die.

In response to the Security Council resolution, our Prime Minister has very correctly cancelled an Israeli delegation set to leave for Washington. Biden claims to be perplexed by this decision. But what sense does it make to go when America has shown its hand, and has ceased to put Israel’s well-being as it priority? Now, there is nothing to talk about. With or without American support, we will go into Rafah. We will free our hostages.

As our Minister of Defense, who is still set to meet in Washington, said: “I begin my visit to Washington with the clear message I will deliver to National Security Advisor Sullivan and Secretary of State Blinken: We have no moral right to stop the war in Gaza until we return all the abductees to their homes. Stopping the war in Gaza before a clear decision is made endangers Israel’s security and may bring us closer to war in the North.”

Shifa Hospital has been a major Israeli victory. Even Hamas has no choice but to admit that. According to Abu Ali Express the Lebanese Al-Akhbar, identified with Hezbollah but which also serves as a mouthpiece for Hamas, wrote yesterday: “We do not make light of the depth of the intelligence penetration that occurred following the Israeli action at the Shifa Hospital and we do not make light of the high status of some of the people who were captured or executed, but the opposition is not based on the principle of the centrality of one person or another. The resistance analyzed the new situation and reorganized, taking into account the possibility that the enemy had obtained new information following the interrogation of the detainees. The system is still working, from the field bodies to the information bodies. The nerve center of the resistance is still in good shape and the latest losses can be contained…”

Methinks they protest too much…

As I told you yesterday, the new blood libel of the Palestinians, who have nothing left to fight with but their omnipresent lies, was based on the word of a Palestinian woman, Ms. Jamila Alhassi, who claimed to have been raped by the IDF in Shifa Hospital. Today, very suddenly, the very same people fanning the flames of this disgusting calumny and hoping to turn it into one of those that burn down the streets of Europe and America, have quickly and completely opened a fire hose on the entire narrative.

Journalist Yasser Abu Hilalah, former CEO of the Al Jazeera network, published the following tweet: “After investigations carried out by Hamas, it appears that the story of the rape of the women in the Shifa hospital is a fabrication. Of course, the enemy does not hesitate to commit genocide. The woman wanted to arouse enthusiasm among the people of the nation.”


You may be asking yourself, why in heaven’s name are they taking the rare step of actually telling the truth for once? Well, the answer is very simple. Apparently Gazans in the north took the false story as gospel and, terrified that the IDF was about to rape their daughters, started evacuating south to the chagrin of Hamas, who wants them to stay put! So now they are trying to undo the damage. I have to say that’s really pretty funny, a well-needed laugh amid the devastation of the day’s betrayals.

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5 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 25 MARCH 2024”

  1. Mike Winakur Reply

    In my opinion, any American Jew who votes for these Democrat antisemites will have removed themselves from the Jewish nation. The Democrat drift away from support of Israel has been increasing year after year since Obama was elected. Schumer’s speech and this UN vote abstention have made it crystal clear that the Democrat party no longer supports the one and only Jewish state. Those court Jews like Schumer and Blinken and any Jew who votes for this immoral party should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. C. Schick Reply

    Dear Naomi,

    I remember 30 or 40 years ago when we American Jews were sometimes asked the question: “Which side would you take if America and Israel ever went to war?” I remember answering that one or both of my beloved countries would have to change beyond recognition for that to be an issue.

    Now that has come to pass.

    I am ashamed of Biden administration and I am terrified that so many of my countrymen and even fellow Jews are in favor of this.

    I honestly don’t know what to do.

    Thank you so much for your war diaries. I often share them on social media.

    • Ryan Reply

      How could Israel and America ever go to war? To me the people of America and Israel are like distant cousins, or they were at any rate. If that happened though, as a gentile, I would fight for America, because to not would be to do a great disservice to my country when it has given me so much. However, I would not be thrilled, as I would be fighting a great country, and the Israelis would fight with everything they have. To them we would just be the Romans, or the Persians. But when you are a soldier, one doesn’t get to decide who you do and don’t fight.

  3. Sara Reply

    Dear Naomi,

    The world has turned completely upside down with absolutely no moral compass.
    Israel is doing what must be done and the job needs to be finished.
    Stay strong and I agree with everything Coby has said.

  4. Coby van Toor Reply

    Dear Naomi,
    From the Netherlands we salute you!
    We cry and laugh with you.and we also pray for you.
    Since okt.7 we read your War Diaries
    and now you feel like a beloved sister
    to us.We wish you and your family all the best and
    hope with you that the hostages will soon be free!
    .G’d bless you and them and kol Israel.
    Lots of love,
    Aart&Coby Schippers-van Toor

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