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Gaza War Diary: 22 JANUARY 2024

Last night, while we were sleeping, I am happy to tell you, the IDF made huge progress in its battle in Gaza, conquering new areas in the west, and creating a corridor to prevent Gazans from coming back to areas they evacuated in the north. Photos online show Gazans going out into the streets of their neighborhoods to the sight of advancing Israeli tanks. Like a colony of ants just stepped on, they seem flabbergasted and hysterical.

What part of the word “war” didn’t these people understand?

What part of the word “war” doesn’t the West understand?

No, we are not giving them aid and succor, letting aid boats dock in Ashdod. Are you kidding me? Let them go hungry and thirsty, cold and shelterless. Let them rot until they release our hostages. Until they surrender.

What part of the word “surrender” don’t people understand?

How does the average Ahmad in Gaza feel now? Here are some social media posts translated by Abu Ali Express from the Arabic into Hebrew (and myself into English):

  • “As a Palestinian citizen and an uprooted Gazan who has lost so much, what did I gain from October 7?”
  • “Gaza has sacrificed so much so that Haniyeh, Mashal and Abu Marzouk can stay in their hotels. All this sacrificed so they can style their beards with lasers and Haniyeh’s lips can blush red. Enough! Enough already!!”
  • “We are slaughtered and our children, wives, old people and youth, our homes, our money is destroyed and all for nothing…”
  • “What’s important is the guys in Hamas still have it good, the ones that sent the rockets from the north, the collaborators who caused the IDF tanks that had already left to turn around and come back. What do you want from us?! Do you want to get every one of us killed? To annihilate us?”
  • “Until when do people have to wait for this war to end? Practically, the ‘resistance’ hasn’t succeeded in preventing areas getting blown up and destroyed, hasn’t prevented citizens and their children getting killed, or the ground invasion to every area in Gaza going forward. It hasn’t prevented enemy soldiers from filming videos of themselves mocking us from inside our homes, schools and on the beach front, where they show themselves carefree and relaxed. Except for those drug-takers who talk about ‘standing firm,’ and ‘honor,” and ‘resistance.’ The truth is, the ‘resistance’ has failed in protecting its people, and the politicians continue to wait until the last Gazan child is dead. All this in whose honor? For what purpose? So that Sinwar and his gangsters can come out like heroes in front of the Jordanians? Those who know, know. And those who don’t are sitting in their tunnels.”

If you read this, you’ll understand just exactly what Sinwar and Haniyeh are counting on: Israel willingly leaving under blackmail. They have no army, hardly any weapons, and their rocket launchers, cleverly hidden deep in the ground and that only rise into the open by remote control to shoot, even those have been found and dismantled because the IDF are geniuses.

No, all they have left with which to fight this war is the torture of our hostages and their use as bargaining chips. That’s their only weapon. If they succeed, then hostage-taking will become the weapon of choice of every terrorist in the world against Israel and the Jewish people, and not a single one of us will be safe, ever.

As much as our hearts bleed for each one taken and held, as much as we are prepared to sacrifice to rescue everyone, we can’t let this Nazi-inspired terrorist organization use this weapon to defeat us. We must continue and defeat them so that even the average brainwashed Gazan will remember: this is what happens to those who attack Jews. They get destroyed. They go hungry, homeless, cold in mud-soaked tents.

No one is coming in to save them, not their “fearless leaders” who started all this, the Sinwar rats in Gaza; nor their billionaire leadership in five-star Qatari hotels. Not truculent, loud-mouthed Turkey, not bloviating Iran, who is also getting bombed. No, it’s just the Gazans and the Israelis – who have shown they can do whatever they want to them. So the next time Dad gets a phone call from junior, all excited, who says: “Dad I killed Jews! Dad!” Dad will answer: “You f***ing idiot, you’ve destroyed us.”

We cannot lose this war because of Biden’s plummeting poll numbers among Hamas-supporters in Michigan. We have to ignore him, even if it means he gets angry. Better that than sacrificing our precious Israel on the altar of the Democratic Party’s reelection campaign.

