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Gaza War Diary: 25 FEBRUARY 2024

We are hearing all kinds of things about the “negotiations” in Paris. One thing seems clear, the nearly defeated Hamas is banking on pulling victory from the jaws of defeat by holding on to our hostages, demanding Israel withdraw its troops completely and stop the war before releasing them. The Americans are backing a six week ceasefire and the release of hundreds of repeat terrorist murderers from Israeli prisons for the release of 45 hostages.

Ain’t happening.

Israel Today reported that last night Israeli Foreign Minister Israel Katz told Channel 14 News:

  1. American pressure will not prevent the IDF from operating in Rafah.
  2. The war will not end until Hamas is defeated and gone.
  3. The Palestinian Authority and Fatah will not be part of the new government in Gaza. Israel will not replace terrorists with terrorists.
  4. The IDF will retain security control over the Gaza Strip in the same way it does in the West B.

According the Ynet, the “negotiations” will continue, but Netanyahu is drawing up a plan for the invasion of Rafah. The latter is the only feasible way to release our hostages.

In the meantime, the Hofshi Be’Arztenu group, those same rabid, Leftist anti-Netanyahu forces who turned our country only a few months ago into the boiling cauldron of hatred that led our enemies to believe we were so divided that they could waltz in on October 7 and massacre us, are at it again, this time not even bothering with the fig-leaf of the “hostage families.” They are demanding – in the middle of our country fighting for its life!! – new elections.

Their violent demonstrations Saturday night which blocked traffic, overturned barriers, attacking police resulted in water cannons being released on the unruly crowds, and 21 arrests, including chief rabble-rouser Moshe Radman, one of the leaders of the anti-judicial reform demonstrations last year. He was filmed after being arrested on Saturday night stating “We only have a few weeks to dissolve the Knesset and kick out this government.”

Go to hell, Radman! I hope they lock you up and throw away the key.

Of course, Yair Lapid, who has done absolutely zilch to help anyone during this war wouldn’t join the government, wouldn’t support the military – just sits on the sidelines and issues his elitist, barbed comments on everyone who is actually working so hard to win this war, had this to say: “Tonight’s police brutality against the demonstrators, including the families of the hostages, is dangerous and anti-democratic and cannot continue. The right to protest is a fundamental right and it cannot be denied to the protesters with batons and water cannons.”

Shut up Lapid. A few years ago, you were in a coalition government with no haredi parties and had the perfect opporunity to pass laws forcing the haredi community to be drafted, to reduce payments to yeshiva students who only learn part time when they feel like it, but did you do anything? No, you BROUGHT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT BY LEAVING because you wanted to be the Prime Minister.  I hope there are new elections and you and your friends get voted out. Go back to being Mr. Handsome on television talk shows.

The IDF has left Nasser Hospital. In its activity there, it apprehended no less than 200 armed terrorists, and found a large weapons cache. When it left, it brought a generator, fuel, baby formula, and medical supplies as well as meals to the hospital. But of course, no one will mention that ever, anywhere.

A circumcision ceremony took place for the great-grandson of Rabbi Beni Kalmanzon, whose son Elchanon fell in the line of duty on 8/10 in Kibbutz Be’eri. Elchanon was fighting side by side with his son Etial, the father of the newborn. Rabbi Beni was the sandak, or godfather, and the child was named Elchanon, after his grandfather. This is our strength, O Israel.

MK Smotrich: ‘The “ceasefire talks’ are being held in an insane manner. The next deal has to be a better one than the last one in terms of ceasefire days and the number of terrorists exchanged for hostages, not an immeasurably worse one than last time!”

I agree.

Not every Gazan wants a ceasefire. An anonymous Gazan man has posted online encouraging Hamas to continue fighting: “We will eat animal food. We will eat sand. The important thing is to destroy the enemy, to have an October 8, and October 9, and October 10….”

Now do you see why we have to finish the job and can’t afford to pity them?

Israel Today is reporting that Egypt, Qatar and Turkey are preparing their own plan for the “day after” the Gaza war, which sees Gaza ruled by a unity government including both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. The goal is to turn Hamas into a party like the Muslim Brotherhood with no military arm within the broader Palestinian Authority political structure. Hamas is now reportedly willing to consider this option, given its present circumstances.

In your best tunnel dreams, Hamas, PLO! We didn’t fight terrorists just to reinstate them so more of our people will have to fight and die. Delusional.

My friends and I have lived through so many funerals of so many of our best and brightest, the talented, committed young IDF patriots who have fought so hard and given their young lives to save our country from these fiends. The fallen have bequeathed to us this parting legacy: “Let not our deaths be in vain.”

We will never forget. Israel must do everything to honor that request and legacy, including defending the country against those selfish interests which are the antithesis of everything they believed in and stood for.

All of them died to bring home the hostages.

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5 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 25 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. Ryan Keogh Reply

    It’s like Dave Mustaine and Megadeth said, “Peace Sells, But Who’s Buying?”.

    • KD Reply

      Here’s what I say to all the snowflakes out there, who want everyone else to self-censor and not say what they know to be true, lest the emotions of the precious little snowflakes overcome them:

      What do you mean I “hurt your feelings?”
      I didn’t know you had any feelings
      What do you mean I “ain’t kind?”
      I’m just not your kind.

      (Dave Mustaine.)

  2. Ellen Calderon Reply

    You are always so right in telling only truth we real American Jews side only with Israel.

  3. Arlene Reply

    Bravo again Naomi (I feel like I know you after reading all your books; seeing you in person so many times-recently here in Boca Raton; and following all your fantastic posts) Keep writing and keep fighting.

  4. Audrey Travis Reply

    Only in regards to Israel and Jews would the (antisemitic) world insist that the winner of this war forced upon on should desist and give in to the enemy’s demands. No!! Finish them off for the sake of ALL Am Yisrael.

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