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The ICJ’s obscene lumping together of indictments for war crimes against Hamas’ Sinwar and Deif with indictments against Netanyahu and Gallant, is beyond despicable. As our Prime Minister said in his outraged response: “The absurd and false order of the prosecutor in The Hague is not only directed against the Prime Minister of Israel and the Minister of Defense – it is directed against the entire State of Israel.

“Prosecutor in The Hague…with what chutzpah do you dare to make a comparison between the Hamas that murdered, burned, butchered, raped, and kidnapped our brothers and sisters, and the IDF soldiers who are fighting a just war that is unparalleled in its unmatched morality? As the Prime Minister of Israel, I reject with disgust the Hague prosecutor’s comparison between democratic Israel and the mass murderers of Hamas. This is a complete distortion of reality. This is exactly what the new anti-Semitism looks like, it has moved from the campuses in the West to the court in The Hague. For shame!!”

By the way, one of the panel of “advisors” that the Hague prosecutor turned to in formulating this disgraceful act, was Amal Clooney, who is Lebanese, the simpering Barbie-doll, clothes horse married to the moral posturing Hollywood actor, George Clooney. Both of them put on a good “human rights” show, but are as immoral as the TikTok idiots rampaging mindlessly across college campuses.

Another delusional proposal from Biden: “Israel ends the war in exchange for all the hostages.” Except, Israel has to withdraw completely before the hostages are released… right. “Israel will commit itself to the establishment of a Palestinian State” so that the terrorists can call themselves another name and import as many weapons as they want, huh?. No thank you. “Israel will help develop a regime for governing Gaza that is not Hamas.” Yeah, in your dreams. Once we withdraw, who’s going to get rid of Hamas? In exchange, “the US will extend a security envelope to protect Israel from Iran.” Like we forgot you promised the same thing in 2005 to push us into the disastrous Disengagement, and twenty years of rocket fire from Hamas terrorists, without a finger being lifted by the US!

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me! Whoever came up with this load of crap is totally off their meds. It will never be accepted. But it’s upsetting they had the nerve to even propose it at all. What did they think, that the “great reward” of normalization with Saudi Arabia was a carrot tempting enough for us to bend our necks to the stick? I think the Saudis will gain as much or more from normalization than we will, so why should we agree to any of these ridiculous ideas, each one an existential threat to our existence?

In the meantime, on top of our fight in Gaza and Lebanon, Israel is involved in battles with armed terrorists in Jenin and Tulkarm. Incredible drone footage taken as it flew around the crowded alleyways of Jenin, followed by exact bombing by the IDF, left them all dead without endangering our soldiers. It’s wonderful, life-saving equipment.

The recovery of the bodies of our hostages was no small thing. During a night operation of the IDF and the Shin Bet in which the 202nd Battalion combat team, Yahalom fighters, Unit 504 under the command of Division 98 took part, the bodies of Shani Louk, Amit Buskila, Ron Binyamin and Yitzchak Gelernter were recovered. It was an unbelievably complex and difficult task. Even before it began, months long intelligence efforts managed by the General Security Service and the Prisoners and Missing Persons Headquarters in the Intelligence Division along with the other units in the IDF gathered and analyzed many separate fragments of intelligence to form the whole picture.

Once they knew where to go looking, the paratrooper brigade’s combat team in the heart of Jabalia, and the fighters of the 202nd battalion combat team fought intensive battles with the terrorists for three days. During that time, paratroopers and the Shin Bet searched a suspicious building where they discovered a tunnel shaft. Even as I’m writing this, I find it hard to imagine that the brave Yahalom fighters went down inside that shaft at night and through the tunnel, fighting terrorists all the way, removing barricades and neutralizing bombs and weapons with unique technologies. It was during the course of this heroic battle that the bodies of the abductees were discovered and rescued. The Prisoners and Missing Persons team in the Personnel Division, which is entrusted with escorting the families of the abductees, worked together with the Institute of Forensic Medicine and the Israel Police to identify the abductees bodies and deliver the messages to the families.

Please think about this, what it took to recover just a few dead bodies: hand to hand combat in pitch black, claustrophobic tunnels with terrorists and weapons all over the place. Think about the immense dangers, the bravery of our dear soldiers, the wickedness of the terrorists. Then just imagine how the living abductees are being held, and what superhuman effort will have to be expended to bring them out alive. So all those complaining it isn’t going fast enough need to shut up.

The UN holds a moment of silence for Ebrahim Raisi, President of Iran, who personally oversaw the torture and execution of tens of thousands. The UN and the ICJ are all representatives of an immoral world. Neither deserves any respect.

Sadly, I believe that the world is rapidly reaching a moral nadir that is similar to one reached in the past, when the Ruler of the Universe decided to wipe mankind off the face of His good earth. Having promised no more floods, one wonders what our Supreme Judge will do next? I have total faith it will happen, sooner rather than later.

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7 comments on “GAZA WAR DIARY: 21 MAY 2024”

  1. KD Reply

    I think that the correct way to understand recent events, and one way to present a counter-argument to these charges, is to define the events of October 7th as a casus belli which by its very nature was the cause of the subsequent military action by the state of Israel.

    So we have a casus belli.
    Then, as a result of that, we have a war.

