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Gaza War Diary: 26 MARCH 2024

We could have told you. In response to the UN ceasefire passing, rockets have been fired at Ashdod for the first time in two months. Hamas and the terrorists are feeling strong as a consequence of bamboozling the West, with the US, Great Britain, and Canada now in their pockets aligning with Iran, Moscow, and Beijing. Israel is the sole, brave fighter against Islamic murderers. If I didn’t believe in the God of Israel, I’d be really worried.

Thankfully, I do. I have faith that the events to come cannot be rationally foreseen. To have faith means to believe in the process, not just the immediate outcome. It means we have to have patience, and continue to do whatever we can to bless the people and country of Israel.

It isn’t easy. Yesterday, rioters in the Jordanian capital chanted:

“Abu Obaida, [ spokesman for the military wing of Hamas] we have responded to your call! All of Jordan is with you.” Chanting crowds of Hamas supporters are calling on King Abdullah to “open the borders” with Israel so they can pour through and fight alongside Hamas.

The only thing holding back Nasrallah in the north was American pressure. Now that that has collapsed, Israel awaits the consequences from that quarter. Today the Avivim Orchard in Western Galilee went up in flames after being hit by two Hezbollah rockets.

After ten days, representatives of the Mossad and the Shabak negotiating with Hamas in Qatar for the hostage release have returned home after Hamas completely rejected the American compromise proposals, hardening their stance and seizing their advantage in light of Joe’s collapsing will to back Israel. This is what they are demanding: A comprehensive ceasefire, a withdrawal from the Strip, the return of the displaced to their homes and a “real” prisoner exchange deal. In other words, that we lay down and die.

We need to stop negotiating with terrorists. Yes, many will die, mostly them. This is just the kind of situation Joe Biden is so good at achieving. Just look at his Afghanistan withdrawal.

Israel needs to come up with its own “compromise” proposals, which should be non-negotiable and written in the language of terrorist-speak. I don’t see anyone deploring Moscow’s treatment of terrorists, which they’ve proudly posted online. Israel needs to do something similar. Look how just the false rumors of IDF rapes have cowed the Gazan population! You are not dealing with people you can talk to, or even understand. You need to speak to them in their own language, which as civilized people is hard and distasteful for us Israelis to use. If they just thought we would emulate what they did to us on October 7, they would surrender en masse and release our suffering countrymen and women. But do we have the guts? In the meantime, with our soldiers and reservists on the battlefields, attempts to draft yeshiva students who have appropriated for themselves the rarefied perch of un-draftable full-time Talmud scholars, financed by our tax dollars, is heating up into a civil war. As President Herzog said this week: “A year ago, I warned of the danger of social conflict and division. After October 7, we are in a social emergency, we cannot be satisfied with just containing the differences, we must act to repair and rebuild the severe division.”

The people of Israel are determined that every citizen do their share to protect us. The inability of the government to convince the haredi parties to support a fair and equitable solution to the problem of military service is a greater threat to our country than all of our enemies combined. It is this internal war I fear most.

The High Court has given the government until the end of the month to come up with a law before it passes judgement that will institute a universal draft, cancelling all exemptions that are not fair and equal to the entire population.

I can’t really envision a scenario where this problem is solved peacefully and harmoniously, leaving Israeli society unified. Perhaps the Chief Sephardic Rabbi’s outrageous suggestion that if such a law passes all the yeshiva students should leave the country is not such a bad idea after all. If they won’t participate in the life of the country, let them live abroad and at least cease to be a burden on the Israeli taxpayer. Let their parents – who raised them this way – support them. Let them try living amongst the French, the Canadians, and the Americans, who have shown just how much they love Jews. Perhaps they might learn something and come back to Israel chastened and ready to fulfill their basic obligations as citizens, and as religious Jews, fulfilling the clear Biblical commandment that demands that “in a mitzva war [i.e. a war of defense] even a bride and groom under the wedding canopy take up arms and fight.”

