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Gaza War Diary: 2 APRIL 2024

Maybe because I went to visit a maternity ward in a Jerusalem hospital today to see my grandson Hillel’s newborn son, my thoughts have returned to Shifa Hospital. As I walked through Sha’arie Tzedek’s maternity wing, looking at the peaceful, generous rooms with the resting new mothers and their babies, I thought about how Hamas embedded weapons in the walls of Shifa’s maternity ward; how guns and other weapons were hidden in the pillows and mattresses of the new mothers, proving how it was Hamas’ plan all along to battle it out right there!

And suddenly, it hit me with full force just how much Hamas hates the people they rule. They are less than dirt to them. They don’t care if they starve, or if they die in crossfire. Or if a new mother lies back against the hard metal of a rifle or a grenade. Let that sink in. The depravity with which they beheaded and burnt Israeli babies extends to their own babies. Where their conscience and humanity should be, there is a big, black hole. Maybe years of brainwashing in the “religion of peace” will do that. I thought of the movie Clockwork Orange. And here it was, living proof, that the jihadi philosophy, like Nazi ideology, turns human beings into monsters.

What went down in Shifa Hospital during its re-occupation by Israeli forces was detailed in an article by Einav Halabi and Yoav Zitun in Ynet English yesterday, when ,after two weeks of fierce battles, IDF forces finally left. During fierce battles, the IDF eliminated 200 terrorists, and arrested 913, as well as 500 terror suspects, including senior commanders.

Aside from the weaponry, the IDF discovered numerous military intelligence reports related to Israeli hostages, and devastating new footage of October 7 atrocities probably filmed by the terrorists themselves. It is hoped that this new information will significantly aid the rescue of our kidnapped.

It was an extremely complex operation. About 6,200 patients and medical staff were in the hospital when the operation began. Among them were nearly 1,000 terrorists from the Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas who barricaded themselves in various departments, and established a command center. The IDF is hopeful that it has obliterated forever the facility’s usefulness as a terror command center.

It was a costly operation in terms of the lives of our soldiers. Three were killed: Staff Sergeant Matan Vinogradov, Warrant Officer (res.) Sebastian Haion, and Staff Sergeant Lior Raviv. Another eight were injured during the battles in the hospital when terrorists fired mortar shells and anti-tank missiles at the forces of the 162nd Division.

The complexity of a battle Hamas insisted take place among patients and medical staff was enormous, but the IDF did a remarkable job setting up alternative medical facilities and evacuating patients to continue to receive medical treatment. I remember when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait: his soldiers threw babies out of incubators in order to steal the equipment. Sadly, you will hear nothing at all about this amazing, remarkable, above and beyond humanitarian behavior of Israeli forces.

A military spokesman said the IDF doesn’t rule out the possibility that several terrorists remain in the hospital, but noted that the operation had achieved its objective. “To our knowledge, no hospitalized individuals or medical staff were harmed in the operation, which was precise and worked to distinguish between terrorists and civilians. Our directive was to prioritize capturing terrorists alive, due to the significant knowledge and military intelligence extracted from them during interrogations. Therefore, we urged them to surrender on the first days of the operation,” the military said in a statement. But “faced with the risk of the security of our forces, we opened fire to eliminate terrorists when a threat was detected. The operation began with forces circling the hospital before additional forces arrived and engaged with terrorists in the area.”

Videos have been released showing scores of Gazans now returning to the complex. The Palestinian Health Ministry, controlled by Hamas, said that dozens of bodies were found on the premises.

The photos of a destroyed hospital make horrific viewing. Chalk one more atrocity we have never seen before to the ignorant, wild beasts of Hamas.

Nevertheless, opinion polls show Hamas is the preferred political organization of Palestinians everywhere. What does that tell you about the so-called Palestinians? It tells me this: they are the authors of their own misery. They are entitled to it; they have earned it; and no one will deprive them of it, not even the bleeding hearts of the West, who are at this very moment themselves being invaded and taken over by Jihadi Islamists and are just too stupid to realize it. I honestly don’t know if it’s reversible. They seem to have lost the will to fight and are almost enjoying watching themselves being swallowed up as they are fed to the beast by their own timid, frightened governments and police forces.

We need a miracle to arouse what’s left of their will to survive.

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10 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 2 APRIL 2024”

  1. Gig Berkowitz

    Mazel Tov on the new great grandson. May he grow up to be a smart, strong and loving young man. And, may he live in peace for many decades.
    The cowardice of the Hamas’ leadership keeps showing up every day. I personally cannot wait until Sinwar is exterminated and then maybe some crack in the negotiations will help bring our hostages home.

  2. golda urmacher

    we don’t need a will for them to survive, they do.
    and if they don’t, let them all die.
    I went to a Technion event last night at The Museum of Tolerance, in Los Angeles, Ca.
    one of the speakers said something to the audience that I will never forget.
    the Israeli government is made of paper
    the Israeli military is made of cardboard
    the Israeli people are made of steel
    how poignantly true
    stay strong, and mazel tov on the latest edition to your family
    when he comes of age, may Israel have no need of him to serve in their army.

  3. Eva Lande

    Mazel Tov! Happy Bris.
    Watching i24 every day to keep up with the news in French.
    About the babies thrown out from incubators, it later came out that it was a hoax. Maybe to add on to the rest of atrocities.

  4. Jilly

    Mazal Tov!! Nothing is better than a new baby….It’s beyond belief what is going on in this world…:(

    • Audrey Travis

      Mazal Tov on your first great grandchild! During all this horror, ENJOY YOUR SIMCHA.

    • Naomi Ragen

      The Kuwaitis maintain that the story is true even though Amnesty International (who have been exposed as terror supporters) “debunked” it.

  5. Susan

    Thank you for sharing your insight. It is very much appreciated.

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