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It is so easy to hop on the “We-Hate-Bibi” and “Israel-is-Losing-the-War” bandwagon. So easy. After all, didn’t Bibi’s conception of Hamas as a viable alternative to Fatah lead to October 7? Wasn’t he ultimately responsible for Israel’s unpreparedness which led to so many deaths, so many kidnappings, that are tearing the nation apart?

All these things might well be true. But so what? Benjamin Netanyahu is the democratically elected leader of the only Jewish country in the world, a country under siege by some the world’s richest, and most evil, jihadi genocidal maniacs. He is also a leader in the free world, when that world is on the brink of extinction from do-nothing, wishy-washy cowards like Biden, Macron, and the soon to be gone Sunak, who have turned a blind eye to the jihadi invasion on their own borders that, unchecked, will destroy them. They are not in any way better off than us. In fact, I think I’m much safer here. At least we have borders.

I, too, would like to see Bibi replaced by a leader untainted by his gross errors. And this will happen. But no one in his right mind thinks we can stop the war and start an election campaign now, except some deranged Israelis in Tel Aviv. In the meantime, as far as I can see, Bibi is in a very unenviable position and deserves credit and support for not turning belly-up at the pressures he is under, domestic and foreign, to end the war and leave Hamas terrorists, not just the “idea” of Hamas, in place.

Those who say: He has failed, because he hasn’t brought the hostages home. Everyone knows the impediments put in his way, but still, people pretend we had a different, better, choice. If they’d had their way, thousands of blood-thirsty Hamas murderers would have been set free from our jails to kill again. The IDF would have already retreated, leaving us open to renewed rocket fire and invasions.

The hostages, those still alive, are in underground bunkers with Sinwar. Let’s face it, that any hostages at all were rescued is a miracle considering the blood-thirsty monsters who took them. Had there been a good fairy who waved a magic wand and had American bleeding hearts and their European counterparts disappear, allowing the IDF to bomb the hell out of Rafah five months ago, we would have destroyed Hamas much sooner, but I’m not sure any hostages at all would have lived through it.

And now, all the brilliant pundits are asking: Can Israel win this war?

Excuse me? In case you haven’t noticed, we have taken over Gaza. It is rubble.

Have the rockets stopped? Almost completely. When the war started eight months ago, thousands were fired all over the country. Now it’s close to zero.

Has the southern border been secured? Absolutely. Gaza is split in two with the IDF deployed deep inside the country. That’s not a victory?

But that’s not good enough for those asking the question. Because we haven’t destroyed the “idea” of Hamas. And I say, who cares? Our children weren’t killed by an “idea.” Our citizens weren’t kidnapped by an “idea.” The Allies didn’t destroy the idea of Nazism either. It still exists. But they destroyed the people in power who acted according to its philosophy. As long as we prevent the people who have Muslim Brotherhood ideas in their heads from approaching our borders, that’s good enough for me. You can’t expect Israel to reeducate the entire Muslim world. I’ll leave that to the West who have been invaded and infiltrated and still haven’t figured out that the people with the “idea” are now their neighbors, inside their countries, not separated by any border.

Hamas and their jihadi allies, including Hezbollah and Iran, don’t have professional armies. They are weak and cowardly and haven’t won a single battle. Most of our soldiers who were killed died on the first day when the sheer force of numbers played out in the enemy’s favor. Do you know how much military equipment our soldiers have brought back to Israel left behind by those Hamas “battalions” who dropped everything and ran for lives at the drop of a hat? Everything from machine guns, drones, bombs, and everything in between? In the hundreds of thousands.

Hamas was only very brave against pretty girls at a dance party; babies in their cribs, and grandmas in wheelchairs. Since then, not so much. They stick their heads up like rats out of tunnels and shoot. Attach explosive devices to tunnels. Such a brilliant strategy! And now these tunnels, built with billions of oil dollars from their equally stupid benefactors, are their graveyards, full of countless numbers of people who had the Hamas “idea” in their heads. There are still tunnels and 9-12 thousand Hamas “soldiers” left. We will be dealing with them in a similar manner. It’s only a question of a few more weeks according to the IDF.

Of course the IDF is going to win this war! Hamas is already on the verge of being just “an idea” and we haven’t even started on Hezbollah seriously. We’ve been swatting them, and still managed to kill hundreds, most of them senior officers, leaving them weaker than they were eight months ago.

The IDF, on the other hand, is a professional army of well educated, well-trained and most important, brave and capable men who are in this to win for themselves and their families. And with God’s help, win we shall.

