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Gaza War Diary: 21 JANUARY 2024

If you are getting your news from mainstream media outlets, the Hamas Goebbels propaganda network, and I’m including in this the New York Slimes, the Los Angeles Times, the defeatist, Netanyahu-derangement syndrome Israeli sources like Ynet, or Haaretz, or The Times of Israel, you might be a bit confused about what is actually going on here. I mean, to listen to them, it looks like Israel is pulling out, letting Hamas come back in, collapsing in despair over its hostages, etc. etc. etc.

Not so.

Below, the words today and yesterday from our Minister of Defense and Prime Minister, followed by a petition issued to the Israeli government by an organization founded by IDF reserve commanders who put their lives on the line in Gaza. There is a demonstration planned for this coming Thursday, January 25, in Jerusalem to demand no cease-fire take place until all our hostages are released and Hamas defeated.

“For all intents and purposes, the fighting phase in the north is completed, and soon other phases will be completed in additional areas, and the main organizational framework of Hamas will be dismantled. This will have a dramatic impact on thousands of terrorists at all levels, in their infrastructure, their warehouses, and equipment. There is no complete solution to the pockets of resistance we still encounter but we are taking care of them. The fact that these isolated pockets still exist, naturally means there is are also shooting incidents. But this situation mustn’t be misunderstood by the public.

From our Minister of Defense:

“Hamas’ plans were to fire hundreds of missiles every day into all kinds of areas in the country. It now manages a one-time release of dozens of rockets to a single location. I do not underestimate that, it is a very significant thing and we will hit it with raids, with airstrikes – but it will take time.

“Hamas is getting weaker. It has no supplies, no manpower reserves, no organizational ability to initiate moves, no ability to really control what is happening. It is eroding under the IDF onslaught while we are getting stronger. In the end this will achieve results, there will be a breakdown. The required ingredients are simple and clear: eliminate Hamas; do everything necessary to bring home the kidnapped, and maintain unity. If we do these three things, we will win, there is no question .”

And now some words from our Prime Minister: Benjamin Netanyahu:

“Let it be clear: I reject outright the terms of surrender of the monsters of Hamas.

In exchange for the release of our hostages, Hamas demands the end of the war, the withdrawal of our forces from Gaza, the release of all the murderers and rapists of the Nuh’ba and leaving Hamas intact.

“If we agree to this – our warriors fell in vain. If we agree to this – we will not be able to guarantee the security of our citizens. We will not be able to return the evacuees safely to their homes, and the next October 7th will only be a matter of time. I am not ready to put up with such a fatal injury to Israel’s security, so we will not agree to it.

“The conditions set by Hamas put in fine relief a simple truth – there is no substitute for victory. Only a complete victory will ensure the elimination of Hamas and the return of all our abductees.

“That’s why I insist that after we achieve complete victory, after we eliminate Hamas, there will be no entity in Gaza that finances terrorism, educates to terrorism or dispatches terrorists.

“Gaza must be demilitarized, under full security control of the State of Israel. I will not compromise on full Israeli security control over all the territory west of Jordan.

As long as I am prime minister, I will continue to firmly stand by it. If someone has a different position, let them show leadership and state their position honestly to the citizens of Israel.”

Yes, yes, yes Prime Minister. If only you don’t back down…

And just to make sure that our politicians and ministers keep true to their fighting words, and are not swayed by the deranged Israelis once again taking to the streets demanding instant capitulation, elections – a protestor in Haifa this Shabbat called on the United States and Germany to stop sending Israel weapons(!).

I have neighbors whose blood-red signs declaring “We will not accept a dictatorship!” from the time of the pre-October 7 madness are still up. Every time I pass by I have to resist the urge to set the signs on fire or tear them to shreds… But the silent majority, epitomized by the sane heroes of our country – our military reservists and commanders – are planning their own counter protest this Thursday in Jerusalem. Their organization has its own list of demands from the Israeli government which I share below:

Forum of Reservist Officers and Commanders:

“We, the 130 officers and commanders called up to reserve duty 100 days ago, were told we were fighting for the following objectives: the release of all our hostages and the destruction of the Hamas terror organization.

“In this period of time we fought on all fronts, leading our soldiers into battles that risked their lives. We were successful in all the tasks given to us, sometimes paying the highest price of all.

“First of all, we want to express our profound admiration for the strength and manner in which this war was conducted. We feel the battle was led by officers of whom there are none more deserving of admiration. We feel tremendous pride in having served with them in the IDF in this moment of time, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

“In the last few days the IDF has begun demobilizing battalions. Immediately the question comes to mind: what part of the tasks given us did we accomplish? And how do we translate our significant accomplishments in the battlefield into strategic accomplishments? To our great sorrow, our great victories, our sacrifices, and our intensive labor have not yet been translated into tactical accomplishments or a clear and decisive strategic victory. Achieving all this will take time, but we must ensure that what we did accomplish should not melt between our fingers.

“In an unprecedented way, we have removed the population of Gaza City and asserted security control over the city. This achievement must be maintained for the benefit of the continuation of the war. We have to continue to remove the population from the battle areas. There has to be a complete hermetic seal on Gaza City, on and under the ground. We have to make it clear to the residents of Gaza that they cannot go back to their homes as long as our hostages cannot go home. In short, there is no reason that Achmad should return to his home in the city of Gaza as long as Ziv and Gal haven’t returned to their homes in Kfar Aza. This will help us to achieve many important goals.

  1.  Create optimal fighting conditions for our forces in Gaza.
  2. Prevent Hamas from using the population as human shields.
  3. Allow our people to quickly return to their homes on the border with Gaza.
  4. Create pressure on Hamas.
  5. It will broadcast the message with clarity and forcefulness to all of our enemies wherever they are and will leave us on the offensive, instead of putting us on the defensive.

“To the members of the war cabinet, we expect you to do everything you can to remove the residents of the city of Gaza, and not allow supplies into the city, or allow the hospitals [Hamas command posts] to operate within the city. They are not coming back to their homes until our kidnapped go back to theirs.

“We have looked into this and found this it is completely in accordance with international law to close off areas of combat when necessary as long as there are evacuation corridors open to civilians. It is correct morally, militarily and in accordance with international law. In the name of many of the officers and soldiers, those who are with us and those who are gone, we declare in a firm, unwavering voice we are not going home until complete victory. It is forbidden that this war should end with a terrible sense failure, of having been fruitless and ineffectual with the need for another war around the corner. This is our opportunity to change the present reality from its core.

“And if we may add the following: In the more than 100 days we fought, we have proven that it is possible for all IDF’s divisions to fight together to achieve victory as one. We ask you to do the same. Take your responsibilities to the people, work in harmony and unity, prevent divisions and political squabbles.”

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4 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 21 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Charlie

    I have no doubt Israel will defeat Hamas. I worry that Israel may not be able to defeat our embarrassment -in-chief… President Biden

  2. Sarah

    I trust your reports more than I do many of the various sources I read. You are on the ground, and you analyze well. Please keep doing this. Many of us rely on you for real information. Thank you.

  3. Ryan Keogh

    The terms of surrender of the monsters of Hamas: “In exchange for the release of our hostages, Hamas demands the end of the war, the withdrawal of our forces from Gaza, the release of all the murderers and rapists of the Nuh’ba and leaving Hamas intact.” I don’t think that the Hamas leadership knows what surrender means. Doesn’t matter, they might be good at street fighting, but when put against real soldiers, they just melt.

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