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8 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 26 MARCH 2024”

  1. Sara Reply

    Israel has gone above and beyond in trying to be conscientious westerners, trying to keep political connectivity with others..I have always felt that Israel needs to stop defending its position. The world clearly has lost its moral compass. Stop caring what others think… just get the job done. Its absurd to be so bullied for doing what any other country would do-defend its citizens. The Haredi…I can’t even. This is not the time to cower away from responsibility to one’s country. If they truly love Israel, they would fight for that love. Who wants a wimpy scholar. Stay Strong Israel. There are so many who support you in your fight for freedom from evil disgusting terrorists! Thank you Naomi for your clear and informative blog.

  2. David Kaliski Reply

    Except for Israel, I can’t just up and go live in any country.
    Where do the Haredi think they are going?

  3. Daveed Shachar Reply

    Israel is using its nuclear weapons as a bargaining chip. Not against Egypt (1973), or against Gaza (2023) but against Kissinger and Biden. The U.S. only started shipping weaponry to Israel in 1973 after Israel opened its nuclear silos so that the Americans could see them from the air, and the only reason Biden is supplying weapons to Israel is so that Israel doesn’t nuke its enemies. Well, another reason Biden is being so forthcoming with weapons is that the U.S. military is fascinated by watching how a serious, 1st-world army handles American weaponry.
    There is no longer a draft in the U.S., which is why its military is second rate at best.

  4. EB Reply

    Your posts are so on target. Ty. Just finished. An Observant Wife. Just loved it. I was raised traditionally secular and now have an observant lifestyle. Again you hit so many issues right out of the park . Only you could write such a heartfelt novel. I love how you always throw your protagonists deep in the water to swim with the sharks and how you deftly reel them to a safe shore. Read every single book you wrote and you are known as my favorite author. Looking forward to the next. Tragically there is too much angst right now. Thank you

  5. pkh Reply

    I agree–when I heard what the chief rabbi said, my initial reaction was “Let them go.”
    It is totally unfair that they expect the rest of the population to put our sons and daughters in the line of fire to ensure the safety of their sons and daughters.
    I do not negate the power or the purpose of torah study. But certainly not every student is an elui, or even close to an elui, whose potential must be protected. Let them have one in a thousand that will be exempt from the draft. And make sure there is no nepotism in the selection of these bachurim.
    It does no harm to remind the hareidi population that the rabbis they are quoting over their sforim had occupations. Nor should it be necessary to remind them that they are obligated to teach their children 3 things: Torah, an occupation, and how to swim! Funny how they forget that one.

  6. Ellen Poor Reply

    Sorry, this isn’t about this post. The post for 25th March through WordPress does not come through. Neither the original one, nor the corrected one works even though I did read the original one, now I cannot.

  7. Goldstein Reply

    I am a new subscriber. Steady. Be steady. We need your candor, and we need your unflinching resolve.

    • Ryan Reply

      Maybe use the nuclear devices as a bargaining chip, I don’t know. If Israel threatened to turn Rafah into a moon surface or something, it would cause surrender, but it would cause a huge uproar in every country. I am not in a position to talk about the Haredi, but I’m going to anyway. If they move to another country, you have shown how people feel about them right now, the soldiers breaking their asses, while they’re sitting around studying. If they go to another country, its going to be worse, and I don’t even know if any country will accept them. Let’s be honest, if you are in America, are you going to want to take in a people who will basically dodge the draft, and are very likely to become public charges? I think not. Give it a few months, and people will be chanting “Go back to Israel”. They won’t have anyone there to protect them like they do in Jerusalem. It honestly upsets me. You live in the country, and the moment the country asks for something from you, you say you’re going to leave the country? There are names for people like that, you can think of a few. My family came to America from all over, Norway, Wales, Ireland, and Sicily. Never did those family members say they were not going to serve their country. Sorry for the rant.

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