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Gaza War Diary: 20 FEBRUARY 2024

Palestinians don’t earn much money under normal conditions. In an article on JNS, the following average salaries per month were listed:

  • Palestinian Authority:$790
  • Jordan: $500
  • Egypt: $300
  • Lebanon: $150

But there is a sure fire way them to get a whopping raise. Just go out and kill some Jews. This is not a joke. A Palestinian terrorist who stabbed an Israeli women to death 10 years ago is currently sitting in Israeli prison earning a whopping 12,000 shekels ($3,300) a month.

And he’s one of thousands. According to Palestinian Media Watch, since the October 7 massacre, thousands of new murderers have been added to the payroll. You heard that right. A Palestinian Authority official announced that 3,550 terrorists imprisoned in Israel will receive payouts, as will the families of over 20,000 slain “martyrs.” The figure for the prisoners was announced on the Telegram channel of the PA-funded Prisoners’ Club. The number of “martyrs,” which includes terrorists killed while carrying out attacks, was reported in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the official PA daily newspaper, on January 10.

Of the 3,550 terrorists slated to receive payouts, 661 are Hamas terrorists from Gaza. The remainder are Palestinians arrested in almost daily Israeli counterterror operations throughout Judea and Samaria. “The nearly 67% rise in the number of prisoners will initially cost the PA an additional $1,331,000 per month (4,970,000 shekels), adding $16 million to last year’s expenditure of $161 million (600,000,000 shekels) on terror salaries,” PMW reported.

PA Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh said on Sunday that international leaders gathered in Germany for the 60th Munich Security Conference are too focused on the Hamas atrocities of Oct.7: “Palestinian suffering did not start on Oct. 7. Palestinians have been suffering for the last 75 years… we need an end to the struggle. Don’t deal with the cosmetics, (!) you should deal with the roots of the problem, which is Israeli occupation,” said Shtayyeh.

Or maybe it’s pay for slay, as we in Israel have been saying all along.

This obscene policy is being carried out by the same people Joe wants to hand Gaza over to, ensuring this policy will be put into effect for all the rapists, baby killers, kidnappers, and murderers recently added to Israeli prisons. I’m sure it won’t be a budgetary issue for the Palestinian Authority, just as Hamas never had monetary issues building their insane tunnels. The United States, the West, will join terror-sponsors Iran, Qatar, Turkey and others to pour billions into their emptied out coffers.

The increasing attacks on Jews and on Israel have produced a familiar phenomenon. The more indecently insane the anti-Semitic rhetoric, the more sincere and articulate we Jews become in “defending” ourselves. Last Sunday, Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva compared Israel’s war against Hamas to  Hitler and the Nazis’ extermination of Jews in the Holocaust, Brazilian media reported.

“What is happening in the Gaza Strip with the Palestinian people does not exist at any other historical moment,” said the president, who never met a Marxist dictatorship he didn’t like. Israel’s Foreign Minister Katz did the right thing, declaring da Silva persona non grata in Israel. But I read somewhere else a long discussion patiently explaining to da Silva how no, Israel did not gas Gazans in concentrations camps…

I’m so sick of being on the defensive all the time. But I do appreciate those who have the fortitude to publish articulate defenses. Take Dara Horn’s article in the February 15 issue of the Atlantic Monthly about why the most educated people in America fall for antisemitic lies. She makes excellent points. It’s all so clear. And it doesn’t help at all, because we all know who these people are who want us dead. They haven’t changed. And they aren’t about to be convinced to change. Just like the Nazis, their (very) little minds are made up. In fact, Dr. Ephraim Zuroff, head of Israel’s Wiesenthal Center, told me recently that when you find Nazi war criminals, not one of them is ever sorry for what they did.

Hear that? It’s a losing battle. But I thought that Ben Shapiro had it right when he faced some crazed audience member who began talking about the Holocaust in Gaza and stopped him short with a simple question: Is Hamas a terrorist organization? When the person began with “it depends…” Shapiro shook his head knowingly and said, “There you go,” putting a period to the end of that discussion.

