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Gaza War Diary: 2 JANUARY 2024

I am happy to report that Israel has had a really, really good day, God be blessed. Our wonderful IDF has managed to take out one of the worst terrorists in Hamas, second in command under Haniyeh, the man who orchestrated the October 7 massacre, directing the Hamas atrocities against our women and children: Saleh al-Arouri. He met a just end for his “work” when a bomb found him in a suburb of Beirut on Hadi al- Nasrallah street. Together with him, two other despicable murdering terrorists were killed.

Al-Arouri was also responsible for the 2014 Gush Etzion kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, Eyal Yifrach, Gilad Shaer, and Naftali Fraenkel, may their memories be blessed, yeshiva students aged 16 and 19 who were hitchhiking in Alon Shvut when they were abducted and mercilessly murdered under al-Arouri’s direction.

Al-Arouri has had a price on his head from the Americans for years. It was five million dollars then, and has doubled since. Hope that they don’t forget to endorse that check to the IDF! We could sure use that money to buy some more bombs. Plenty of despicable Hamas terrorists left.

This makes me especially happy since al-Arouri was one of those who could be seen on October 7 in Haniyeh’s five-star hotel room, ass pointing skyward, thanking Allah while watching the news of the deaths of our women and children. Every ass-in-the-air in that room, I am hopeful, will soon be pointing in another direction, six feet under.

Al-Arouri’s sister appeared on television to say: “Allah honored us with the death of my brother. Every day he prayed to become a shahid.” Gee hon, glad to have partnered with Allah in making all your dreams come true! Hope we in Israel can continue to provide many more such opportunities for happiness among Hamas families.

I imagine I will soon be spending time in my own bomb shelter as Hezbollah might take offense and retaliate on our North. We Jews are not praying for death, but for life. Whatever, it was absolutely worth it!

In addition to the targeting of major Hamas terrorists, Israeli forces blew up a major tunnel network used for senior military maneuvers in Northern Gaza. Soldiers actually had to descend into that tunnel twenty meters down and had a shoot-out with terrorists. All the terrorists were killed. Videos were also released of our forces taking control of dozens of terrorists hideouts, including a school where massive amounts of weapons were found, including a grenade hidden in a box of Lego!

A group of reservists and government ministers have set up a protest tent outside the Prime Minister’s office to demand that Israel stand up to pressure from the Biden administration to end the large scale ground war. We will not be able to live in the Middle East unless Hamas is defeated, Gantz recently said. And Netanyahu has often said he will defy the world if they pressure Israel to stop fighting. This is an existential war. These people attacked us for no reason except their racial hatred and antisemitism. We have done nothing except provide them with land, water, electricity, and medical help since we left Gaza in 2005. They started this war, but we have no choice but to finish it. Imagine if someone told the Allies to end their ground invasion of Nazi Europe before the Nazis were defeated!! It’s absolutely outrageous.

You know, sometimes the comments on these posts are as interesting and revealing as the posts themselves. And for that I thank all of you. I want to thank one faithful reader, an American college student who recently wrote me that all the people he knows his age consider pro-Israel the same as pro-Nazi. He also said that when these people are the majority voters in America, they will stop all aid to Israel and help the Palestinians.

I asked him why he thinks this is so, and where they are getting their information. He said social media, mentioning Redditt. He also said demographically, Muslims are much more present on college campuses.

The Jerusalem Center for Public affairs has published a report on “Jihad on Campus Unmasked.” One of the startling revelations of this report is that the most egregious pro-Palestinian group SJP, or Students for Justice in Palestine, were prepared to disseminate propaganda materials in the immediate aftermath of the October 7 atrocities. “If any of the SJP chapters or the national centre had an advance warning of an impending attack and had agreed to facilitate the consequent information campaign, they could be considered accessories after the fact or co-conspirators in planning the attack.”

It’s time Hamas supporters on college campuses – including professors and administrators – to be put on notice that they are going to be rounded up and tried as traitors. The minds of college students, so impressionable, need to be protected from this poison that turns normal people into rabid, murdering dogs. Luckily for the head of Harvard , she has finally quit over the plagiarism allegations. Better than waiting for Homeland Security to knock on her door.

Here’s hoping Sinwar is next to be given the happiness of the al-Arouri family, and our hostages are rescued.

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7 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 2 JANUARY 2024”

  1. Karen A.

    I’m very concerned about the American public and the lack of coverage on the news stations with virtually no footage/interviews etc showing what the IDF is finding as you’ve mentioned. I watch all the news channels both the left and right and everything in between in order to get a full picture of what’s being shown and other than covering the “humanitarian” issues, very little is said any more. It is so important that the IDF get that information in front of Americans, that they be made aware of what is being found, what is really happening! Israel needs to defend herself even though she shouldn’t have to. Even the people that know the truth begin to question what they believe when all they are hearing are the numbers of dead women and children and the accusations from the “Palestinian Authority.” Israel must launch a strong PR campaign before they lose the support of the American public and Biden fully caves in. I know Israel shouldn’t have to… but it’s just the way it is. It makes me sick, but it’s a world where people read a headline only, or listen for 10 seconds to the information that most gets their attention.

