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Gaza War Diary: 21 MARCH 2024

This morning we were greeted by the following headline in Ynet: “Britain, considered perhaps the second most Israel-friendly nation after the U.S., has demanded that Israel allow Red Cross or diplomatic visits to the detained terrorists of Hamas elite Nukhba force, as part of the conditions for continuing arms supplies to Israel.”

Let me get this straight. Great Britain, who for centuries has boasted it was bringing civilization to the savages when it occupied vast swathes of the third world; who is at the forefront of every woke humanitarian cause, wants to make sure that people who raped mothers while roasting their babies in the oven are not too uncomfortable in Israeli prisons?!

Well. If only they had the same burning concern for the Israel hostages. I don’t hear Great Britain threatening the Red Cross, for example, that it will withhold funding unless they visit Israeli hostages. I don’t see Great Britain threatening to withold aid from Gazans unless Israeli hostages—who were abducted in their pajamas and are not guilty of anything—are freed. Perhaps they believe they are virtue-signaling. But the only thing this indicates for sure is that Great Britain has become a sick, immoral nation, worse than any of those poor “savages” it once road roughshod over. For all its golden coaches and feeble, adulterous royalty, it has become a backwater in the back pocket of the genocidal, misogynistic Muslims who have invaded it. You got that right. Invaded. This wasn’t immigration. They came in unvetted and unannounced and took over your streets, and you are incapable of defeating them. So goodbye Britain. Your history ends now.

I suggest that we Israelis, who are so capable and inventive, begin to manufacture our own planes and our own weapons. I have two words to Great Britain who sent our people back to the Nazis to be murdered, or to concentration camps in Cyprus, and they aren’t happy birthday. They are good riddance.

There is a sudden hysteria among terrorists on the West Bank and in Beirut, that they are overrun by Israeli spies. Last night between three and four in the morning in the West Bank town of Jenin, 19 year -old Karim Jabarin, a member of Islamic Jihad, was turned in by his twin brother (!) as an Israeli spy. As is the way with the “heroes of the resistance,” they immediately dragged him out of a hospital bed, murdering him in cold blood in the town square to the approving wails of Allahu Akhbar by the delightful population of that wonderful city, who then mutilated the dead body.

In a similar fashion, there are reports that Hezbollah has surrounded a neighborhood in Beirut and is stopping everyone to investigate rumours of an Israeli spy network supposedly set up nearby. They too have suffered  from excellent Israeli targeting of major terror sleazes like Saleh al Arouri, the founding commander of Hamas’ military wing, taken out by a bomb dropped on his apartment in Beirut.

I guess Israel’s targeted assasinations are making terrorist big wigs—who would much prefer Israeli mass bombing of civilians which allowed them to hide in peace in expensive penthouses—paranoid. Poor things! But they obviously haven’t solved the problem. Within the last few hours, Palestinians reported an IDF attack on a vehicle in eastern Khan Yunis that dispatched three more “martyrs” to Allah. May their numbers increase. Wonder who the “spy” was for that operation?

Since the beginning of the retaking of Shifa Hospital, Israel has killed 140 terrorists, fifty of them in the last day. An additional 300 terrorists are still detained there. The IDF has urged women and children to leave the premises and surrounding buildings and to move south towards safer areas.

 In the meantime, it seems that the continuation of Israel’s war is dependent on finding someone—anyone—not connected to Hamas to take over the distribution of aid to the Gazans. Talks with UAE, Jordan, and Egypt has everyone looking with candles for the magic Palestinian leadership that is against terrorism and hatred.

Good luck with that! Are you searching for unicorns too? The latter would be easier to find. Until then, Israel’s invasion plans, and the end of the war, seems stalled. IMHO, Israel has to take over giving out aid to the Gazans. It’s the only reliable player in the area who really isn’t a terrorist, isn’t anti-Jewish, and can be trusted.

Sorry. Truth hurts Joe, Rishi.

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 21 MARCH 2024”

  1. Ryan Reply

    I am sorry Kenneth, I did not mean to say that what I meant to say is that you said that you claimed in the book the Chamberlain had a role in making WW2 as big as it was. I am not saying that Chamberlain was responsible for the Holocaust, the was obviously Hitler, Heydrich, Himmler and the SS. What I meant (as my own independent conclusion from the book) to say was that if Chamberlain had not taken the course of action that he had, perhaps the Nazis would not have come to rule several territories, such as France, Poland, the Benelux Region, Northern Italy, Scandinavia, the Soviet Union, and eliminate Jews in those territories. Those were indirect consequences. I am sorry for putting words into your mouth.

