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Gaza War Diary: 24 JANUARY 2024

The catastrophic accident that befell the IDF yesterday in Gaza, with the resulting loss of 21 precious soldiers, has not slowed the IDF down. Much to its credit, the IDF has increased its motivation and its activities. We now know what these forces were doing there: a kilometer and a half from the Israeli town of Kissufim, the IDF is creating a buffer zone which will be manned permanently by Israeli forces so that any attack against Israel will be seen almost literally a mile away.

To do this, the IDF is clearing the area of civilian housing, orchards, hothouses, and anything else where weapons and hidden entrances to underground tunnels and rocket launchers exist. Along with this, it has completed the encirclement of the main stronghold of the Hamas’ terrorist army in West Khan Yunis, including its senior leadership.

The plan is that when Israelis return home to Kfar Aza and Kerem Shalom, Nir Oz, Kfar Aza, and the western neighborhoods of Sderot, the landscape from their windows will be entirely different. Likewise, the Gazan who goes home to Gaza City will no longer be able to see Israeli children over the border. This means that rockets can no longer be fired towards Israel from so close to the border.

Thousands of mines have been used to blow up these buildings. Why doesn’t Israel bomb them from the air, preventing the kind of disaster on the ground we just witnessed? Because aerial bombing apparently doesn’t destroy multistory buildings as effectively. Besides, experts who know have said Israel has to save these bombs for the coming war with Hezbollah.

Why is Israel destroying apartment houses? Because, besides creating a flat landscape for the buffer zone, in ground operations the IDF has found weapons in every single house in the Gaza neighborhoods it has attacked. The number of homes Hamas uses is so vast, even compared to the thousands of kilometers of tunnels that need to be blown up, that the IDF has to pick and choose, especially since Uncle Joe is no longer a reliable source for weapons. It is said that with the war in the Ukraine, the US simply doesn’t have enough bombs to give.

And then there is the problem of America’s unreasonable demands. For example, Israel proposed a two month ceasefire in exchange for hostage releases. Hamas categorically refused, but Joe still insists Israel do it anyway, with absolutely nothing in return!

Sorry, Joe. Israel is going to have to learn to manufacture its own bombs in the near future. I guarantee this will happen and they will be exporting them soon after because they will be the best bombs in the world. Trust me.

To create this buffer zone, Israel is going to have to expropriate a swathe of territory one and a half kilometers wide from Gaza, which is 9 kilometers wide. Of course the UN, the New York Times, Secretary Winkin Blinkin and Nod are categorically opposed to anything that might give Israel some actual security advantages as a result of this war and the loss of so many Israeli soldiers and civilians. John Kirby, spokesman for The National Security Council at the White House: “We do not want to see a reduction in the Gazan territory under any circumstances!” Surprisingly, they have never had any problem suggesting reductions in Israeli territory.

Dear Mr. Kirby, just look at what Gazans have done to the territory ceded them in naïve good will by the Israelis! Just look – the tunnels, the weapons in every house and under every mosque and school. This isn’t a country, these aren’t normal people. It is one giant terrorist operation directed at mayhem, rape and murder of Jews. October 7 was the preview.

Perhaps in an indirect response, yesterday the IDF’s 98th division announced the encirclement of the largest city in the Gaza Strip, Khan Yunis. The IDF believes that Hamas senior leadership is inside this circle, in the Kasbah and City Hall square, but hasn’t ruled out that they’ve already fled to Rafah, or the coastal city Deir al-Balah into which the IDF has yet to enter. Because Khan Yunis is still full of Gazans, IDF units Maglan and Egoz, which specialize in surgical combat techniques, are being deployed.

I just heard the most amazing diatribe by a Gazan against Hamas. I can’t translate the whole thing, which was translated into subtitles from Arabic to Hebrew by Abu Ali Express, but to summarize, the very, very angry Gazan asks Hamas: So, what’s the plan? What are you trying to accomplish? You want to free Hamas prisoners by holding 150 Israeli hostages? For this we are being annihilated, starved, without medical attention as you sit in your five-star hotels? You want to disrupt normalization of relations between Israel and the Arab world? Saudi Arabia already said it won’t normalize without a Palestinian State being set up. You talk about the sacrifices of millions killed in the war to rid Algeria of the French? But the Israelis were already out of Gaza. What are we being freed from? What are you making us sacrifice our lives for? What’s your plan? You suck.

And I’ll end with a parable I saw on Facebook: A woman finds a cute little snake all alone and hungry. She feeds it, cares for it, and eventually takes it home where she dotes on it, letting it sleep beside her in bed every night. Then one day, her little pet stops eating. Dismayed, she hurries to the vet who examines it and asks her some questions, especially about it sleeping next to her in bed. “He’s not sick,” the vet informs her. “He’s stopped eating because he is measuring you and his ability to digest you when he eats you.”

And that sums up Israel’s romance with the Gazans. We allowed them to work in Israel in the thousands. We treated them and their children for free in our hospitals, for everything from heart disease to cancer, saving their lives. We gave them a completely unoccupied land, providing them with free electricity and water. And then there came October 7. Only by some miracle, are we not all dead and devoured and being digested.

Never again. No cease fire. A buffer zone in Gaza manned by the IDF forever so that all our people can return to our southern border.

And next stop: freeing our northern border from Hezbollah. No more surprises, no more treating the snakes like pets. It’s a new era. Biden can’t win over the Hamas Democrats in Michigan at the expense of the blood of our children.

Enemies, so-called allies, so-called friends, listen up! This is a new Israel that doesn’t keep snakes as pets. Listen to what the average Gazan is saying. Put your pressure on Hamas: release our hostages and surrender.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 24 JANUARY 2024”

  1. David

    It is perverse how so many (the majority it seems) don’t see the contradiction of being both pro-Hamas and pro-Palestinian.

  2. Gary Davis

    Truer words have not been spoken!
    And to add, you would make a fabulous spokesperson on the main stage!

  3. Golda urmacher

    We need you as prime minister and in the Knesset
    Perhaps more women are needed in politics
    Your men are too busy fighting each other to be. Of any value to Israel

    Peace for Israel and fellow jews around the world

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