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Gaza War Diary: 18-19 DECEMBER 2023

As our soldiers die in ever increasing numbers, we must ask ourselves honestly if directives from the Biden Administration, which has all along been loudly proclaiming that it sides with Israel and is her partner in destroying the terrorist monster Hamas, is making it increasingly difficult and deadly for Israeli soldiers to succeed.

The article in Israel Today by Bassam Tawil, puts it bluntly: “President Joe Biden’s bizarre statements in which he warned that Israel was losing international support because of its “indiscriminate bombing” of the Gaza Strip are the best gift he could have given to Hamas and Iranian patrons. …Biden is parroting the bogus accusations made by Israel’s fiercest enemies around the world such as Hamas and Iranian mullahs, who are trying to stop Israel from defeating a terrorist organization akin to the Islamic State and Al Qaeda.”

Is Israel now sending in its soldiers without first clearing the area of terrorists, allowing them to face dangers in order to appease Joe Biden? Are our precious IDF sons and daughters now hostage to the delusional rantings of a senile politician put in office by virulent antisemites like Barack Hussein Obama? I fear the answer to that question. And now I hear my own Israeli leadership waffling on the question of whether it will meet Hamas demands to lay down our arms in order to free hostages, à la the miserable, discredited blueprint of the Netanyahu administration’s freeing of Gilad Shalit, a policy that put so many Israelis into harm’s way and then into early graves.

I don’t know the answers. But the questions give me no rest. If even one Israeli soldier has been sacrificed to appease Joe Biden, it is sickening. My grandson is out there, I want to shout at that soon-to-be impeached fool. What are you saying? What are you doing? You are saving the necks of these miserable barbarians that deserve to die along with everyone else in the Gaza Strip who was part of this killing spree! Don’t you know that there will be Hamas killings all over Europe and the United States if we let them win? Why don’t people understand that?!

Could it be the same thing that has 18-24 year olds in America siding with Hamas and cheering them on? In other words, could Tik Tok have anything to do with it? As Michael Horovitz recently reported in the Times of Israel, “employees for the video platform say colleagues openly express Jew-hatred on internal chat, moderators allow antisemitic, anti-Israel misinformation to roam free on the app since Oct. 7.” Antisemitic photos, slideshows and content went up 900% in the last few years.

The platform ranks second in popularity among U.S. teens, with only YouTube above it. What Americans may not realize is that Tik Tok is the creation of the Chinese Communist Party and it is helping to spread its poison to children’s brains throughout the world. People need to delete the app and make sure its children do the same. And then they need to lobby their government to shut it down in any country not interested in having Chinese Communists educate their children, filling them with hateful propaganda that has singled out the Jewish people and the Jewish State.

I always wondered why Gaza, which has two million people, needs so many hospitals, 38 to be exact. And now we know. In an intelligence report gathered from the recently arrested head of the Kamal Adwan Hospital in Northern Gaza, Dr. Ahmed Khalot, he states that “I was recruited into Hamas in 2010, and there are employees of the hospital who are Hamas military operatives: doctors, nurses, paramedics and clerks. Hamas hides in hospitals because they believe hospitals are a safe place. They also brought a kidnapped soldier there. There is a designated place for investigations, internal security … they all have private phone lines within the hospital.” In other words, “hospitals” are a euphemism for Hamas command centers.

I don’t know about you, but what I see being revealed today is what a Palestinian State will look like if G-d forbid it is ever allowed to take over any area: A dystopian place that destroys people’s souls and demands obedience to a sick and degenerate hate agenda in which everything – all resources, all professions, all educational institutions and efforts to educate – serve only one purpose: the complete barbaric destruction of the Jewish people. How naïve we Jews have been! This is your “peace” initiative. This is what they’ve been teaching their children while we taught our kids to paint doves and pass around a peace pipe.

I wonder sometimes if Israelis are capable of giving up that dream? I wonder if they can assimilate the horror of our present situation as every peace treaty, every peace initiative, every accord: Oslo, the Disengagement, the Ceasefire agreements, all turned out to be feeding and nurturing the most evil people on the planet who are intent on using our every kindness to help kill us in the worst way possible?