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14 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 22 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Doris Ifshin Vershleiser

    While I l love your books and find your Gaza diary most informative and riveting , I must strongly disagree with your attacks on the Democrats and President Biden. Reality check time, Trump already threw Netanyahu under the bus. “This wouldn’t have happened if he listened to me.”
    It’s the House Republicans, the party of white racists, that are holding up aid to Israel and Ukraine. Oh and wasn’t Jared going to solve the Middle East problem??? All he solved was his financial problems. Billions from the Saudis.
    Yes the Democrats have a vile anti-Israel faction, but they are marginalized by party leaders. No one is calling them “very fine people”.

    • Karen A

      Hold on Doris,”Republicans the party of write racists” ?? Let me just list some Biden quotes which btw if Trump had said anything like this the sky would’ve fallen…

      “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

      “ Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.”

      “ You got the first mainstream African American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” (That’s in reference to President Obama.)

      “You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.”

      Regarding the Latinos and the COVID vaccines “They’re worried they’ll get the vaccines and then get deported.”

      On black’s and the vaccines “ They are used to being experimented on—the Tuskegee Airmen and others,” he meant the Tuskegee Experiment, couldn’t even get that right in his insult.

      “Poor kids are just as talented and bright as white kids”

      I could go on and on… be careful who you call a racist.

  2. Audrey Travis

    Many thanks Daveed. Though I figured out many of these sources, a few are new to me so I’m eager to Chatham out. We all need to be proactive and spread this knowledge out there. Great info/ thanks again Daveed.

  3. Sally

    Thank you Naomi for this perspective It is the antidote to much of what I’ve been reading.
    I’ve just been introduced to your war diary journal .I hope and pray Israel will stay the course (that we must!!!)

  4. Andrea schreiber

    Are you aware of international rules of war? Wishing starvation on an entire population isn’t normal even when at war with their leaders. There is no difference between Arab terrorists and Jewish ones who revel in the slaughter and suffering of women and children. Please check your humanity IQ.

    • Ryan Keogh

      “Wishing starvation on an entire population isn’t normal even when at war with their leaders.” Since when? Siege tactics designed to starve out an enemy have been around for thousands of years. The US during WW2 starved out Japan via naval blockade. Doing that probably saved thousands of Allied troops. I’d rather have a tough military than a weak one. Because Truman dropped the bombs on Japan, my grandfather, and thousands of others didn’t have to risk getting killed, and millions of Japanese could live to see another day, and their occupied territories populace didn’t have to deal with Japanese barbarism any longer. I would suggest you check your humanity IQ.

  5. Audrey Travis

    I’m so happy you’re laying the truth out for everyone to see. Yesterday you mentioned Ynet news and Times of Israel as being at least somewhat unreliable sources of information. Please give us a list of online news sources in English that you trust.

    • Karen A

      I agree with Audrey, please give us news sources! In America we hear nothing but Hamas propaganda and see the disgusting protests from people who are ignorant. Nothing is being said on mainstream news anymore other than the “humanitarian” aspect. Israel needs to fight the war of public opinion as well unfortunately or I fear that our idiot administration will stop any aid in order to gain votes.

      • Daveed

        This is Daveed Shachar, publisher of and writer for, Israel News. I used to write feature articles for the Jerusalem Post and the now-defunct Israeli newspaper the Nation. Here are some reliable sources for Israeli News:
        Elder of Ziyon, Israel Hayom, Israel National News, Aish, JNS, Fox News, Melanie Phillips, Caroline Glick, Naomi Ragen, The Focus Project, The Jewish Journal, Shalom Kiwi, The Washington Examiner, The New York Post, The Jewish Journal, the Daily Mail, CAMERA, M.E.M.R.I., the National Post [Canada], Israpundit.
        Here are some anti-Zionist sources you cannot trust: Ha’aretz, the Forward, The New York Times, the Guardian, The Nation, the BBC. Other untrustworthy sources are: Ynet, Times of Israel, the Lancet (which shouldn’t be involved in politics in the first place), National Geographic, the Jerusalem Post (although those three have published a few pretty good articles since the Hamas massacre), LA Times.

        • Daveed

          My apologies. I forget to mention the hugely Israel-hating and Israel-bashing CNN.

          • Karen A

            Thank you Daveed! Much appreciated. so hard to know sometimes who to trust, although I am happy to say that I had figured out several of the bad guys. I really appreciate the help!

  6. C. Schick

    Spot on in every way. Please ignore our drooling idiot Biden! Maybe American Jews will wake up and finally understand that the D Party betrayed us long ago. Please keep fighting!

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