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The Jewish holiday of freedom and return to the Jewish homeland that is Passover came at a perfect time. Just as we in Israel are feeling the existential threat to our lives in our homeland, surrounded by universal misunderstanding and hatred, comes the story of how the Jews were oppressed and enslaved, universally hated and exploited, and how from this bleakest of realities came an unforeseen and unexpected redemption.

I think all of us needed the Seder night, which is the most clannish, family oriented holiday in the Jewish calendar. We needed to reconnect with each other as part of a large family with a shared history of experiencing the lows of being targeted by the worst humanity has to offer, as well as the highs of a connection with a Divine overseer Who escorts us to safety through outright miracles.

We needed to say out oud to each other and to the new generation: Not only in that generation did they try to kill us, but in every generation they rise to destroy our people, and our G-d – Blessed Be He – saves us from their hands.”

I spent the holiday with my son and his family. Both my son and my daughter in-law were together with us on Seder night in 2001 when Hamas terrorists blew up the Park Hotel in Netanya. Just as we walked out of that attempt on our lives without a scratch, so now too, we are being saved despite experiencing once again the terrifying determination of Iran and its murderous proxies Hezbollah and Hamas to see the Jewish people perish, in and outside of the Land of Israel. Once more, an effort is being exerted to expunge the Jewish people from the pages of history.

Who out there, even the most rational and least connected to religious feeling or the G-d of Israel, has not felt the breath of the Divine kiss his or her face when hundreds of Hamas rockets failed to kill a single Israeli?

 We are called, in the Torah portion we read last Shabbat, “the army of G-d.” And our G-d is called: “Adonai Tsvaot”, the G-d of armies. In Kings 2, Chapter 6 the servant of Elisha goes out in the morning and sees the Syrian army encamped in full force surrounding the city. He is terrified.

“Oh no, my lord! What shall we do?” the servant asks Elisha.

“Don’t be afraid,” the prophet answered. “Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

The unseen forces at play in this conflict are undeniable. Eventually, it is my belief, that the blindness afflicting mankind which prevents them from seeing those forces of good, of the Divine, working on our side, will be cured. Our of blindness will come vision.

For what else would you call it when young college students praise the savages of Hamas, and hold up signs: “By any means possible.” What does that mean? That they, the former snowflakes who were terrified of micro aggressions like being called she, when they were a she, or he, when they were a he, can now stomach cutting the head off a baby to achieve their “goals”? Perhaps they never were snowflakes, just Nazis in transition from one leader (the kings of woke) to another leader (the terrorists of Hamas), in transition from pretending to champion good, to an all out embrace of evil.

One day soon, I hope, the eyes of all the world will open to the great pit yawning before mankind into which they will all be swallowed. For the Jewish people have not, and will never, stand alone. If mankind persists in its blindness, then the consequences will be dire. “For those who are with us, are more than those who are with them.”

Also present on the first day of Passover, were the many heroes presented in the book I was reading: One Day in October by Yair Almog, published by Koren Press which is currently available in Hebrew, but will be coming out in English. Read it.

There you will connect with the kindergarten teacher who sent her soldier son into battle, and then followed him as he confronted the terrorists in their city, using her car to ferry him and dozens of others wounded, to medical facilities. You will meet the young man who hid in an old caravan with seven others at the Nova festival, and experience with him the miracle of surviving attempts by dozens of Hamas terrorists armed with machine guns and RPG’s and cans full of flammable liquids as they unsuccessfully attempt to kill everyone inside, and how all were rescued after terrifying hours trapped inside. You will watch a young soldier clutch a Hamas grenade to his chest to save his fellow soldiers; a young mother and father who make a fateful decision to save their month old-baby. It is a book of miracles; a book of heroes; the story of the army of G-d.

“For those who are with us, are more than those who are with them.”

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6 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 24 APRIL 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    I just came across an interesting article by Victor David Hanson, in which he lays out one possible analysis of some of the motives of the Biden administration. You can find the article on his website. The article is entitled “War by Affirmative Action.”

    Here is the link.

  2. Sara Reply

    Naomi, thanks again for another poignant blog post. I agree, our faith is everything right now. I have been so distraught with the goings on in the American Universities…how can the be allowed? And yes, woke has become wacko, or even Waco!! I was thinking that someone should project the video of the horrific Oct 7th massacre,,the one reserved for only disbelieving media, or at least the ones brave enough to watch- upon the walls of these universities. I was saying to my husband this morning, why is there no criteria for someone to become a world leader except you have to be good looking or have acted on TV? Should there not be a requirement to have some sort of major education and experience in macro economics and geo politics? In any case my belief is as yours. We have God and we will prevail as a people and a nation.

    • KD Reply


      The Scottish comedian Billy Connolly once said that the very desire to be a politician should bar you from ever becoming one.

      PS If any readers of this blog have never experienced Billy Connolly, I give you: An Audience With Billy Connolly.


  3. Eva Lande Reply

    There seems to be another book with the same name:
    One day in October by Yair Agmon and Oriyah Mevorach.
    Anybody knows anything about this one?

  4. Audrey Travis Reply

    At our second Seder last night we talked about the reality that we, ourselves are in a generation when people are openly espousing a desire to kill Jews, even here in America. We decided that from now on we must think of ourselves as Jews, first and foremost rather than as Americans or in my case Canadian. We stand tall and proud and Jewish.
    Am Yisrael Chai!✡️🇮🇱✡️

  5. Gig Berkowitz Reply

    Naomi, first, a belated but ongoing Zissen Peseach. Your words today were not only strong, but encouraging. You’ve identified what ails the world and we can only hope that somewhere, somehow a bright light will shine upon them and awaken them to the marvelous truths that they’ve been bashing. As you noted, it’s been forever that the world wants to destroy us. And, this is rooted in the antisemetic lies that are espoused by those who are incapable of understanding just how strong we are. G-d had it right. We’re going to be OK.

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