  2. Sara Reply

    Are you kidding? Red cross wants to check on Hamas prisoners and no mention of the hostages? What kind of a dark planet are we living on??? I agree that Israel has to find ways to become more independent because clearly our Western world is Fu#%ked. I live in Canada…our current govt is horrifying. Americans…seem to be on verge of civil war…the only think good in the UK is Douglas Murray- love him! A sane and moral human. Every time I write a supportive comment on Facebook On a page supporting Israel, I am bullied. Property being damaged all over Toronto. I wish Israel did not have to pay any attention to others in the political arena. My crystal ball says eventually these jihadists will kill each other…one can only hope…thanks as always Naomi

    • Ryan Reply

      As an American, i can confirm. I love the country; I am grateful for being able to live here. But it feels like we’re on edge, and I fear what will happen the next election, not over who will win or what the president will do, but how people will react … mass riots and violence are all I see … by the way, would you mind having one more immigrant up there? I’m asking for a friend…

      • Wes Hagglov Reply

        Ryan, Sara is right about Canada…I live in Canada and not only is our government horrible, Mr Trudeau just cut off military aid to Israel…more Muslim votes to support him…

  3. Sid Levine Reply

    Dave “toffee nose” Cameron still regrets he has some Jewish blood in his veins- and like those before him, takes it out on Israel.
    Remember Casper Weinberger on Pollard
    Henry Kissinger in 1973 Yom Kippur War

    “David Cameron talked warmly of finding his Jewish roots and said he had spoken about them to one of Britain’s leading rabbinical authorities.”
    “The Tory leader consulted Dayan Ehrentreu, former head of the London Beth Din, about his roots, a meeting he called “one of the highlights of my year”.

    Mr Cameron’s great-great-grandfather, Emile Levita, was a German émigré banker who became a British citizen in 1871. Emile married out and led the life of a country gentleman as the owner of a grouse moor in Wales. His four sons, like Mr Cameron, went to Eton.’

  4. Ryan Reply

    I understand why you would not like Britain, but I wouldn’t go too hard on them, they helped Israel in 1956. But to be honest, it’s hard to argue against people immigrating to Britain when they immigrated to 25% of the world’s landmass by the use of force. Why do you think I am speaking English? It is only fair. But I am very glad they came to America, because by coming here they gave me a great opportunity that I would not have had anywhere else. Let us not forgot that many of the ideas that America was founded on came from Britain. But like any other country, it has stains of blood in its history books.

    I’m not so sure that Israel could fully depend on itself to make weapons, because I’m not sure if it has the natural resources, but then again, neither does Palestine. On Britain and the Holocaust: According to Kenneth Duthie, Chamberlain might have played an unintentional role in making the Holocaust as big as it was.

    According to him, Chamberlain gave Poland a guarantee before Hitler asked for Danzig. The trouble was, Britain was in no shape to actually make good on the guarantee. But when Hitler made his claims, Poland would not budge because the leadership thought Britain was going to save them. The only way Britain could really stop them was if there was an alliance with the Soviets. The Soviets offered help, but only if Poland let Soviet troops cross the border. The Polish leadership refused. Since Poland had basically rejected the only offer that would have protected it, Chamberlain should have revoked his guarantee, but instead he doubled down on it by putting in writing it. If he had not done that, the Holocaust maybe would have been not as terrible, or maybe not have happened at all. Hitler wouldn’t have occupied most of Europe and tried to eliminate all of its Jews.

    • Daveed Shachar Reply

      It was not that Britain helped Israel in 1956, it was that Israel was roped in to helping Britain with the Suez Canal, in a war not in Israel’s interests. Britain physically prevented European refugees from entering what was then called Palestine during WWII, going as far as to board refugee ships and throw live Jewish babies into the ocean. In 1948 Britain gave the Arabs access to Britain weapons in Jewish parts of what was supposed to be divided Palestine. Britain also continuously votes against Israel in international forums, including the U.N. It is now denying Israel weaponry during a war against Arab Nazis.
      We can’t go hard enough on the Brits.

      • Ryan Reply

        I won’t deny that Britain in the early years was not Israel’s friend, (I have ancestral experience) but I would like to see a source of information on where live Jewish babies were thrown into the ocean. I understand that Britain had a messed-up policy towards the Palestinian Jews or rather towards Holocaust refugees, which is even worse. However, according to TG Frasers book Contested Lands, they did this in part because of realpolitik: they didn’t want to piss off the Arab leaders who held the oil, or encourage any Arab nationalism, which had caused a war in Iraq in 1941. I will not deny that the refugee situation should have been handled much better. Going back further, they and the French really messed up the Middle Eastern situation, making conflicting deals with Arab and Zionist nationalists was never going to end well.

    • KD Reply

      “On Britain and the Holocaust: According to Kenneth Duthie, Chamberlain might have played an unintentional role in making the Holocaust as big as it was.”

      I’d just like to clarify: I said no such thing.

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