I’m so sorry these wonderful people have to sacrifice so much for these victories. But victories they are, and will be, so don’t believe the nay-sayers who out there sitting on their fat behinds watching CNN and reading Politico and shaking their heads. Get out of our way. Sit back. Watch. And prepare to be amazed.

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14 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 25 JUNE 2024”

  1. Gloria Taft Reply

    Netanyahu has inherited a pernicious situation indeed and it would take a miracle of sorts to wipe out hamas 100%. I pray all the time for this miracle for our land and our people.
    Am Israel Chai.

  2. Karen Reply

    Thank you Naomi for the encouraging words. Needed these days! I too feel that the tide has turned whether the rest of world has realized it yet or not. Like you said, it’s not up to Israel to show the radical Muslims where they’ve gone wrong and it’s time for the west to pick up the baton before it’s too late for the rest of us. It amazes me how many blind, ignorant or just uncaring people there are in the world. You can see a new axis forming, let’s hope people wake up soon and learn from Israel’s courage, fortitude and unwillingness to give in to the unrelenting pressure the rest of the world is putting on them.

  3. Simon Wajcer Reply

    Oct 7 is the latest price Israel has paid for the political Disneyland premise of a ‘Two State Solution’ based on the absurdly delusional Oslo Accords. Bibi was not and is not responsible for that. Those (the ‘Color Revolutionists’) clamoring to depose him will only perpetuate this suicidal policy. Israel must rally behind Bibi to eliminate any talk of a a 2 state solution. Does anyone know where the safest city in Israel is? It is the Judenrein city of Ramallah.

  4. Ronald Fadel Reply

    Dear Naomi…..I love Bibi….and as you know, the British did the very same to Churchill, the singular heroic figure in WW II who correctly read the Nazi’s and Russians. He led them through the travails of the war and then they booted him out. No good deed goes unpunished best describes the current sentiment about Netanyahu…. May he prevail and exterminate this vile stain

  5. Laurie Reply

    I was thinking the same as well…AND WOMEN (that gives you a minus point Naomi!!!!). Thank you for your uplifting articles and I LOVE the way you don’t mince your words!!!! and give the information straight, without bothering about words which might upset WOKES!!!!

  6. Leah Rabi Reply

    It felt that you gave us a dose of encouragement and hope for the future.. I think we all needed it..

  7. Brenda M. Reply

    Naomi, Thank you for your common sense and informed narratives, as is typical for you. I read someone’s statement today mentioning Bari Weiss. I’ve been wanting to convey the Free Press article of June 18. A White House release of a Fact Sheet the prior Monday from V.P Harris who said she spent her career working to protect women and children and with s 10 Million dollar grant from State Dept.on CRSV. ( Conflict Related Sexual Violence) Listed were countries such as Ukraine, S.. Sudan, Syria and a number of others. Who was NOT on the Fact Sheet,? Israel of course. Hard to believe she is married to a Jewish man, nor have I ever heard of this previous interest of hers. Yesterday, she pronounced President Trump Guilty of taking away abortion rights.( A lie) Depending on The debate, where Biden will be the Winner, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her replace Biden as Dem Nominee. It really angered me she or whoever released the Fact Sheet, as her work, are the omission of Israeli females. With your Granddaughters Graduation and a roach nightmare, possible need for generator didn’t want to pile on or bring unhappiness to a happy occasion. I have not seen, nor heard of the CRSV before or since. I am very worried for Israel and America. Best wishes to you and yours. Brenda M.

  8. Toby Reply

    Hi Naomi – your loyal reader from Long Island … today’s blog “felt good”, encouraging, caring and on the mark. I hear plenty of depressing news and stats but today, simply felt good to hear/read.

    Tehillim reinforces and validates our emunah and courage, which you also hold dear. So, how much longer for the ENEMY to realize the Yad Hashem is the ultimate power. The human race has been pretty disappointing, so G-d, bring on Moshiach, and get the good stuff going!

    Thanks for listening … Toby

  9. Ellen Calderon Reply

    Israelis are special people because no one else comes to help only interfere. I’m so sorry about my president Biden, just another old man like the ones I live with at my assisted living community in south Florida.

  10. Randi Reply

    Naomi: You always get it spot on!! Through these difficult times I rely on you and Bari Weiss. I just want to make one little correction in today’s entry.- “The IDF, on the other hand, is a professional army of well educated, well-trained and most important, brave and capable men” AND WOMEN :). Thank you for all you and they do.

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