  2. Randi

    I am not saying that our soldiers should become the psychopathic, sadistic rapists and torturers real “proportionality” would require (although I must admit to a quick wishful vision of some horror being unleashed on Al-Arouri’s sister). Of course, none of our brave, intelligent, loving soldiers could engage in this brutality even if ordered to do so. However, I think that this battle is endless BECAUSE the enemy feels protected by our perceived gentleness. We ONLY kill and work hard to kill ONLY the guilty enemies and to them this killing is a reward. I also live north and when this all began my initial fear was the brutality we thought Hezbollah would commit if they infiltrated. The “Palestinians” never have this fear from Israel, only from their own leaders and I think this is a problem. I am listening now to Oren’s account of the Six Day War and how unreasonably kind and generous Israel has always been to our enemies and while this is admirable on the high moral level Jews inhabit, it is not respected and does not seem to play out well for us when fighting base creatures who hold a vile view of the world and promote torture, brutality and unspeakable evil as their “rules of engagement”.

  3. Martin Sklar

    Gay being gone is a start. DEI MUST DIE! All College admins who support DEI and/or Hamas need to be put through a de-nazification program. Those who support them through their financing need to be stopped and be included in the de-nazification program. Same for SJP members on campus. If they refuse they lose their jobs, and/or lose school financing and visas, and funders are penalized for their treachery, . WE MUST END SUPPORT FOR OUR SELF-DESTRUCTION!

  4. Ellen Calderon

    I understand how angry you sound as for me in boca Raton Florida I am now living in an assisted living community and no anti Jewish talk or signs here so I guess I’m lucky as well as my grandchildren who are in college and are still Jewish in their hearts. Hoping this war will end soon and Hamas will be gone, love to your family.

  5. David Bornstein

    Mazaltov v’siman tov!! It is a great pity that Nasrallah and all the rest of his ass in the air contemporaries also are not fertilizing the fields! I have always believed that the terrorists need to be terrorised! They need to be living in permanent fear! My only regret with Al Arouri is that he did not suffer any pain and that it was near instantaneous. He deserved to go, begging for death to relieve his suffering! Now, though, his senior buddies including especially Haniyeh, must be quaking in their mansions at this news. They will start taking seriously Bibi’s threat that none of them would be safe. This time, it seems Bibi has come through. Hezbollah needs to take exceptional care this time even though or especially because, it happened in the middle of their strongholds. Allah is clearly on Israels side! Witness the Turkish politician struck dead at the podium immediately after calling for death to Israel in Allahs name!! Hmm, good for Israel’s hasbara? Let’s face it, which god wants asses shoved in his face five times a day?
    Maybe the mullahs also need to think about pulling their heads in! The days of agents putting themselves at risk planting bombs, poison or shooting are over. Tiny assassin AI drones will get past any security. The population of Iran would also celebrate!!
    As you say, now for Sinwar and Deif. May true intolerable suffering be their fate in the end days which hopefully will be very soon!

  6. Ryan Keogh

    Funny, I was thinking about SJP. At the college, they have a sign there in the food court, amongst the other signs advertising student clubs. I thought it was telling that the sign showed the outline of Israel being covered in the Palestinian keffiyeh pattern. It would have made more sense if they instead just showed the “occupied” West Bank and Gaza, but no, they showed all of Israel. Some might say that the symbol means freedom for Palestinians in Israel and Palestine, it could also just easily be an example of Palestinian irredentism, calling for the conquest of all of Israel.
    I actually looked at their Facebook page, which seems old and disused, with its last post appearing from 2022. I was surprised to find a quote on the page from Leila Khaled, an aircraft hijacker, and other “interesting” things.

  7. Roberta Meyerson

    Hi: I enjoy reading your books and read your daily Gaza War Diary. Please note that the biggest problem on college campuses and in secondary and elementary schools is the toxic revisionist Marxist DEI fake theories, pushed by people who are trying to destroy America from within. Islamist antisemitism fits neatly within the oppressed/oppressor colonized victim/colonizer studies being taught and college students are ignorant and easily convinced to join the latest social justice cause. There are a number of college alums trying to fight this such as the Cornell Free Speech Alliance and Alums for Campus Fairness. Some of the methods for fighting are convincing big alumni donors to stop their contributions, as well as filing title Vi lawsuits against schools in an attempt to stop government funding if the schools do nothing to stop the antisemitism on campus.

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