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You are probably being bombarded by Hamas propaganda about how Israel targets hospitals and doctors. This is really what happened:

 From Abu Ali Express:
“Last night (Sunday), following IDF intelligence, IAF aircraft attacked a clinic in the Darj neighborhood of Gaza City, eliminating senior terrorist Muhammad Salah, responsible for projects and development in Hamas’ Weapons Manufacturing Headquarters. Salah was part of a project to develop strategic weaponry for the Hamas terrorist organization, and he commanded a number of Hamas terrorist squads that worked on developing weapons.”

So where did Hamas hide him? In a medical clinic! And then they protest when Dr. Hani Ja’farawi, responsible for the evacuation and medical emergency services in Gaza, is also killed. The good doctor shouldn’t have agreed to hide Salah. Or maybe he didn’t have a choice? In any case, all responsibility is on Hamas, who called Salah “a medical worker.” Now Hamas propaganda is working overtime. How many people are going to continue to fall for this?

For the first time since the closure of the Rafah crossing, Israel will allow Gazan children with cancer to leave the Strip through the Kerem Shalom crossing for medical treatment abroad. This is the first attempt of its kind, coordinated by the World Health Organization. Let me just say I am in favor of exporting as many Gazans as possible – sick or well – “abroad,” through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses the “day after”:

“There will be military control in the Strip, but we would also like to create a Palestinian civil administration to manage the Strip. The IDF offered this 5 months ago to Gazan clans, but it did not take long until Hamas eliminated them.” Which only proves that the elimination of Hamas is necessary for there to be any possibility to implement “the day after” plans, which get rid of the genocidal regime eager to murder or martyr their own population.

A few minutes ago, Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi gave a very encouraging talk to soldiers in Rafah: “We are clearly approaching the point where we say we have dismantled the Rafah Brigade. This is reflected in the number of terrorists killed, in the destroyed infrastructure, and in the fighting underground which is very complex… The decisive point we are reaching is not in terms of there being no more terrorists left, but in the sense that the Hamas Rafah Brigade no longer knows how to function as a fighting unit. It already has many dead, and you will take care until the end of the mission here to kill as many terrorists as possible and to destroy as much infrastructure as possible going forward. Very much appreciated, what is happening here. It is very, very impressive professionally, keep it up,” he told them.

I’m sure it boosted morale. It sure boosted mine.

Gallant is going to Washington to talk directly with those in charge. Apparently, Netanyahu’s public outcry against the Biden administration’s “inconceivable” withholding of arms shipments, has caused a fierce outcry among those doing the withholding, who claim they have no idea what Netanyahu is talking about (I’ll bet!).

According to Times of Israel, Gallant was “accompanied by his chief of staff Shachar Katz, his military secretary Brig. Gen. Guy Markizano, and the director of the ministry’s Political-Military Bureau, Dror Shalom. They are set to hold meetings with senior officials in the American military and present Israel’s plans for a potential major offensive against the Hezbollah terror group in Lebanon, as well as presenting the results of the ongoing operation in Gaza’s Rafah, which is expected to wind down in the next few weeks and move to a phase of targeted raids. The visit was also set to touch on Iran’s nuclear program, which according to the UN watchdog has contined to expand throughout Israel’s war against its proxies.”

There is a website called : “7.10 360º“. It’s a marvel, but difficult to navigate if you don’t speak Hebrew. It has an interactive map of the entire area under attack on October 7 and you can click anywhere for more detailed information about what was happening all over the area.

It was there I came across the story of 18 year-old Noam David who was a student in the Upper Galilee Ein Prat Israel Academy for Leadership, headed by legendary soldier Erez Eshel. It is a pre-army program “established with the goal of creating conceptual and behavioral changes in all spheres of Israeli society and government, in order to attain a high quality of life, a model society, and an improved country.” If Noam David is an example, they certainly succeeded.

On October 7, as the missiles started raining down, Eshel ran to his student dormitory and asked for volunteers. He was going down south to help. Noam, a strong, beautiful young man who had only once in his life shot a gun in a target range on a trip to America, asked to go along, having no idea –  along with Erez- just what they were getting themselves into.

In a story which reads like a real-life action hero adventure – and one that makes Tom Cruise look like a pussy cat – teacher and student risked their lives, ferrying the dying and injured to medical care again and again and again all the while being shot at by Hamas terrorists. They saved dozens of lives.

It’s a story that fills me with so many complex emotions – first of all, the morality of taking a young student into such a dangerous situation, and yet also the extraordinary circumstances that made it the right thing to do. Both Noam and Erez returned, miraculously, alive and uninjured. It’s a story that makes you understand the kind of young Israelis who are going to be the next leaders of this marvelous country of ours.

Truly super heroes.

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5 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 24 JUNE 2024”

  1. Phillip Erickson Reply

    Contradictions. Why is it that the moving story of Noam David causes me such consternation? He is young and a male like the 12 dead Israelis (mostly aged 19 to 21) who recently lost their lives in defense of their people. Yet, it is the youth of the world who are the majority useful idiots who support the genocide of Jews.

    Why is it that I see so many young women at these anti-Semitic rages? Yet, many of the commentators I respect are women (Viz. Naomi Ragen, Melanie Phillips, Carolyn Glick, Andrea Widburg, Monica Showalter, Olivia Murray, Miranda Devine, Rita Panahi, Julie Burchill to name but a few). Is it because these commentators are not girls – they are mature women with life experience. Contradictions – I see the brave and beautiful young women in the IDF who volunteer to defend their people. It cannot be youth or gender – something deeper is involved.

  2. Sara Reply

    I listened to an excellent podcast today called ‘Call Me Back with Dan Senor. It was about a ‘Day After document’ -with professor Netta Barak-Corren. It seemed extremely well researched and thought out. I highly recommend listening.It gave me some hope.
    There seem to be so many young heroes in Israel.
    Biden has created so many unnecessary problems from the get go. Sad to observe such a selfish human, putting Israel is such a dangerous position all to protect his leadership. I hope it works 100% against him.

  3. Eva Lande Reply

    Frustrating that Yahya has still not been caught. You’d think that somebody would sell him out.

  4. Sarah Reply

    I read of Noam some months back. As you say, what a beautiful young man. The heroics he and his teacher displayed surpass any movie. This was real.

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