We Jews are in an existential situation not of our own making now, and forever. It’s out of our control. We will never get the PR right, because it isn’t our attempts to explain and educate that are off, it’s the fact that it’s falling on deaf ears.

But if we allow the braying of our worldwide enemies, and I definitely include Joe Biden high on that list, where he has unfortunately put himself of late – demanding Palestinian States and ceasefires, and humanitarian aid for hostage holders, and threatening UN Security Council resolutions against Israel – to stop our war to find our hostages and destroy Hamas, then we will never again be able to offer refuge to any Jew seeking a safe place to live in the world. We will never be able to claim sovreignty as an independent Jewish State, the only one in the world where Jews can go and live among their own kind, and practice their religion without fear.

Honestly, there is no easy solution to this. But as Yonatan Netanyahu, Bibi’s brother and the commander of the Entebbe hostage rescue, once said: “I prefer to live here (in Israel) within a long-term conflict than to be part of a wandering Jewish nation. Every instance of compromise will bring the end closer. As I have no intention of telling my grandchildren the story of the Jewish state in the twentienth century as a short-lived, passing episode within thousands of years of Jewish exile, my intention is to hold fast here with great strength.”

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5 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 20 FEBRUARY 2024”

  1. Sharron

    No point in trying to defend ourselves. when it comes to the media-poisoned public. Bibi just needs to continue to stand strong. Im reading his biography right now- ‘Bibi’. Highly recommend. Interestingly, his father was very instrumental in having Israel declared and recognized as a state. Israel just has to get the job done. I say stop doing these interviews with obviously skewed media. Waste of breath. Am Chai Israel

  2. Brenda Matsumura

    I do not live in Israel and yet I feel great admiration and shared sorrows with the people of Israel and Jewish people around the globe. I think having pay to slay should be pay to prison. I doubt even 3300 dollars a month would cover the expense. Israel should get on it and.make it happen. You cannot allow savage psychopaths to access that money. Joe is crazy and always has been a man of little character. I wish we had a media that would report in truth and demonstrate the outrage of these “policies’. I follow your diaries and learn a great deal. If I were in a position to broadcast these non-stop atrocities, I would. I.engagre in conversation but find my contacts less as I age and people are so disturbed about Oct.7, they don’t want to have broader conversations. I keep trying by couching some ugly with something positive. What more can we do?? It has to keep being discussed. Silence will change nothing.

  3. Ryan Keogh

    “Palestinians don’t earn much money under normal conditions. In an article on JNS, the following average salaries per month were listed:

    Palestinian Authority: $790
    Jordan: $500
    Egypt: $300
    Lebanon: $150”

    I have to admit, I am a little skeptical of these numbers, but if they are even close to true, then the Palestinians aren’t the ones who should be up in arms; if this is the truth, it is a great irony that the supposedly oppressed Palestinians have the highest salary (though this doesn’t take into account living expenses). If I was Egyptian, Jordanian or Lebanese I would be outraged that a practical client-state has a better salary than my own sovereign nation. Seriously, Egypt as I understand it should have had a lot going for it, Pyramids, the Sphynx, relatively homogenous population, access to Mediterranean and Gulf, the Suez etc. Thousands of years of history, yet a nation that was basically formed a hundred years ago in the middle of nowhere is better in every single way. What a joke.

  4. Lee Goffin

    Great idea. Perhaps menu choices limited too. Want gold star cuisine? Pay for it.

  5. Sylvia

    Maybe we can start charging for the privilege to live in an Israeli prison?
    Might sound crazy but I have been so worried with all the evil Hamas being captured as I doubt we will ever start giving out death sentences, though we should.Who’s going to pay for all these evils in Israeli prisons to be able to live a more comfortable life than the cowards could ever make for themselves on their own. I think we too have to become creative.
    And yes without Israel every Jew is on its own again… but what “they” don’t realize yet. The evils will come after you too. Just takes a bit more time…

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