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“Violence. Lies. Power. Intrigue. Everything has changed for the worse. The darkness is spreading all over the world, which is sinking into chaos, engulfed in war, plague, famine, and causeless hatred.”

This, with some editorial changes, is the beginning of the movie Medieval, which takes place in the 1400’s. But I couldn’t help thinking it describes our own times perfectly.

What is there to say? A terror group openly invades, rapes, murders and kidnaps citizens of a sovereign nation, killing 1,500 people in the name of religious and ideological causeless hatred, and a few months later the narrative has completely turned around, the terrorists becoming the victims. The streets of sophisticated capitals of the free world dissolve into anarchy as supporters of the terrorists demand that institutions and governments back the savages responsible for beginning the war, and these governments, and their police force and army stand back, removing those who object to the takeover of their streets, mostly by immigrants allowed in because they were fleeing savage Islamic regimes.

This goes much deeper than the Israel-Hamas conflict. Matt Godwin in a recent column explained how grooming gangs of mostly Pakistani immigrants to Great Britain have abused and raped thousands of British children, mostly girls, and it is impossible to deport them. Most have not even been brought to trial. I am sure similar stories are rife in the Scandinavian countries and in America, where unchecked illegal immigration has brought the degeneracy of Islamic sexual abuse of women and children to the West, which simply cannot cope so has decided to turn a blind eye.

A Turkish man who came to Israel as a tourist and then tried to knife an Israeli soldier in the back and was eliminated, is getting a hero’s funeral in Istanbul today.

Today I also saw a photo of a meeting in Teheran of a broadly smiling Haniyeh, head of Hamas, embracing broadly smiling members of the Taliban. Only a few years ago the Taliban shocked the world with their savagery, their slave markets filled with kidnapped girls, and now college students support Haniyeh who embraces them!

Since being targeted by the West for annihilation, the Taliban too have enjoyed a vigorous comeback, continuing their crimes against the women of Afghanistan without the West saying “boo.” It’s a moral failure of spectacular proportions.

And yet, from seventy-year old members of a swim class in Canada to New York City high school students, everyone is furious with the decent, moral, struggling democracy of Israel, fighting a defensive war against murderous zombies; an army whose soldiers haven’t raped anyone and who have risked their lives to protect enemy civilians, however embedded Hamas is in their homes and schools and mosques and hospitals.

The terrorists of Hezbollah fired hundreds of rockets into the Galilee, causing serious wildfires that we are struggling to contain. The further we go into Rafah where terrorists are holding our people, the more the rocket fire increases, the criticism and fury heightens, the rabid antisemitism deepens, Western quislings capitulate and local Israeli morons bellow to end the war and withdraw.

Journalist Amit Segal produced a video in which he presents Israeli leaders demanding such withdrawals over the years. It’s a shocking film, where these “leaders” talk about how Israel has nothing to lose: “If they dare attack, we’ll annihilate them.” Again and again and again. Withdrawals without victory, without peace, forced down our throats and agreed to by our politicians because of public pressure from short-sighted idiots who have left our country open to what we are now facing. We won all of those wars, and then we gave in and lost our victories. Withdrawals from Egypt, from Lebanon, from Judea and Samaria with the disastrous Oslo Accords, and most horrific of all, the Disengagement, in which the IDF was sent to forcibly remove Jews from settlements in Gaza that protected us from rocket fire and terrorism.

Hopefully, this time it will be different. The IDF has three full divisions in Gaza. It says it expects to deepen the fight. 180 terrorists have been killed so far in Rafah. I have no doubt that’s a drop in the bucket. May the IDF continue. May nothing convince them to stop, because this time, unlike previous withdrawals, there is no fig leaf to cover the disastrous consequences. No one can claim we didn’t know what would happen.

A father and son taken prisoner in Gaza calmly explain how they went into Kibbutz Nir Oz, and each of them, together with a third person, raped a 30 year old woman there. “After we raped her, my father killed her,” the son tells the camera expressionlessly, showing no remorse, no sense of having committed a despicable crime. How I would love to see him in front of a firing squad or at the end of a rope when this is all over, his ashes, his father’s and the third rapist’s scattered in the sea. But I have no doubt Israel will be under tremendous world pressure not to mete out justice to these criminals.

The IDF believes our hostages, including those poor girls we saw yesterday in captivity, are in Rafah. I see from the IDF videos how our brave soldiers are going house to house, up the stairs, into rooms in every house in that terrorist nest of vipers, risking their young lives, instead of mass bombing the place. It’s so dangerous for them. But when the world has you under a microscope, I guess that’s the only option.

Iran has decided that the helicopter crash can’t be an accident, and it must be Israel’s fault. I guess since they are so religious, they can ask Allah what happened. I’m sure that’s the last thing they’ll think of.

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5 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 23 MAY 2024”

  1. David Kaliski Reply

    Scattering ashes over the sea is too dignified.
    Their ashes should be flushed down the toilet.

  2. Karen Reply

    sometimes I feel like screaming at my government who has let Israel down spectacularly. Biden should never have forced Israel to delay, be careful, hold back. This war could’ve been over with months ago if it weren’t for this administration. I really hope that at some point Israel just gives us & the rest of the world the finger and does what needs to be done! “Rip off the bandage” quickly and just forget what anybody in the west says or threatens to do. Let’s be honest, they’re all just puffing their chests and using this to distract everyone else from what’s going wrong in our own countries. Does any other world leader really, truly care enough about the Gazan’s to do anything crazy about it? Or are they all just using it to make themselves look good (ha!), and get votes. Just get it done!

  3. Sara Reply

    Prayers that the hostages are found. Every morning I wake up and hope to see some good news…maybe it will be tomorrow morning.
    Thank you for your blog Naomi, as always, you express what we all feel.

  4. Dalya Horowitz Reply

    I am in total agreement with you. Israelis should be outraged at the reaction of the world and Jews all over the world should be supporting Israel.
    The lunatics are running the asylum. Perhaps, if we can make it to November, we will have a new President who will be pro-Israel and pro-American.
    Thanks for your wonderful commentaries.

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