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Gaza War Diary: 23 JANUARY 2024

On a day like today, I just feel like crawling into bed and pulling the covers over my head. I’m sure I’m not alone. The death of 21 Israeli soldiers in a catastrophic accident in Gaza when two terrorist anti-tank missiles were fired and by chance hit a building being wired for demolition, has hit us all in our most vulnerable place: the love of our soldiers and the love of our families. For every soldier lost, an entire family is torn asunder with grief: parents, wives, children, grandparents, in-laws… And because Israel is such a small country, you are bound to know someone who knows someone.

Gazans are gloating now in online posts about how many of our soldiers they killed, inflating the numbers, pretending it was the result of some kind of brilliant military strategy, instead of the random fire of some Hamas rat who stuck his head out of tunnel hole for a moment and fired. Israel, on the other hand, has killed over 100 Hamas terrorists over the last two days., and thousands over the past 100 days.  But we don’t brag or rejoice about deaths, even  those of our enemies.

Instead of giving into my grief, I took the train to Jerusalem and spent the day taking care of my three month-old great-granddaughter, so her Mom wouldn’t have to take her to school with her, as she usually does, especially since the weather was terrible in Jerusalem. The wind was so strong and cold, it broke my umbrella, and the rain felt like icy needles.

I haven’t cared for a baby for a very long time. I’d forgotten how delicate they are. The hair is like down. The skin is as soft as silk. How easy it is to scare a baby, I realized as I held her, trying to play all those games I hadn’t played in decades, trying to modulate my voice, to keep my movements gentle so as not to startle her.

I read that Khaled Mashal announced today that: “We reject the Two-State solution. October 7 showed that the liberation of Palestine [sic] from the river to the sea is a realistic goal and has already begun.”

I thought about those babies in Be’eri, and Kfar Aza and elsewhere, and what members of Hamas had done to them on October 7. People simply refuse to believe it, because what kind of monster could hurt a helpless baby? Who would want not only want to harm a baby, but also make it suffer? And how sick and hate-filled do you have to be to actually burn a baby, or even have the idea to put it into an oven or cut off its head? What kind of society, philosophy, religion breeds such men? The answer as we all know, and refuse categorically to admit because Western society doesn’t want us to, are Muslim Palestinians who live in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel.

These are the people to whom, reportedly, 18-24 year-olds in America would like Israelis to hand their country over. These are the people who would be the citizens of this “from the river to the sea” domain, with people like Mashal as its head of state, turning yet another piece of God’s green earth into a breeding ground for human monsters and inhuman scum. Every pro-Palestinian demonstrator is waving Mashal’s flag and saluting the scum of the earth.

When I boarded a crowded Jerusalem bus as I began my homeward journey to Zichron Ya’akov, I couldn’t help but remember the buses blown up by the suicide bombers of Hamas and the PLO right after the Oslo Accords, when we Israelis were busy teaching our kids to paint doves. Etched in my memory are all those front page photos of young school girls, grandmothers, middle-aged men, mothers and infants, exactly the same kind of faces that surrounded me now.

Why weren’t they afraid, daunted, cowering? After all, someone, a leader of the same people who had perpetrated the October 7 atrocities, had just vowed to do it again, and again, and again? And then I thought: What about you? Why aren’t you afraid to get on a train, or a bus, to visit your family at such a time?

And the answer is because the IDF is on the border now. The terrible accident that took those precious, irreplaceable lives from us, will not stop the IDF from destroying Mashal and his grand plan. Quite the opposite. The more brutal and monstrous our enemies become, the more they unite us and take away any option to come to an accommodation with them. He rejects the Two-State solution?!! Every Israeli in their right mind rejects it!! But as we all know, no one cares what Israelis want. But if this despicable excuse for a human being – made a billionaire by his supporters in Iran, Qatar, and the EU – doesn’t want it, they might listen to him.

Palestinians are reporting that the IDF is hitting Khan Yunis hard; that it has called on its residents to evacuate to safe zones. And I think: if only the residents of Khan Yunis could have done the same for the residents of Be’eri, Kfar Aza, and Sderot, as well as the beautiful young festival goers, to warn them to evacuate to safe zones before invading, destroying, raping, and butchering.

