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Gaza War Diary: 20 NOVEMBER 2023

I’m sure all of you, my dear readers, are getting hard news from many sources, and so I want to keep this personal. I’d like to share with you what is the sight that will make any Israeli sit down and weep. And it’s not what you’d think. The photos of our missing children, our murdered and decimated families are beyond tears. Many of us can’t even go there right now. It is beyond our emotional capabilities at the moment.

But there is something we never stop clicking on, as I did today. It started out like so many posts, a soldier on leave going home. And here he was, a kid about twenty in his uniform, his head bare, his hair in need of a good shampoo. He steps over the threshold of a mom and pop grocery somewhere in Israel, and there is the older man, the grocery store owner. The man looks up for a minute, startled, and then he moves towards his son and wraps his arms around him and hugs and hugs and hugs.

Every day the news brings us the smiling pictures of such young, some of whom men who are never coming home again.

I wept.

This is all we want. We want our children back, safe and sound. We don’t want them on front lines, or captured by monsters. We don’t want wars. All we want is to be left alone to enjoy our families, our homes, our beautiful homeland. And they just can’t let us do that. They can never let us do that. There is always some reason, some very important, vital reason that they just have to kill our children. Some idealistic reason that will make the world a better place, and they are the idealists who have taken it upon themselves to accomplish this, for the sake of their ideology, their religion, their world view, their sense of justice and good. They have to kill our children.

Sometimes in our history, we have been in a situation in which we had no choice but to let them. But now is not one of those times. Now we will find them, one by one by one, and we will make sure they never fulfill their dreams, because they will already be in hell. We are not interested in revenge. We never aim to kill their children, and some university researcher once complained in a Ph.D. thesis that the IDF never rapes Palestinian women. She found that racist (!) Still, we don’t.

Because Israelis have beautiful, kind, generous women waiting for them back home. Because Israelis for the most part like women and treat them as equals. So no rapes, no sexual humiliations of the enemy. As for killing their children, we would never deliberately do that, because where would it get us? Unless the “child” is a twelve year -old with a big knife looking for jihad, we don’t deliberately aim for children. But since Hamas is using them as human shields, and Hamas are determined to kill our children, sometimes their children get killed because of Hamas., which doesn’t care one way or the other. I saw a video of terrorists forcing children to walk with them so the IDF won’t bomb them. They were pushing them and pulling them. Like dogs.

The reason, Hamas answered when asked by an IDF interrogator why they took Jewish children and babies was this: “to rape them.”

According to statistics, Israel has captured 300 Hamas terrorists who are now being interrogated in Israel. You wouldn’t believe the stuff Hamas terrorists have told unit 504, the interrogation unit, which has initiated 30,000 conversations with Gazans about evacuating, received ten million messages, nine million recorded messages, and distributed four million leaflets.

Among the things Unit 504 has learned from terrorists, is that 80-100 terrorists lived in the Shifa Hospital and other hospitals, dressing up in medical uniforms or as civilians, and launching military operations from there.. Hamas hides rockets and other weapons in mattresses among the thousands of refugees sheltering in Red Crescent facilities. Using this intelligence has helped the IDF to identify and destroy 300 Hamas hideouts and 100 other military targets.

While there are those in Israel who don’t understand why our army takes prisoners, now you see how useful they can be. The question of what will happen to these monsters who participated in the October 7 atrocities after the war is a very hot topic in Israel. When certain reckless politicians, like MK Ben Gvir, insisted today on bringing up the whole topic of the death penalty, families of the hostages were furious with him for potentially jeopardizing delicate hostage release negotiations. They have a point. Besides, the death penalty for those participating in genocide against the Jewish people is already on the books. That’s how we tried and hung Adolph Eichmann.

But right now, we have a war to finish in the best way possible, so that all our children who have been taken, and all our children who are in uniform can come home safe so that we, their families, can reach our longing, fearful arms and pull them close and hug, and hug, and hug.

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3 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 20 NOVEMBER 2023”

  1. David Bornstein

    There needs to be a global death penalty for terrorism. The current negotiations to release the hostages is crazy. It plays straight into hamas hands. The exact reason they were taken in the first place. Better, for every hostage injured or killed, an existing prisoner with blood on his hands will be put to death starting with the most senior. THAT will focus whatever mind the inhuman beasts have. Totally counter intuitive as far as hamas is concerned.

  2. Ryan Keogh

    Realistically, some of them probably deserve the death penalty, but that will only make more martyrs. Says a lot about a society when it uses child soldiers. Life means nothing to them, because they are obsessed with death and glorify it.

  3. Harry

    Yahya Sinwar was let out of jail. Gvir is right. Wake up Israel you need the death penalty for every terrorist caught.

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