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Gaza War Diary: 24 DECEMBER 2023

A dear friend and I caught up with each other by phone this morning. I told her about my grandson blowing up tunnels, and she told me about her granddaughters’ boyfriends in Gaza, and how the girls are living with a daily sense of terror over what might happen.

“I just think I’ve had all I can take,” I said. “All those photos of those beautiful young girls killed on October 7, and then every, single day, more photos—six, seven, eight—of our beautiful young men killed in Gaza. I just don’t have any more room in my heart for more sorrow to enter. It is full to breaking. I can’t read any more stories, read any more names, see any more photos. Maybe tomorrow.”

She agreed. “I think we’ll be living with what is happening to us now for the rest of our lives. It’s going to be part of us, our history. And it’s going to take many years to come to terms with it. Every single one who was killed is a whole family destroyed: parents, siblings, grandparents, friends. So much sorrow.”

“It’s the new normal. We aren’t ever going to be able to go back to where we were before, are we?”

She, post chemo, and thank G-d doing well, has a ton of medical tests during the next few weeks. “Just because of the security situation, that doesn’t mean life stops.”

So true. We still have our doctors’ appointments, surgeries, and mammograms. Except now, the only doctors left in Israeli hospitals are Arabs, because the Jewish doctors have all been called up.

I have so many questions that have no answers.

Why, when it is so clear that Hamas is stealing all humanitarian aid coming into Gaza, are we still agreeing to keep letting it in? Why isn’t anyone demanding that an equitable distribution system be set up? Why doesn’t anyone—America, the UN, even the Palestinians—care?

Today, A Gazan child, Achmad Brecha, was shot in the head by Hamas in Southern Gaza for taking supplies from an aid truck commandeered by Hamas. In revenge, his Gazan family set fire to a Hamas police station and set tires burning, publicizing the photo of the Hamas policeman responsible and vowing revenge. Videos of Hamas shooting into crowds of Gazans forced to steal the aid packages actually meant for them are also all over the internet.

Does absolutely no one care? Not even the Harvard protestors?

Certainly, the Arabs don’t care. A new poll conducted by the Palestinian Research Center shows support for Hamas has tripled in the West Bank since October 7. If elections were held tomorrow, Hamas would win by a landslide both in the West Bank and Gaza.

Can anyone explain to me why these people, who have seen their lives reduced to poverty, hunger, misery and death by Hamas, still feel this way? Are they simply imbeciles? Or does fanatic hatred destroy a person’s common sense and even the instinct for self-preservation? Even the Nazis became a little less enamored of Hitler when Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin were bombed to hell.

Can anyone explain to me how the warm endorsement by Ismail Haniyeh of the UN Secretary General and the UN’s latest proposal has failed to arouse any sense of disgust or irony, let alone protests? Can anyone explain why the UN should not be shut down and all its members and representatives sent packing, the building torn down to make way for a soccer field?

Can anyone explain why Al Jazeera is allowed to keep broadcasting news supplied by terrorists? Why the NY Times rehired their “reporter” who proclaimed Hitler his hero?

Today the recently passed law requiring the country of origin for produce sold to Israeli consumers went into effect, allowing Israelis to avoid, for example, all products from Turkey. I guarantee I’m not buying a matchstick from Turkey. Ever.

Hezbollah is apparently pulling back some of its forces from the border with Israel in wake of determined and fierce IDF attacks, including the Redwan forces. For those unaware, the al-Hajj Radwan Force (also spelled Redwan or Ridwan) is a special operations unit of Hezbollah trained since the 1990’s whose main mission is to infiltrate Israeli territory, especially the Galilee and northern Israel, and attack in much the same way Hamas did in the South. Obviously, they are of special concern to the IDF.

Early reports leaked to Israeli websites say that a new Egyptian proposal for a ceasefire has been transferred to Israel. The agreement is similar to that which Israel proposed last week and which was rejected by Hamas, including the release of 40 hostages, including all remaining women hostages, men over sixty, and all those injured or requiring medical treatment. In return, Israel would halt fighting for one or two weeks. Other parts of the proposal allegedly include the exchange of dead bodies, and—if you can believe it—the release of all Hamas prisoners taken in the current war being held in Israeli jails.

