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Gaza War Diary: 19 NOVEMBER 2023

So where shall I begin? The daily revelations and insidious GoPro videos that catch us unaware with their bestial lack of human decency? The daily sickening propaganda posts by Goebbels of Hamas? The additional IDF soldier/heroes who have lost their lives defending ours? The daily ultimatums from our “friends” in Washington demanding we bring in oil/water/etc. etc. to help our enemies or risk losing American support? And worst of all, the fears for our loved ones going down into those booby trapped tunnels?

Let me start with my most hateful things (as opposed to the famous Sound of Music song). This is my top most hateful thing: right after October 7, when Jews all over the world were mourning and in shock for their butchered and kidnapped children and family members, I saw a Palestinian rally, I think it was in NYC. The group, with their Hamas flags and keffiyehs, faced a pro-Israel group on the other side of a barrier. And this is what I saw: a bearded, keffiyeh-wearing young man with a big smile, rubbing his fists into his eyes in mockery of our tears for what had been done to us.

I don’t think I’ll ever forget that image. It’s hard to imagine such a thing happening after 9/11 or Bataclan, or the Ariana Grande concert bombing in Manchester in 2017. Imagine someone doing that facing New Yorkers, or the French, or British. But to do it to Jews is somehow acceptable, because we, by virtue of the fact that God gave us the land of Israel, have it coming.

It reminds me of the stories my mother-in-law told of her neighbors in Czechoslovakia when the Jews were rounded up and sent to the gas chambers. She was a teenager, and she remembered so clearly how they stood in the streets pointing and laughing, some throwing stones because gassing the Jews wasn’t punishment enough for them.

Today I saw something equally sickening. The Ha’aretz newspaper published an article quoting sources in Israeli intelligence that said that Hamas hadn’t known about the Nova Concert before they attacked. I don’t have a problem with that. I guess they thought when they saw all those beautiful young people: Wow, what luck, we can just mow them down! Which they proceeded to do mercilessly for no reason other than bottomless hatred, the same reason that Nazis took schools full of Jewish children straight to the gas chambers and killing fields.

But what is Hamas doing with this information? According to the website Abu Ali which shares information from the Arabic press, Hamas is using this widely to show that they weren’t targeting civilians!! They say: “See, you had the story all wrong! These young people, they actually killed themselves! We had nothing to do with it.”

The fact that this makes absolutely no sense, that it is a clear and blatant lie, and is too ridiculous to even bother denying doesn’t seem to bother Hamas, who understands perfectly well the level of intelligence of the average Hamas supporter, who will have no problem buying into a narrative of happy young concert goers suddenly committing mass suicide. Maybe it’s all those consanguineous marriages.

Equal in horror for me today, was a video explaining what my grandson’s unit does underground in those dark tunnels. Listen, I know it has to be done. We need to destroy Hamas completely, not because we need to prove our strength, or want revenge, but because we can’t ever have them running across the border to commit such acts again on our soil. They have to die. So we are stuck until it’s done.

Please, God help us!

And I’d like to end with this: To those people who took offense at my post yesterday about the conversation in Israel about Sabbath observance and the Hamas attack, I’d like to make it crystal clear that in no way, shape, or form was I – God forbid – suggesting that somehow people’s religious beliefs or observance or lack of them made them more or less worthy of being saved. In my own view, no one in Israel, indeed, in the world, deserved what Hamas terrorists did on October 7, for any reason whatsoever. And not a single victim could have done anything to prevent what happened to them at the hands of Hamas beasts who indiscriminately killed Israelis, secular and religious, foreigners, men, women, children, babies.

People want to believe in miracles. They want to believe that if they keep the Torah they will be divinely protected. They cling to such stories like life rafts. Yet so many fine, religious people have already lost their lives in this horror, as did whole yeshivot and all their rabbis in the Shoa. That doesn’t stop people from wanting to feel they have control, and are closer to God and His mercies if they keep His Torah.

I think it’s enough to say that all army units consist of secular and religious soldiers, all are holy, willing to give their lives for each other and for our nation. May God bless our holy soldiers and our holy people, whatever they believe and practice.

We are an amazing, and wonderful nation which exists in only one place in the world, the Land of Israel.

We are truly worthy of being God’s chosen.

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9 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 19 NOVEMBER 2023”

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  2. Cathy Godwin

    Thank you Naomi for keeping us informed, as horrific as it all is. We pray for your grandsons and all the men and women of the IDF. I just ordered your new book and I’m not sure I look forward to reading it. . .but I always like your books. I’ve got or read most of them and followed you for many years.
    From Seattle with love and prayers,

  3. Natalie

    Having lived in NYC for over 60, I remain in touch with family & friends in Canadian cities, Montreal and Toronto. I was shocked to read of gun shots fired into elementary Hebrew schools and Yeshiva Gedolah, teaching students for rabbinical degrees. Hatred has been spread all over. Years ago, in Montreal, when I got off the school bus, to walk the 1/2 block to my house. I was chased by a group of young French Montreals, swearing at me and yelling death to Jews. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  4. Ryan Keogh

    “I saw a Palestinian rally, I think it was in NYC. The group, with their Hamas flags and keffiyehs,”. They had really had Hamas flags in NYC???!!!!! Having the pro-Palestine rallies is one thing, having the flag of a terrorist group is quite another. If this is what my country has come to we have a serious problem. Also, I cannot say here what I think should be said about those in Washington asking your country to help the people who want them dead. Those people are selling America by the dollar and the vote.

  5. Joy Margulies

    Thank you Naomi- you are my best source for Israel info right now.
    Fox News is saying they are making a deal with Hamas for the release of “some “ hostages in exchange for a five day ceasefire. This sounds crazy to us. Do you have any information about this?

  6. Harry

    It is good that you acknowledged your mistake in insinuating that being religious could have saved your life on Oct 7. There is no connection in this world between being religious and being killed by any means. A person can live with faith but that is no guarantee of a certain outcome. Unfortunately I have heard many a Rabbi share an “example” of how a person’s religious activity saved their life. Of course they never explain how other religious people doing the same activity are killed.

  7. Michael

    “…not a single victim could have done anything to prevent what happened to them at the hands of Hamas beasts….” I agree that religious observance can not be relied upon to prevent disaster. But lives were saved that day by those with firearms. It was unconscionable that so many were left defenseless by the Israeli government policy of severely limiting the access of civilians to weapons of defense. Anyone with a good record should be able to possess firearms-it is immoral to continue this policy after Oct. 7.

    • Johanna

      Thank you for the information you gave this way. In the Netherlands you have real friends praying for you and sending help. We hear too much stories from Palestinian side and they make far more noise than we. It is so usefull what youbwrite for our information. I found your site reading the book Jephta’s daughter. I will inform friends to join you.

  8. Christine Sakakibara

    You are right about the IDF being made up of not just religious observant people. I am a Christian and raised my children to respect and honor Israel. Right now my youngest son is doing Millium down south as well as my foster son. Both are Christians, both are combat soldiers. They both joined their units Oct 7th and are still there. I worry about them and for all our soldiers. May God bless and keep them safe.

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