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Gaza War Diary: 25 DECEMBER 2023

In general, I do my best to avoid reading the sickening propaganda being spread by Israel’s enemies all over the world. One of the worst calumnies is the vicious lie that Israel is deliberately targeting civilians, particularly women and children. Even Joe Biden, our so-called “friend,” has said Israel’s forces are bombing “indiscriminately,” a blood libel if ever there was one. Our soldiers are paying with their lives for avoiding just that.

I suppose it is unnecessary to ask who is responsible for these untruths being spread. I recently came across an article published by Honest Reporting entitled “The Battle Over Casualty Counts in Gaza” published on December 11, 2023, which calmly took the statistics being published daily by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs citing the Hamas-run Ministry of Health and Government Media Office. Should we be surprised that a UN agency is working hand in glove with a terrorist organization? Not if our experience with UNWRA is to be believed. The article proves beyond all reasonable doubt what is nourishing these poisonous lies.

First of all, the reason for all civilian deaths in Gaza is that Hamas embeds itself among civilians. Just yesterday the IDF provided a video of rocket launchers in the front yard of a private home with the activator on top of the refrigerator, so that the lady of the house can murder Jews while cooking pancakes, I suppose. How convenient! Another video showed a Hamas tunnel pier next to a crib, and machine guns and bullets inside toy boxes in a kindergarten.

Nevertheless, whatever the circumstances, we know that our soldiers aren’t interested in killing children, while we know Hamas deliberately targets them in the cruelest manner possible. But if you study statistics, the deliberate effort to falsely inflate Gazan civilian casualties, particularly those of women and children, sometimes reaches ridiculous proportions so obvious that it should have been picked up on by even the stupidest journalist. To wit:

“The UN reported on Dec. 5 a cumulative total of 16,248 Gazan fatalities, 1,041 more than it reported on Dec. 2. Inexplicably, however, over the same period the UN reported 1,353 new fatalities among women and children—even more than the number of new deaths those days. To square the figures, Hamas would have us believe that the cumulative number of men of any age killed in Gaza declined by 312, from 4,563 to 4,251, over these three days.”

It is absolutely scandalous that a UN agency is providing Hamas-terrorist propaganda talking points to the world press, which is repeating it mindlessly or maliciously, take your pick.

While almost all the world press is complicit, Al Jazeera, the Qatari-financed Goebbels-inspired network, has actively adopted the role of Hamas Ministry of Propaganda. Al Jazeera is publishing Hamas supplied videos of the deaths of Israeli soldiers, as well as ridiculous statistics on Hamas battle “victories.” This is no doubt where that tunnel-rat, Sinwar, seems to be getting his information, making himself a laughing stock by his recent letter claiming Hamas has killed 1,600 Israeli soldiers. As of this morning, the number is 155. Only someone in a Gaza tunnel who hasn’t seen the light of day for over two months could believe that. Nevertheless, as the leader of this merry band of delusional genocidal maniacs, it is Sinwar who has to agree to a ceasefire. That his refusal is fueled by these lies means that Qatari and UN propaganda has been and will be responsible no less than Iran for the deaths of many more Gazans.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government, including its Ministry of Defense, has not followed through on shutting down Al Jazeera’s bureau in Gaza, despite its harmful and despicable behavior. This is absolutely inexplicable to me. Al Jazeerah is helping Hamas win the propaganda war against Israel, which is just as vital as our military war, and equally endangers our army and our civilians.

More than that, these lies encourage worldwide antisemitism. It is Israel’s obligation to take a stand against them. I encourage you to tell the Israeli government just that.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 25 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. Stu Tarlowe

    Really? The worst you can think of to say about Joe Biden is to label him a “so-called ‘friend'”? Are you not capable of seeing, and labeling, him as an enemy? I’ll bet you’d still vote for him, as will most American Jews, who refuse to wake up and realize that the Democrats and their base consist of people who hate America and, ultimately, hate themselves (and this administration has no shortage of self-hating Jews, e.g., Blinken, Garland, Mayorkas, to name just a few; it means nothing; even Hitler had Jews in his inner circle). We don’t think of Joe Biden being capable of subtlety, but that’s precisely how the subtext of his remarks, ostensibly “standing with Israel,” must be characterized, as that subtext carries the Democrat Party’s (and Barack Obama’s) true agenda for Israel and, ultimately, for America as we know it.

  2. Karen Shulman-Osberg-Asbeck

    I’m so glad to read this. I’ve been screaming this at my TV and saying it to anyone who will listen to me. I was beginning to think I was the only person in my neck of the woods who could see all the lies and deceit. It continually blows my mind that people but the nonsense, literal nonsensical lies. Naomi, how can we, Americans, make our voices heard to the Israeli government? I will happily do so.

  3. Ryan Keogh

    Another one is Middle East Eye. They just released a video of a Hamas hostage who was released saying she arm-wrestled with her Hamas guard. In the comments, the audience took this as evidence of the “humanity” of Hamas, and how good they were to their captives. They ate it up like it was breakfast. One comment reads “They were treated so well with respect, while Palestinian children detained by Israel are brutalized, beaten, and tortured. This is so upsetting.”, another “Shukraan for this people’s honesty no stories of rape propaganda ❤” and “Ask any Palestinian prisoner , what happened with them in Israeli prison, then know the difference!
    Islam values everyone”. Sickening.

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