I find that impossible to believe, especially since not a day goes by that Netanyahu doesn’t reiterate that we will keep fighting until we are victorious. We are not letting the Nokhba forces, the animals who committed the atrocities, out except at the end of a rope, or after a firing squad dispatches them to their (hopefully ugly) 72 virgins. To make sure their last moments are perfect, IDF women soldiers must do the shooting because according to the terrorists’ beliefs no virgins await a shahid killed by a woman.


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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 24 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. Gary Davis

    Thanks again Naomi and the others readers comments. It’s like the worst nightmare that just goes on and on. And the World really does have too many imbeciles!

  2. Mirel

    Hi Naomi!

    Unfortunately, I have no answers to any of your questions, although I wonder about them too.

    We are all going through difficult days with so many loved ones called up, so many friends and relatives in the army. We all seem to live in fear of the next names to be announced on the radio. Five weeks ago, it was my daughter-in-law’s nephew, Dvir Barazani, whose name was among those announced. We were at his brit, we were at his bar mitzvah, but there will be no more happy occasions that we will be able to celebrate with him again. Instead, it was his funeral, his shiva, the aliya l’kever after the shiva, the shloshim that we attended.

    Dvir’s mother, Tali, has always had the most beautiful smile. When I heard the news, that was one of the first thoughts that entered my head: what will be with Tali’s lovely smile? She still has two lovely daughters at home, a family. But it seems that Dvir worried about that too. For at the shloshim, Tali spoke about Dvir, and his last message to her. His last words to her? “Sadness is a terrible burden that weighs a person down. So don’t be sad, be happy!”

    That thought has resonated within me ever since. When I feel myself pulled down by all the news, I remember those words and pull myself up again. Am Yisrael Chai, but also the spirit of Israel cannot be broken! Yes, I will cry for the terrible loss of the fallen, then wipe my eyes and carry on, glad that we’re still here, grateful for the love of the best of our youth who gave their all for all of us. And the only way for us to repay them is by staying strong.
    Am Yisrael Chai!


  3. Ellen Poor

    Yes, the world seems to be run by imbeciles. I totally agree with everything you wrote. It pains me that we are being overcome by hate for our fellow man. Oops, not PC. I shudder to think of the world my grandchildren will be in. Two of them begin college within the next 1 1/2 years.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Ryan Keogh

    Al Jazeera outed themselves as Hamas sympathizers without a doubt when they ran an opinion article which called for Hamas to have a seat in the post-war Gazan government, and the article claimed it would be in the interest of democracy. I’m sorry, were the Nazis allowed to run for office after WW2? I think not. I think I can give my theories to maybe one or two of your questions.

    1. “Does absolutely no one care? Not even the Harvard protestors?”
    I just looked up what you said about the Gazan Aid and the killing of the boy, and I found it, but the story seems to have been drowned out by other stories of the conflict, mainly protests. It doesn’t mean that nobody is reporting on it though, on the contrary. I think people just click on one article and then just go with that one, and maybe ignore the other stories.

    2.”Can anyone explain to me why these people, who have seen their lives reduced to poverty, hunger, misery and death by Hamas, still feel this way? Are they simply imbeciles? Or does fanatic hatred destroy a person’s common sense and even the instinct for self-preservation? Even the Nazis became a little less enamored of Hitler when Dresden, Hamburg and Berlin were bombed to hell.”

    I can think of a few reasons, the sunk cost fallacy being one. I can imagine why the West Bank population has high support for Hamas. Maybe they figure that since the troops are occupied in Gaza, this could be the opportunity to throw of the Israeli “colonizers” once and for all, poverty notwithstanding. It is also easier to support the war when it doesn’t really involve you, by which I mean the West Bank is not currently being pulverized. As for the people in Gaza still supporting Hamas, many no doubt still genuinely believe in the ideology, but I would imagine many fear speaking out against them because they wouldn’t want retribution. Even in the Third Reich’s final days, many could, and would be hanged for “defeatism”. There is also the simple fact that people might have a hard time speaking out against Hamas when they’re getting bombed and are starving. It could also be fanatic hatred like you said.

    Anyway, that is just what I think and my 2 cents. I think Israel is making a big mistake with all these ceasefires, but I know the hostages are still there, and the families want them back. I can do nothing except hope for the best for the hostages and the soldiers currently in Gaza.

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