Israel has to destroy Khan Yunis. Because there are tunnel holes everywhere, and every other house is a weapons depot. And if some of the people there do not heed the warnings and choose to remain and wind up dead, it will be better for all of us, for all mankind. The moment their hate-filled hearts cease to beat, rendering them incapable of ever again harming our soldiers and our babies – whose good hearts are filled with love – will be a blessing.

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14 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 23 JANUARY 2024”

  1. sue Blake

    My heart breaks for the people in Israel, especially the children. The elderly also. the demons who are there and killing and maiming innocent people should be strung up. I can not even imagin what they are going through. I want to come over and help, but they don’t want an 82 year old. I can still llove and hug the \children.

  2. David Bornstein

    May a terrible plague break out in Gaza and wipe this inhuman life form trash off the planet in vast numbers! Not a single Muslim country wants them. They know exactly what they are dealing with!
    I say gas the tunnels, with tear gas, smoke, whatever. Flood them out.
    Ten plagues much worse than hit Egypt. LET OUR PEOPLE GO!!

  3. Gail

    Every word is so true. Please let your words be read by others not on your blog.

  4. Annie Fine

    I love how you write.
    You put into words my exact feelings and thoughts.

  5. CW Joiner


    Thank you again for your posts on the war. It gives the world a true evaluation of what is happening. Every day frustrates and angers so many people that are drowned out by the stupid college protesters.

  6. golda urmacher

    Israelis have short memories.
    I remember the school bus with 75 (?) students blown up, and sealed shut so no child could escape in Ma. a lot in 1974???
    when I mentioned it recently, as a reminder that these disgusting neanderthal’s behavior is not new, to several Israeli friends, they had forgotten!
    it along with other atrocicites are permanently seared in my brain, and will follow me to my grave.
    how can Israeli Jewish doctors treat these people and their children?
    why don’t they go to muslim doctors and muslim hospitals?
    I will no longer support hospitals that treat muslims.
    and I no longer use the erm paelsintians.
    there re no such people, no such place,
    they don’t exist, never did, never will.

  7. Ryan Keogh

    “The answer as we all know, and refuse categorically to admit because Western society doesn’t want us to, are Muslim Palestinians who live in Gaza and the West Bank of Israel.” I’m not so sure about that. Plenty of Palestinian Christians seem to be on the same wavelength as their Muslim counterparts. As an example, Joseph Massad, the professor who praised October 7th, is of Christian Lineage.

  8. Ellen Poor

    I read something this morning that over 50% of Israelis want a cease fire. How can that be true? My Israeli friends certainly don’t want that. What is going on?

  9. Eli Kowalsky

    You give lots of inspiration and hope. Thank you for your daily diaries. May Hashem bless you and your dear family to be safe and healthy and may He return all of our brave soldiers and the hostages back to their homes speedily and in good health and spirit.

  10. Ellen Krauss

    Thank you – I am so devastated today and don’t want to discuss it with anyone! Reading your email helped me a lot!🇮🇱🇮🇱🙏🙏❤️

  11. Audrey Travis

    Dear Naomi – I thank Gd for leading me to you and your absolutely honest, forthright, truthful war diary. I am an Israeli/Canadian citizen and I plan to be in Israel for Shavuot to celebrate my great niece’s Bat Mitzvah. I am definitely not afraid but optimistic and joyful to return to Eretz Yisrael. Gd bless you and Am Yisrael Chai!

  12. Judy Winestone

    Naomi, if only you could write the script for all who speak for Israel!! I just finished The Enemy Beside Me. I cried a few times but the ending left me speechless.
    Thank you for your daily journal. You are very much appreciated.

    • Wes Hagglov

      Hi Judy…I’m picking up my copy on Friday, this week…to add to my 12,000 book library…Naomi is one of my favorites…

  13. Henry Brandon

    Fortunately, you did not crawl back under the covers. Instead you took care of one of the greatest treasures that Gd and Israel could give you – a GREAT grand daughter! What a gift. You should merit many years of pleasure and nachas from her and from the holy IDF that protects both of you with His help.
    Am Yisrael Chai

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