    As for what happens during wartime, we only need to look back through history to see examples of political leaders doing what Machiavelli described in The Prince: A leader who wishes to maintain his state must have the capacity to do what is not good, and he must use it when it is necessary. (This is known in political philosophy as the dirty hands problem.)

    For example, during world war two, Winston Churchill:

    Ordered the Royal Navy to attack the French fleet at Mers el Kebir.
    Declared war on Finland.
    Ordered the Arctic Convoy PQ16 to sail to Murmansk, against the advice of his Chiefs of Staff (because Molotov was due to arrive in the UK to sign the Anglo-Soviet Treaty.)
    Gave up on the Baltic States as early as December 1941.
    Created a fleet of heavy bombers and ordered them to bomb civilian areas throughout Germany, most notably in the firebombing of Hamburg in July / August 1943 and the bombing of Dresden in February 1945.

    As for the Americans – they used brutal tactics against their enemy in the Pacific Theatre. The Americans are known to have used napalm in Vietnam, but in actual fact the Americans developed napalm during WW2 and used it to firebomb the city of Tokyo in March 1945, causing the deaths of approximately 100 000 people. This was the most destructive bombing raid in history.

    FDR had said that the options facing the enemy were “unconditional surrender or national suicide.” Now there’s some moral clarity for you.

    WSC had said that the way to win a war is “the proper application of overwhelming force.”

    I think those two men knew something about how to wage a war – and win it.

    So here is the point: That is what happens in a war. People die all over the place – including civilians. That’s just the reality of the situation.

    Btw I don’t remember either the Americans or the British giving the civilians in Tokyo or Hamburg any warning before the pathfinders dropped their flares, so the heavy bombers knew where to drop their incendiaries !!

    If anyone is interested in reading about this and maybe using some of these historical events to construct a defense against these charges that have been laid against the Israeli leadership, I have written about this in my book “The Road to Gomorrah.

    The last sentence in that book – and the conclusion which I am arguing for throughout the book?

    There are no good wars.

    (If I were to write a defence of the IDF’s actions in Gaza, that would be my opening sentence.)

  2. Golda Reply

    Thank your the only true news reporting, no matter how gut retching.
    I would love to see the IDF flatten Gaza without any evacuated animals, small and grown.
    Since Oct 7th, my mind has been playing out horrors that I never thought I could imagine
    doing to another human.
    But now I can, and would if given the chance. I have walked out of restaurants when a muslim family was seated at a table near me.
    I have moved to another check out line when a “schmatah” head was in front of me.
    And I hate that they have made me hate and despise them.
    But so be it.
    you are incredibly strong to keep at it.
    Yasha koach (SP)

    • Daveed Shachar Reply

      A Musim family walks into a restaurant, and a Jew walks out. A few days later, the Muslim demands that the restaurant remove its kosher supervision status, and change it to a halal status. The Muslims have won. No more kosher restaurants. Next, a Muslim moves into the house next door to you, and you move out. Other, like-thinking Jews refuse to buy your house, so the Muslims take over the whole neighborhood, and then the whole city. One piece at a time, the Muslims take over the whole country. is this really the outcome you’re trying for?

      A religious Jewish woman with a head covering is in the line in front of you at the check out line, so you move to another, possibly longer line. The only person you’re punishing is yourself. Why not engage her in conversation instead? Hey, at least she’s not wearing a wig, right? Maybe she can explain why she covers her head modestly, and you can explain why that offends you. It’s called constructive dialog.
      Note: I am not Muslim and my wife does not cover her hair. Some Muslim moved into our street a decade ago, no Jews moved out, there was no room for other Muslims to move in, and after a few years the original Muslims left.

  3. Sara Reply
  4. Brenda Reply

    Sickened by events of past 48 hours. Clooneys will be major fund raisers at coming event as well as Spielberg film promoting Biden. State Dept said loss of life, even evil Butcher of Tehran, was tragic. Biden gang will do same when Butcher of Khan Younis is killed. Common sense and documentation by Israel, was too logical for ICC. Prayed to our creator until 3 am today, as you said, ” it can’t hurt”. Israel needs a Propaganda Dept. Unless you watch Mid-East news, most in the world will be clueless about the terror from Jenin, how bodies of stolen Israelis were recovered, and how hard the IDF works delivering aid to those who just want to kill them. Video of small Gazan children is touching, as is small children in Israel, that know the word “terrorist,” at a tender age. Having studied Middle East long before massacres 7 Oct., I realize why it is a lifetime endeavor. It seems to me another flawed belief if Muslims ever lived on desert patch, it’s theirs forever. But we aren’t hearing that from HAMAS etc. Much from College campuses. I wanted to know who was putting laughing emojis on posts of fallen IDF soldiers. His posts reflect a Holocaust denier! They do exist. As always, thank you for keeping us informed and may Raisi burn in eternal fire. Brenda

  5. Gig Berkowitz Reply

    Naomi, thanks once again for your informative diary. I agree that that the current US Administration is so burdened by Obama holdovers that it constantly sides with the far left while ignoring its supposed friend, Israel. Israel is very capable of routing Hamas and needs to be encouraged to do so; not TOLD TO STOP!
    Finally, the recovery of the victims bodies speaks well for the due diligence that was applied by the IDF, Shin Bet and Intel. Sad ending but it speaks of hope for future recoveries.

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