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12 comments on “Gaza War Diary: 18-19 DECEMBER 2023”

  1. bernice schreier

    My daughter in Dallas made me aware of the Dallas Jewish Federation that is emailing the Israel news. Where is our Palm Beach Jewish Federation.??? And where are all the US Jewish organizations??? They should be shouting from the rooftops their anger with the Biden/Obama two faced handliing of the Israel problem. Hamas is not composed of human beings…they are warped creatures.I lived through Hitler and Roosevelt. We had a President who wouldn’t even have the railroads leading to the crematoriums bombed. The American Jew has to contact our government to behave in a humane fashion to prevent the destruction of Israel Bernice

  2. Linda Biderman


    Thank you for continuing to let the rest of us in the USA know what is really going on in Israel. I depend on you as many others do to know the truth. I trust you and I pray for your safety and all the people in Israel, and the people who support Israel. I hope the IDF continues to fight to get rid of these terrorists who only want to kill every Jew and take over Israel. “That is the goal.” If they succeed it will not end with Israel. They will be coming for every white, Jewish, or Christian person who is not a Muslim. This is because we have a different belief system. It is that simple.

  3. C. Schick

    I left the Left long ago. As my Bubbe used to say, “It’s not good for the Jews.”
    Biden is a two-faced slimeball. Israel should ignore Biden and any others like him and do what it must to guarantee our Homeland.

  4. Ryan Keogh

    Biden’s trying to stop his ass from getting kicked in 2024. Honestly, I’m no fan of Trump but Biden’s leadership has been nothing more than a bad joke. 60% of people my age think that the October 7th attack was justified. I am starting to see parallels between the war on Hamas on the Vietnam war. I believe what people need to realize is that this war is not just an isolated war but is in fact a part of the Second Cold War. China, Russia, and Iran support Palestinian terrorism and aggression, just like in the old days. They then claim that the Palestinians are an oppressed people fighting for freedom, and the people over here believe them. The people my age also seem to have a distrust and disdain for America, and many of them even believe that the government was responsible for 9/11! As long as attitudes such as those exist, presidents will need to cave to them. People need to wake up.

  5. Linda Biderman

    Gerald, you can’t tell me or the rest of the world that you are a Zionist and also a supporter of Israel and still be a supporter of Joe Biden. The Democratic Party is no longer the Democratic Party it used to be. Biden pretends to support Israel and then promises to give 100 billion dollars to Gaza. Where do you think that money is going and what is it going to be used for? The people in Gaza never get the aid that is promised to them. Is it the fault of Israel…NO! Iran and maybe even Russia is involved, but the money has been used to build tunnels underground and purchase tanks, and artillery to destroy Israel. That is the whole purpose. You are still stuck on Trump which many people are, but Trump was fair and was totally supportive of Israel. He was the President whose administration developed the Abraham Accords, which is partially involved in this dispute since other Arab countries such as Iran are against it. If Israel loses, all the Jews around the world lose. Just remember that!

  6. Mary Lou Sinkey

    Naomi, I am so grateful for your blog to allow those of us in America to hear the truth “from the ground.” I am a Christian fully supportive of Israel. I despise bozo Biden and anti-American Obama. Both them and many others are disgusting and I have lost friends who are intent on listening to the mass media and calling for a cease fire. They have lost the art of discernment – and they are not educated in the history of the Jews. I am and I speak up loudly – they have no response. They are imbeciles. I am embarrassed to be American – our country is losing its freedom and moral character. My prayers are with you and your family and all of Israel and all Jews world-wide that are exposed again and again to such hatred. Mary Lou

  7. Natalie Freedman

    Your Gaza posts are so clear, so intelligent, so true and also so heartbreaking. You are absolutely correct in your comments about the current Administration in the US. Thank you, Naomi and may God help us all.

  8. Gerald Fischer

    This is a disgusting article. I am a strong Zionist and supporter of Israel in its current efforts to defeat Hamas. I am also a lifelong Democrat and a supporter of President Biden and his policies. Who wrote this article? Donald Trump? A wannabe dictator?

  9. bernice schreier

    BIden has never acted with intelligence…he is loyal only to his bank account…our universities have left wing professors who have bainwashed our children and we have anti semities just like all over the world…Israel must take care of itself and h ope that our country survives until obama-biden are removed from office…obama is an anti semite and unAmerican…let us hope and pray that Israel holds firm and the United States elects people who love our country…again…let us pray…Israel is the insurance of Jews all over the world Bernice Schreier I am 94 years old and if I was young I would move to Israel

  10. Jacqueline Shmidt

    Naomi, watch this YT by Chuck Holton, an American journalist who was in Israel after Oct. 7 until last week. He was a U.S. Army Ranger for about 10 years. He makes some excellent points in this video. He names an Israeli organization B’Taelem which receives Millions$$$ from the EU and American govt, to destroy Israel from within!

  11. John

    Thank you for keeping us in Australia informed of the truth. There is so much ignorance and mis information in regular newspapers

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